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  1. Punishment should fit, right? The guy is clearly in the wrong, but taking away everything he accrued over the years is too much. It's strange, on one hand it doesn't look like Sony's ever gonna do anything about anything without someone reporting offensive content. So this looks like a typical case of someone reporting it (it took years, because in the PS3 days Sony didn't even have the sytem in place to read any reports, let alone act on them. They're so behind...). What's strange though, is that in February 2018 there was actually a whole wave of bannings (it may still be going on) on the grounds of offensive names. So it looks like Sony has changed its external policy on the offensive names offensiveness.
  2. That sounds "fantastic". Yeah, no, thanks, EyePet.
  3. Ooooh, crap... couldn't make it in time for proper KZ3 play. Are you aware if the EyePets still work?
  4. Interesting. Only 1 trophy is aquired online?
  5. Is the game frustrating due to EYE being shit at recognizing things?
  6. ...but we like to do everything at the very last moment. There's a thrill in it or something. Eyepet and Friends players not need to worry?
  7. 29th, not 27th. Still UP? By the way, why is the percentage so low on this game? What can possibly be so hard about it? And it has a whopping 80K of owners, which is interesting too. $10 is good price for it? I was hoping to find it for $2 or so.
  8. I am able to quickly (!) find games in KZ3, but not KZ2. Which is a bit strange, seeing as how the concensus seems to be that KZ2's multiplayer was better (and more widely played?).
  9. I only seem to play (and unwrap) games when the servers go down. Did the same with Resistance 3, got absolutely destroyed, couldn't get a single kill. The time it took to uninstall that game was far more than I had played it (anyone who uninstalled R3, knows what I'm talking about, it's an infamous case), but I had to experience it. Some kind of mental disease.
  10. Shouldn't we count the closing games' age? Somebody's console may be only 2 years old (from assembly line). 😁 Thanks for the Trophy Info about the EyePets."The Friends" version doesn't have trophies really, but what kind of Online does it have? Will I find any matches right away in KZ 2&3, if I hop there now?
  11. At the moment, EyePet is the most interesting to me, although I've never played it... as an actual game it may be pretty bad, I imagine. Anybody knows anything about EyePet's online component?
  12. Haha, thanks, this is hard for me, because they look so similar to me.
  13. Couldn't imagine Wipeout's Online was this popular! (looking at the poll) No love for EyePet? 😍