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  1. #94 - PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness Not a bad VN and my first Platinum of 2018. I really should go check out the series now since so many people have told me how good the first season is!
  2. Very happy this month considering RiME, Grand Kingdom & Mugen Souls Z were all on my To Buy list. Looking forward to trying out Knack too!
  3. Hey welcome to the forums! It's nice to meet another figure collector on here too!
  4. So going into the new year myself and a couple of friends have agreed to use Steam way more than we have done since there's even more games to add to my ridiculous backlog as it is. So if anybody wants to add me on there I'd be more than happy to see what others are playing! My username is the same: talithacs. 🙂

  5. Welcome to the forums!
  6. # 90 - Love Love! School Idol Paradise Vol.3 Lily White I was finally able to track down Vol.3 from this trilogy, especially since Nozomi is my favourite girl. Overall, the game is pretty straight-forward for the most part, only a couple of the missions posed a challenge (looking at you Nico-Nico mission) but the gameplay and songs were pretty good as well. Though to be honest, if I have to hear Start: Dash!! one more time I'm gonna go crazy.
  7. Hey welcome! Nice to meet more RPG and fighting game fans.
  8. #86 - Cyberdimension Neptunia Wasn't expecting it to be so easy to 100% and short, still love the humour though and the gameplay was actually pretty fun.
  9. Hi

    Hey, welcome to the forums!
  10. Hey there! Welcome to the forums!
  11. #83 - The Sexy Brutale Picked The Sexy Brutale up on launch after seeing all the 9s and 10s given to it by reviewers and finally got around to it many months later. I absolutely loved the soundtrack and the concept was new and refreshing. While the ending maybe could have had a bit more added to it, the revelation at the end was still fantastic. A hidden gem that everyone who is interested in murder mysteries should definitely look into! #84 - Clannad Clannad is one of my all-time favourite visual novels and why it's never come to consoles in the west still baffles me. So when I saw the Japanese PS3 version really cheap I had to pick it up so that I could own a physical copy. Playing with google translate and the Steam translations alongside made it easy to understand and enjoy years after playing the fan patch released on PC years ago. It's definitely worth it for the After Story included alone! #85 - Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada To be honest I really wasn't going to bother going for the platinum, mainly because of the RNG for the battle accessories but somehow I lucked out and managed to get four of the secret treasure bearers one after another (I feel like that's all my luck used up for the year now ). Spirit of Sanada was a really fun entry in the series, with the addition of stratagems and towns to visit and interact with. Objectives felt a lot easier most of the time compared to previous entries too. Oh and Adult Yukimura is OP as hell. 😆
  12. I agree with the others: at least one horror title and something decent for the vita. Honestly, I'd even be happy with one of the many PSP games on the store that never seem to go in the sale (at least in the UK). All the vita games on plus in the last six months or so have just felt so same-y.
  13. Does anybody know where I can find a good japanese or translated guide for Durarara!! Relay for Vita? Thanks! :) 

    1. JapanimeGamer


      If it is just one specific trophy you need help translating I could do that, but I don't want to translate an entire guide ;) 

    2. Tali


      Hey! It was more if anybody had a link to a japanese guide so I know how to get all the CGS etc so I can also translate if need be. Surprised that for a game that's 2 years old there's not a single guide or anything for it. 

  14. Forgot to add to this! I've got the whole lot now at last! Until DRV3 at least.
  15. #82 - Collar x Malice The hype I'd heard about CxM worried me that I wouldn't like it as much as I thought I would but wooooow this was an excellent otome game. All the routes are great - there wasn't any I disliked for once! And the lack of repetition in the routes was definitely refreshing too. CxM is now up there with Code: Realize (though I'd still lean towards Code: Realize still being the best) but I'd recommend picking up Collar x Malice for the interesting story and diverse routes.