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  1. The_Hunter_Fr Yet another Super Meat Boy custom timestamp cheater. This user has cheated previously with two flags with custom timestamps and now he has really fast completion times, not on any Super Meat Boy in-game leaderboards, and unlocks trophies while playing multiple other games simultanously Super Meat Boy I played the game without connection, it's normal that I have no ranking on this game And yes I know, I play several games at the same time, while I was offline Super Meat Boy, my brother I was doing COD World At War on PS3, that's why I have trophies close to the same hours. It's not cheating to play multiple games at the same time. I have nothing else to say! I am legitimate.
  2. you will not listen to me! I've told you many times that my ps3 unlocks trophies very late, you can check all my games ps3. Ratchet is legit. why cheated on this game? useless. short. I told you that there was only RE VERONICA and the other game cheated. the rest is legit. you are just trying to find a little carefree thing to make me look like a cheater on another game when there is none! Do you want me to check OKAMI speedrun video? For SMB, already, ho you can raise the flag, it is legit and you know it but you do not want to accept it. I assume that 2 games are cheated, not by me. I cheated no game of myself. I may have asked for help on I AM BREAD, but that does not mean I'm cheating. finally I managed by myself, I can send you the screen of the trophy and the video of the last level. But you will still say that I edit the photo with montages lol!
  3. What about Modern Combat Domination? Nothing, I do not have 100% because I hate the game, I would never do it so it's hiding. there is nothing cheated on this game, like for Knight Contracts, hidden game because I do not like and I would never do the 100%. Not motivated. so I have the right to hide games. it's not a crime. yes I know very well I had a trophy problem and I can not do anything about it. But if you really want proof, I can create a new account and film my entire speedrun and send it to you. short. I do not want to do that, it will take time to film, I do not have the necessary equipment but I will make you like that you will stop saying that I cheat on Okami. thank you! On my run a trophy error. I do not understand myself so I can not explain it.
  4. Yes it's my friend in 2014. He unfortunately did it after Veronica .. That's why I hid! I do not agree with that! it's useless this kind of trophies. so I hide it. everything else is perfectly legitimate, if you have the time and the desire. check for yourself. SMB, Okami, I'm bread etc ... That's why I do not play PS3 because after, you will say that I cheat. And the PsVita I do not have it for me. I can be considered a cheater for these games. but not for Okami and SMB, I do not agree. You want to know what else? I'm tired of defending myself, made your choice, you have proof that I'm not cheat SMB you want a trophy screen then you said that I'm trocating the photo. In short, you are always right, I do not know if I have done you some things badly for you to persecute me. for Okami I know he is legitimate. I did exactly the same speedrun for my brother. How can I prove to you that I do it right? I will prove it to you if you wish it, Okami
  5. lol, but no, I made him the trophies for fun. I like these games simply.
  6. yes, I know very well, I can do it again on another account! in less than 2 hours easily. yes The_Old_Snake_Fr is my brother I made him to be second, last me. Same for Okami.
  7. Certainly I ask for help from people, it does not prove that I cheat! Also you refused so I managed by myself, I can send the screen! You Want Screen Platinum I AM BREAD?
  8. Here is the image of my Platinum SMB, with the date and even my name! I will start downloading the game and i will send you the photo of my local ranking
  9. I agree, not being in the rankings does not mean we're cheating. Yes I am in all rankings, except for SMB that I realize without connection! I recently made the Platinum WIPEOUT OMEGA, and I'm in the rankings! Really, do not cheat.
  10. As you say, I do not have Ps Vita, just borrow a friend to play some games! Then I played SMB on Ps4, why ?!
  11. Super Meat Boy is legitimate, it's just that I realized this game when I had more connection, stop crying "cheater" without knowing! Do you want evidence? What kind? I can send you the trophy screen! I can even redo the game on my account to appear in the rankings if it works. Just because I did SMB while I had payment problems with the internet. As I told you many times! This is my PS3 which is slowed down with the release of trophies on COD CLASSIC, I can do nothing if it decided to unlock the trophies with 45 seconds of intervals. such situations exist! Okami is definitely not cheated! I did the platinum for my brother (now he is first speed) and then I made them for me, except that I had a problem with the trophy that unlocked before! I still do not understand why I had this problem, and my brother no problem you see ?! I can understand that you think I'm a cheater because a lot of things are against me! I will be honest with everyone, in 2013 when I created my account, a friend wanted to help me and he cheated on RE VERONICA in 2014! I did not ask him, I thought he had done the legitimate game. Since that time I hide the game because I do not assume that, and it's not my fault. Now he's the only one who's really cheated on my account, you know everything about me! I hate cheating. My friend thought to please me but in the end with this game cheated, he poisoned my account! I do not want to be removed from rankings for other games that are perfectly legitimate. Here, I said everything! Do what seems best to you. And ask me any proof for OKAMI or SMB I will provide them to you. On the contrary RE VERONICA no, he is cheated unfortunately.
  12. It's my ps3 that unlocks the trophies late. I can not do anything, excuse me if the difference in time between my trophies bother you, but it happens sometimes with ps3.
  13. it's completely absurd what you say about COD CLASSIC, my trophies are unlocked normally, it's just that my ps3 slowed down getting trophies, it happens to a lot of people so do not talk when we do not know the thing. thank you. I have nothing to hide.
  14. When I like a game, I try to go as fast as possible, I like it, I can not help it. And some like Warframe or Knack I gave up and picked up several years after starting it, it's just that I try the game, and I do not like it so I wait for it and when I have the motivation I finish it. Right now I have 37% RDR2, you know I'm going to finish when I get motivated. In several years maybe ahah
  15. I played on Vita a bit to make easy Platinum. But my friend has been recovering his vita for a long time, I do not make any more trophies on PsVita. I am just a 100% hunter. I'm looking for nothing but fun. I do not tolerate cheating, really, even on Okami I did not cheat. I just had a trophy problem that gets unlocked before, and I still do not know why, it put me in the wrong. It is me who is made the Platinum of Okami to my brother, now it is first on the classification in speed. You see, I just had a glitch in my run ...
  16. I do not have the PsVita ... I just have some games because a friend to lend me his PsVita a few times.
  17. The_Hunter_Fr Okami HD Bonjour, alors je ne comprend pas pourquoi j'ai étais retirer des classements a cause de OKAMI. C'est quoi le problme? J'ai tout fait correctement, expliquer moi le soucis, s'il vous plaît! Il y a rien de dramatique.
  18. Thanks for your help.
  19. Yes, I already played the game before, I know him very well. The second is my brother. I did the game a few times, and faster and faster. I'm a speedrunner on games I love
  20. Thank you so much! I do not see where the problem is. If you see something, let me know.
  21. Reason: Unmissable story trophies out of order.