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  1. Uncharted 4 it’s the only uncharted one I need
  2. Thanks guys I'm just at my wits end with him lol the amount of times I've gone into this fight and within 30 seconds I'm dead is ridiculous lol I'm gonna keep trying but if I get no joy I might just redo everything I've only finished the story on critical with ven and aqua so it wouldn't be as much of a pain as with terra to start again
  3. I've been trying for days to beat him on critical as it's the last thing I need to do for record completion and can't do it! Can you fight him on beginner mode? Don't want to start a new run and waste my time
  4. Hey guys I'm new to this forum how's everyone doin? Gotta say I'm impressed with this site
  5. Kingdom hearts 1.5 hd remix before that ratchet and clank 2 lol