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  1. Describes me perfectly .... Calm Like a BOMB!
  2. pine needles
  3. Hello! Welcome to the site
  4. Interesting .... I was actually considering this myself. I have so many games on my list that aren't mine, and not started. I am thinking of restarting to have a better reflection of me and have a better completion of games. Welcome to the site
  5. Hi, welcome to the site! I hope you don't bite - too hard
  6. Hello! Welcome to the site
  7. Hello, welcome to the site
  8. Welcome!
  9. been a heavy week - awesome ....
  10. Thank you so much guys! I will give this a shot when I get home.
  11. I can't move quickly - that's the problem. It's all slowed down - vacuum or something. I get smoked by the centrifuge every freakin' time. I will see if I can run by pressing L2. My health is really low and I don't have med packs, and my inventory is full of something .... oh I so need help.
  12. oh, it is early in the game. go to about 4:56 I can get past the first one, but not to the second opening I don't know how to run - I will try L2
  13. I cannot get to the next opening. The guy moves soooooo slow. Suggestions please. Can I somehow run? Does my health have to be full?
  14. True Romance - classic Tarantino - love this film
  15. Hello, welcome to the site