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  1. Just got the plat. Yes, the timer resets every 24 hours, but the total time continues to add. An important moment: after you have waited 100 hours, you must complete any level: trophy pops on the results screen.
  2. I asked devs about this glitch on twitter and this what they say:
  3. You can simply idle the title screen for Lifeless trophy. Play time seems not updated when you go to Stats screen, but if you start a new game or load any level and then quit, you’ll see that play time has added.
  4. I just got platinum in Flatout 4 digital version with method 1. Thank you for the post.
  5. Need to try it with turbo-controller and fast-speed mode option enabled...
  6. Just completed the game on Deathwish, got gold trophy, but not silver for completing on any difficulty. WTF?