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  1. Only want the 10 downloads trophies and 5k create. Working my way back up the list will send a message direct when done yours..... let me know who has done mine
  2. Update time..... Saints Row Gat Outta Hell is done Good game but not as much fun as 3 and 3 glitchy trophies didn't help its case. Let's Bounce being particularly painful after I landed on 9 cars and still didn't get the trophy. Will grab IV next time it's on sale so still enjoying this series.
  3. Completed Doodle God and Wonderbook.. Book of Spells Wonderbook I bought for my kids and hadn't been played for 5 years so I decided to give it a go and only took about 2 hours to finish probably as well as I did feel silly casting spells at my age..... Had to sneek off and make sure I wasn't seen 😊
  4. Been a while since my last update but Letter Quest Remastered is complete.... Took longer than I expected
  5. Any game I completed without a trophy list! The Orange box Resistance fall of man Ratchet and Clank.. Quest for booty Ratchet and Clank tools of destruction Would all be contenders
  6. And Game number 4 done The Darkness 2..... A great game just like the 1st one That's games 4-7 done to make the update easy Adding Doodle God Doodle Kingdom and Murdered soul suspect...... All games I've had downloaded for ages but never started
  7. Ratchet and Clank complete for my 3rd game..... giving the ps3 some love this month to get through some of these
  8. Super exploding zoo is complete.....Nothing special and kept crashing on vita which made it even less fun
  9. If you want to know on the ps4 for a game you have press down for the overview as it shows who has played it on your friends list
  10. Infamous 2 is crying out for attention or until dawn if you want a ps4 game
  11. Update time.. And Rime is completed.... Should of used a guide earlier to speed up collectables though! And can I also add mouse craft too
  12. No significant progress but adding Super Exploding Zoo and Ratchet and Clank ps4
  13. Count me in please
  14. Completed Batman telltales... Better than I expected.. To take my completion to 4 Adding Rime and Amensia memories
  15. Been a while but Saints Row 3 is now 100%, adding ratchet and clank ffa