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  1. @phantomfear9494 dont worry, i have the same problem, i cant start any other game before i finish and 100% the previous game and if the previous game had a dlc i cant afford then the next one in the series will have to wait
  2. Is it too late to sign up?
  3. Apparently people get to have 1 cheated game for free for every 50 plats?
  4. misread this, thought he said he only had 30 plats
  5. Lol u only have 30 platinum and 4 of them were flagged, and u think that's "a little bit". What about those with 500 plats that have 0 flag??
  6. nice i want to finish all the FF games too, just maybe not all in 2018
  7. Niceee
  8. Nice idea, I would like to choose Option A and my favorite song is La Forza by Elena. Thanks for the giveaway
  9. thanks for the giveaway!
  10. my favorite game is Assassin's Creed Black Flag and thanks so much for the giveaway @Zolkovo
  11. is there any game that ur NOT good at??
  12. Lmfao what are you trying to accomplish here by making this "dispute"??? Isnt this a confession?
  13. Waiting on an official answer from mods right now before i start doing bulletstorm online trophies
  14. well, would it be easy at least? like a 6/10?