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  1. So I got this game for Xmas 2 days ago (Yes I opened it on Xmas eve) and played the game, everything was running smoothly, trophies were popping as they should until I tried to get online. The stupid thing needed an online pass code, and I had one; however, the game I had was a Region 1 (USA) and I'm region 2 (UK) - the seller that the game was bought from said it was a region 2 and they seemed legit [and they are, the game was brand new and original]- so naturally when I went to redeem the code it didn't work on the PS store. Yesterday I bought a UK digital copy straight off the store (I'm getting a refund for the other one), DL'd and installed it for a solid 7 hrs today. I got to play it and everything is fine (the only mild problem was that I had to start from the beginning), I went to play an online game (for the trophies) and got the one for getting into a lobby, I played the entire first level but the trophy for playing an online game didn't pop. Then I decided to go back to the US disc that I had and play from there (I still have the disc and couldn't be bothered to play the digital one over again today). I eventually bought the final weapon in the vendor for Ratchet and yet the trophy for getting all of the weapons didn't pop. Am I right in thinking that this is some kind of bug due to the clashing versions of the game? If it is then I'll find out tomorrow as I've deleted both saves that I've got of the games. If it is the different versions clashing, should I delete the game data too? Or is it some other kind of bug? And if it is, is there a fix? Thanks EDIT: I think that saves were clashing. I got the one for getting all weapons but the online one still isn't popping. Maybe I need to join a match with others rather than hosting a solo. EDIT 2: I just got the 'connected' trophy. You have to join an existing game and can't make one on your own with 2 remotes.
  2. From what my trophies say it took me 8 months and 19 days to get it since first entering MP (I got my first MP trophy [i am not a number] on the first day that I entered MP).
  3. Update (adding to my previous list): -Gotham -Resurrection -How To Get Away With Murder -Sleepy Hollow
  4. UPDATE: Just completed it. It also works in 'Derelict reclaimed' where you have to destroy the 3 AA turrets with the RPG.
  5. Any idea if I can do this in one match? As in are there 5 auto turrets in one escape match? I'm looking to boost this with a friend seeing as TDM is all that is being played. Is there another mode with a min of 5 turrets? Thanks in advance.
  6. Honestly, just stick at it. You might want to check the post above yours.
  7. Because the ability to play an instrument is a personal quality/ skill. There is no skill in gaming. You can be proud to play an instrument and you can boast about it. If you boast about being able to play a video game then I don't understand you. Oh no don't worry about that. I'm perfectly aware that there are some epic minds out there that are way better than me but I'm more than certain that I will find none of them around here. I see where this thread is going so you might as well ban me. I'm not changing my opinion and I doubt that this is going to stop anytime soon.
  8. Ahhh. So many comical answers. I presume most people here are from the PS+ breed of C3 players. First off. If you don't know much about the game, don't go about judging the guy/girl's play style (referring to the opening post). There are also a lot of cod/bf fanboys here as well so that doesn't help. I'm a vet of all 3 games and I can safely say that it is not the worst game (that would probably be cod or gta- i really don't see the hype). This game is VERY BROKEN. The devs left us for dead literally 3 months after release. The last patch ruined a load of weapons. Crytek are going broke anyway (no joke, they're in a lot of financial trouble). Then there is the perk called auto armour which activates your armour automatically when you get shot to prevent one hit kills. That paired with a rhino is beyond annoying. Then you have the M.I.K.E which is a gun that fires ultra powered microwaves at a sniper's range with no recoil whatsoever. On top of all of that, the Devs' last update nerfed most guns and increased the recoil (to the extremes) on a gun which was specially designed to compromise range for no possible recoil. This game also suffers from fatal glitchers (I get killed every time I pull my own trigger [even in a private lobby on my own] 60% of the time and the game makes up fake enemy positions), it also suffers from catastrophic lag and FPS drops. To top all of this off, the devs went and broke the official game forums too, which meant that they left the spam floodgates wide open. People's accounts became inaccessible due to the change and for PC players it means that all of their progress was done for seen as that was their multiplayer account too. The list goes on and on. Crysis has always been about singleplayer. If you are mad enough to buy this game for MP then that's your problem.
  9. It wasn't easy. I still need to get all gold in Senna. And the S tests drove me insane. As for GT5 that's an impossibility for me. I can't stand b-spec and I can't do the Loeb challenges. I'm proud to have even clocked in a bronze for all of the Vettel challenges.
  10. Wow. I only just got my email with the code. 5 whole days after my plat.
  11. Well I just (yesterday) got my plat. And guess what? No credits. I haven't had an e-mail or anything either. Nor have I had the credits added without being told because I checked my 'Bank'.
  12. Thanks, but I'll pass. This game was a real let down for me. Plus I'm cutting down my game time once I get the plat for this (in a day or 2).
  13. If they want to encourage us they should put more on offer. For instance it would be great to get 1 million credits and 1 free car that you can choose regardless of pricing or 1 Million and 1 piece of content from the limited edition. I loved GT5 to bits. I haven't platinumed it, but I've done just about all of it with the exception of most of B-spec and some of the endurance races and I have all of the DLC. I will still be playing 5 long after I finish 6. I never really played the online of either game. I got into a lobby in 5, but got annoyed since there wasn't a race that I liked and when I started a session, nobody joined. And I just can't be bothered to go into MP in 6
  14. This is the first time in about 9 years of gaming that I've had anything along the lines of this. I never expected it. That's why I thought it was a phishing scam.
  15. Ok, thanks.