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  1. is this safe to use?
  2. nice sig fam
  3. that is the taiwanese version so it's not really the chinese version, it still falls under japanese category @Atsuko Kagari So would it be right to say that the majority of taiwanese/hong kong "traditional chinese versions" share the same trophy list as japanese version?
  4. can you show the case of one piece 3? i think i know why. The IV/VT colorful game is actually a japanese version of the game
  5. nice, let me enter this, i'm not that good at fighting games but i'll manage..
  6. I'm gonna enter
  7. Good luck everyone!
  8. Entry 8 "hard to see the big picture after a pile of corpses" mass Effect
  9. 7th entry "The numbers, Mason. What do they mean?" - Call of Duty: Black ops
  10. 6th Entry "Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else." -GLaDOS, Portal 2
  11. Quote 5 "You took a hooker to church? " "why not " Uncharted
  12. Entry 4: "You're only delaying the inevitable" Wesker, RE5
  13. Third entry "Yeah, Piece of Cake!" -Duke Nukem
  14. Second entry " Wait! Don't shoot!" -COD BO2