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  1. #140 - Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] #141 - Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story
  2. Haven't posted for a while, so some of the newest additions I purchased are... Hakuoki's Hajime Saito by Kotobukiya Utano Prince-Sama's Otoya, Cecil & Ren by Alter/Altair Cecil was one of my grails so I was extremely happy to find him for a VERY reasonable price! I also incorporated some of my other figures & merchandise to display with some of my favourite games/series this year. 80% of my games are still stored in boxes so they're easier to get to and because of space so this isn't all of them! I also set up a Nintendo shelf but the lighting is too poor to see clearly so I haven't included photos for that one. Shelf 1 Shelf 2
  3. Also having this issue: tried changing it on both PS3 & Vita and syncing but still remaining a dark blue. Is this a bug on the site since this has only been the last week or so I've had this problem?
  4. It's so weird, I never check the leaderboards. I'm coming for you :P 



    1. Tali


      I've only just seen this! Oh wow I never noticed that either! xD

  5. Yep! That's really strange, unless it's because of the new patch that it now won't change since I got both endings before any patches were released. Thanks for your help though in letting me know how to get the united queens ending. I didn't want to have to do another whole playthrough unless necessary. I wonder what the criteria is then for unlocking the princess final mission though, seems kind of random.
  6. So the first ending mission that popped up was supporting one Queen over the others, then after I finished a few more of the Queen-related missions it changed the final mission to the ascension of the princess. I'm pretty sure I've finished all of the Queen related missions and only have Errands available now, so does anybody know how to achieve the final ending of uniting all the Queens or if it's missable? Thanks!
  7. PSN: talithacs Haven't posted for a long time, so feel free to add me, I'm happy to meet some new people on here!
  8. #114 - Durarara!! Relay #115 - Love live! School idol paradise Vol. 2 BiBi Yay my backlog is gradually getting smaller! Pretty sure that's all my import games done for now. Both were pretty fun, Durarara in particular had some really good moments, especially for those that are fans of the series like myself. However, I much prefer Vol. 3 to Vol. 2 of the Love Live rhythm games.
  9. Nice to meet you! Welcome to the forums and wishing you well with your studies too!
  10. Hey! Welcome to the forums!
  11. Is there any chance of some Majima from Yakuza, or some Danganronpa Chiaki or V3 ones please? Thanks!
  12. #108 - Yakuza 6 The Song of Life
  13. #107 - Code: Realize - ~Bouquet of Rainbows~ Such a pretty platinum image! 😍 Code: Realize is my favourite otome game (Hakuoki very close behind) since the story, art, characters... pretty much everything is done so well. So I was very excited to pick up Future Blessings and since I didn't own the original game physically I ended up getting the two together on PS4 instead. Playing the first game years later, it's still just as good as I remember and the sequel really didn't disappoint, though the routes do seem very short compared to the first game - unsurprisingly for a fandisk. Regardless, I finished the game feeling satisfied with each route anyway. The extra content was worthwhile as well, especially the Lupin Gang extra story which I found hilarious and Sholmes receiving a route was pretty good too. Impey & Lupin are still my favourites though, and I found their routes to be the strongest in FB. I'd definitely recommend picking up both games if you haven't played them already, or at the very least the first game, since that's by far the better of the two. 👍
  14. Nice to meet you! Welcome to PSNP!
  15. #100 - Dynasty Warriors 9