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  1. Is this the muppets dlc? Any idea if that would work with the PAL version of the game? (I'm from Australia)
  2. Any updates on this?
  3. @turniplord Can you provide the json used to get 1.02? I only get the A0103 to appear.
  4. @turniplord are you saying the NA list is attainable now?
  5. Level 26 right now. Am I any chance or do I just take a week and start fresh?
  6. So we've established that crashing means no progress is made? I've been doing it for weeks and letting it crash... 😪
  7. G'day everyone. Just warning y'all that some of my trophies failed to pop for some reason (mission related unmissables). I have been able to run through a second playthrough and collect them without hassle, but keep an eye out! It may have been because I was playing earlier versions because I had a review code, but I just thought I'd let you all know nonetheless
  8. This is 100% what causes it ^^
  9. Nothing's working. I've spent ages with Asian and European servers and nothing's popped...
  10. Just starting this trophy, help me out and i will help you .
  11. Hey, i need hearts on both to my levels and myself as an order, i will make sure to heart back if you help me out. Thanks Alot Completed: vmutter bruno_aeg Cowman3340 item112z Koorimaru Thrax33 TartanArmy41
  12. Help me out guys, after getting Heavy Rain as my 39th plat and i haven't been able to determine what to do.
  13. I have no idea what to platinum, it needs to be fun and not a huge ass grind, suggest for me