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    Football and WWE. I love Fifa, Car games and FPS, gut to luv it <3 xD =)

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  1. No
  2. WWE 2k14 cuz i dont think they gonna release it for ps4
  3. No, in Fifa 14 u need to get lvl 15 ( about 15k xp) and max xp pr. day is 2k so that aint working..
  4. Megamind, WWE Legends of Wrestlemania and The walking dead
  5. 1 of the most easy plats is Megamind. Only offline trophies, completed in 2-3 hours
  6. Well i do care a little bit.. I always try to make my milestones good, but almost havent got milestones on this new acc lol =)
  7. On this new account not even 1 lol xP
  8. wow, love it, seems alot more smoother, just like the vita trophies, really liked it, cant wait for ps4
  9. Hi! i was just wondering if there was any cheap/fun vita games out there at the moment, beacuse i want to play more games on my vita but i cant find anything that seems "fun" So do you guys have any tips? =)
  10. Still using my awesome Samsung Galaxy SII
  11. Clash of clans recently came out for android, i find it ver fun to play,i use like 1-2 hours daily lol
  12. Alot of Rap & Hip Hop
  13. Red faction: Guerrilla One of thee hardest trophys in the game and its called "Wrecking Ball" if u know what i meanxD