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  1. i mean if i am only missing a treasure for let's say "hoarder", if i dont install the DLC for Collector (Flashback 2), would my chances of getting that one last treasure for hoarder increase?
  2. I thought trophies were supposed to be "a cup or other decorative object awarded as a prize for a victory or success." Not finish the story 3 times, or once if the trophies stack.
  3. Since the trophies for the 2 sets of treasures are on different DLCs If i am missing only 1 treasure from 1 set, is it possible to only install that DLC with the trophy for the set that I need? Would it stop me from getting treasures from the other set? Any input would be appreciated, thanks
  4. why jan 2019? it's 6 months no?
  5. i have no idea what this trophy is about but i keep seeing it in the "recent forum post" section so just gonna leave that here
  6. I suggest we get the option to filter out the games for which we already have plat/100% in when browsing gaming sessions...Support this if you want Sly to read it 😂
  7. no ur internet is slow
  8. I get trophies because the "bling" sound it makes fills a hole in me
  9. Dude you are a legend holy cow
  10. but this thread is about YOU, it's about YOUR why are you bringing up unrelated examples??
  11. lol why waste everyone' time? already seen cases like this 10000x. Obvious downloaded saves
  12. Lol that backfired really can still use the other features this site has to offer though
  13. the fact that you know this shows you are a modder/hacker lol
  14. why 2 hidden trophies when your completion % is already low?
  15. which trophy is unobtainable?