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  1. i can confirm this works. i had Ragna's normal set of challenges cleared and did this to clear the rest and get the trophy.
  2. The trophy is for Armour Potions. I didn't have any trouble unlocking that one, though it can take a while with how rare armour potions are. I'm not sure if it counts, but if it does, just use the forge to craft them whenever you can.
  3. I've been having the most luck with Todoroki and Dabi. Todoroki's quirk special 1 on the ground is great for setups as the ice stays for a few seconds. Most of the time you can use it when your opponent is down and when they get back up and their invincibility wears off, they get frozen by the ice. Of course that won't work all the time as sometimes they'll jump away, but it is a pretty safe strategy. Dabi is good for when you have a condition when you can't guard as he has great range attacks. Also if you are having trouble with the Nomus in map 4, Shigaraki is very useful as his quirk special 3 (forward circle) automatically kills after 4 hits. Since Nomus don't have unblockable or grab attacks, you can just guard until they try and attack, then use the special once their attack animation is done. Then use quirk special 2 (neutral circle) when they are down and they may get caught in the move when they get up, allowing you to hit the forward circle again. If not, just go back to blocking. With this strategy you can knock out that first superpowered Nomu in about 20 seconds without taking any damage, and netting yourself an easy S on that particular mission.
  4. Just dropping in to say I too think we should have the ability to toggle which specific games we want to show up in Gaming Sessions. Perhaps add a "Watched Games" option? When you select a game, whether you own it or not, you could click a "Watch this game" button on the right side where the Gaming Sessions would be. This way when you choose the "Watched Games" option in the Gaming Sesssions section of the site, you could see both just the games you have played and still need to boost, but also games you own but haven't played yet.