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  1. why do they get an extra game?
  2. I would be interested, let me know the details. I am still trying to finish up gundam versus from last years EVO event lol
  3. I can boost with you, i have 2 PS3
  4. AC Unity
  5. what do the ME games do?
  6. Dynasty Warrior 8
  7. But i can only use PS Now with the account that paid for it right? Even if the other accounts are on the same system?
  8. Nice, thanks for messing up my trophy list with these dumb numbers
  9. Congratz to all winners!! Winner winner chicken dinner! Thanks again to @eigen-space and @cjshaitan for organizing this
  10. @Milktastrophe thanks for reply, so you are saying there are some games on PSNow that come with the DLC for free? (Apart from the subscription fee)
  11. Did you have to pay extra for the Star wars DLC? Or they came with PSNow?
  12. that is a good sig, how do you make it like that?
  13. It seems you are having problems, Here is a tutorial to help you out
  14. But isnt account sharing against Sony TOS?
  15. Hi, here is my entry Requirement 1: Platinum in Assassin's Creed Unity on April 30th there is an easter egg in which a dog protects some chickens and eggs Here is a link to a video showcasing this Requirement 2: my favorite is Iceland! Since I like how their song Hatrio mun sigra sounds even though i dont speak the language! @eigen-space thanks for the contest!