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  1. I played hard back then what can I say and I had a girlfriend while playing gt6 and it says that because I done the dlc for gt6 so that’s why
  2. Na I’ve decided to quit gaming for good so I don’t really care what happens now I gave my screen shots to prove I didn’t cheat
  3. No if I hacked them like a cheater then the ban is fair enough it’s not like I hacked every trophy in the game isit I didn’t know I was being invited to a modded lobby on a PS4 your all acting like I hacked the game and every trophy in it it’s unfair to ban a clean gamer
  4. I know and I have apologised for being a dick but that’s because this flag thing is new to me i went to look at my profile and see that flag thing I’m legit gamer dude my account mean a lot to me sad I know but been hunting 8 years but like I said it’s my own fault for trusting someone I don’t really know and I didn’t think PS4 can be modded this is what’s confusing me have you seen my screen shots i was just standing there
  5. Thanks man let’s hope we can get this sorted I don’t like this flag thing but if it don’t get lifted it’s my own fault for trusting a friend and I should of done research before jumping on it I only wanted faster level because I’ve done done prequel days before
  6. Yea I understand sorry for getting mad I’m ok now this flag thing is new to me and I don’t like it I will definitely learn from my mistake now
  7. Yea I apologise for that but I’m angry I never had a flag before so i kinda took it the wrong way I’m calm now just want this sorting out
  8. I had no idea I was looking for someone to help me level up and that guy said he can power level me I didn’t no I was in a modded lobby why would I wanna risk losing all my stuff that I worked hard for I understand the banning cheats that hack trophies but to ban someone because of a level up is just stupid
  9. Atoya thank you this guy has been an ass hole all day
  10. Sergen can you please add me so I can’t prove to you I didn’t use any cheats I have my two trophy images 25 and 50
  11. Someone from this page add skin_it_up so I can sent you my trophy images I’m sick of you guys calling me a cheat add me and I will sent you my level 25 and 50 trophy images I’m on now you can delete me soon as I’ve sent them it needs to be someone from here
  12. This is not the point I shouldn’t have to hide anything and I posted that video to show you can get max level instantly I never done that I got the trophy images but I can’t upload them
  13. I’m angry because I’ve just lost 8 years of hard work so yes I’m gonna be pissed off I’ve ever hacked a trophy in my life and to ban me from leaderboards for something I haven’t done is beyond me I didn’t no i was in a modded game I didn’t even think you can do that on the PS4
  14. well all I’m gonna say is do your job probably and ban real cheaters that actually hack trophies
  15. Thank you for this post exactly what I’m trying to say