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  1. If you want to know on the ps4 for a game you have press down for the overview as it shows who has played it on your friends list
  2. Infamous 2 is crying out for attention or until dawn if you want a ps4 game
  3. Update time.. And Rime is completed.... Should of used a guide earlier to speed up collectables though! And can I also add mouse craft too
  4. No significant progress but adding Super Exploding Zoo and Ratchet and Clank ps4
  5. Count me in please
  6. Completed Batman telltales... Better than I expected.. To take my completion to 4 Adding Rime and Amensia memories
  7. Been a while but Saints Row 3 is now 100%, adding ratchet and clank ffa
  8. And Saints Row 3 is 100%....great game Well with games like this month added I hope this event stays around a while 😀
  9. Update time Finished Hatoful Boyfriend 100% and almost done with Saints Row 3....Although I just got the fully loaded version so I need to do the dlc too now
  10. The irony of banning an account name like this whilst I'm playing Saints Row 3 and just got the Ow my balls trophy and Stay Classy Steel port where you have to kill gang members with the penetrator!..... Good job I'm not a sensitive soul!!
  11. XBlaze 100%,,,,, Adding saints Row 3
  12. Completed XBlaze.... 100% Worth a play but a bit drawn out in some parts Added letter quest remastered
  13. Add me too please Being playing along without adding a list so doing one might keep me motivated. Already finished stories path of destiny last week so here are the ones to start 1xblaze lost memories 2 That's you 3 Batman telltales 4 Batman AA 5 Hatoful Boyfriend 6 Saints Row 3 7 Saints Row Gooh
  14. Sign me up please. Just a few to start with. 1 Adventures of Tintin...... 90% 2 Heavy Rain....... 65% 3 Batman AA........ 10% 4 Darkness 2..........0% 5 XBlaze Lost :Memories..... 0%