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  1. Welcome! Nice to meet you!
  2. First Jubei reveal, now this! Looks awesome but I'm kinda hoping they add Guilty Gear characters too. Still going to buy it regardless because of blazblue and persona.
  3. #79 - Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus I honestly didn't think this would be as fun as I found it in the end! The stories were hilarious and the actual gameplay was pretty solid for a hack n' slash which I ended up being really addicted to in the end. Definitely going to pick up Estival next.
  4. Hi! Welcome to the forums!
  5. I don't mind if anyone wants to add me, always nice to meet more people! PSN: talithacs
  6. Whoops forgot to post the last three. 😅 Trying to clear off some of the shorter games in my backlog: #76 - Deponia Really humorous point & click adventure & especially loved Rufus as the anti-hero. Hoping the rest of the series comes to PSN eventually. #77 - Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds One of my favourite otome series and the new routes definitely didn't disappoint. Out of the new boys Iba was my favourite but I really enjoyed Sakamoto's route too. Really happy that Yamazaki & Shinpachi both finally got their own routes and thankfully those didn't disappoint either. Here's hoping that the second half (and better half) of Hakuoki also gets localised to finish up the story. #78 - The Walking Dead: A New Frontier I enjoyed Season 3 much more than Season 2; the characters were way more interesting and Javi and his family were refreshing changes as the protagonists. Still, I'm looking forward to going back to Clementine as the protagonist in Season 4 but I hope that the Garcia family carry on as supporting characters.
  7. Hi there! Welcome to the forums!
  8. Hey welcome to the forums.
  9. Hey welcome to the forums!
  10. #74 - Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek Another hidden object puzzle game. Pretty much decided to beat this one quickly so Tekken could be my 75th platinum milestone. Decent, if slightly cliche, story but still fun for what it is. Still prefer the newer entries by Artifex though. #75 - Tekken 7 As a huge Tekken fan the wait & hype for 7 was massive for me! Gonna agree with others though that the offline mode is lacking compared to previous entries but the gameplay is the best it's ever been in my opinion. Online is pretty fun as well and once it's more stable I'm definitely going to spend more time there. Tournaments are so addictive and a lot of fun - definitely my favourite feature for this entry. Hopefully as time goes on & new content is added it'll prolong my playing time, though for now I'm just content with working my way through the ranks again with my favourite fighters.
  11. Nice list! Love the Devil Jin banner as well!
  12. Doesn't look as bad as it could have been. Barely any online trophies is a bonus but wish the promotion trophies went a little bit higher like in TT2. Wonder if the trophies that exclude offline vs also included practice mode or not? Either way I'm so excited for this!
  13. #73 - BigFest Pretty simple sim/tycoon management game that I forgot I had still sitting on my vita unplayed when I purchased it on sale about a year ago. Fun for what it was but numerous glitches and the fact that the game couldn't stay connected to the network for more than 15 minutes impacted the overall enjoyment I had with BigFest.
  14. Welcome back to the forums!
  15. Hey, welcome to the forums!