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  1. I am using uBlock Origins and Privacy Badger in Firefox. There are ads on KissAnime?? ...I know there are, and that there are a lot. But I have none. Privacy Badger is just blocking everything uBlock cannot block and even the script that would temporarily IP ban you for using an adblocker. Edit: The reason why I am blocking ads... I have a problem with holding attention. So when ads are moving, blinking, or are animated in any other way... I cannot focus on reading and... ughhh... Also, who invented ads with sounds? Or that weird window that flies in from one side? Or sometimes the whole free space of a website is suddenly T-Mobile purple. Or some female bots want to chat with me... Leave me alone! Sure. Can you name something better than KissAnime? And do not come me with Crunchyroll. That thing sucks. Maybe they geoblock. I dunno. Maybe it is cool in the US, but it is not in Europe. There are...? Blokada for example. Download it from their website. Does not even need root. But what exactly stops you from installing uBlock and Privacy Badger in your mobile Firefox? Install the User-Agent Switcher extension and change your user agent to Google Bot. With that user agent you can even surpass paywalls... Do not forget to change it back to default when you leave the site.
  2. 1. You will get every now and then mainquests for specific dungeons or trials. Later in the game you would also need to do some of them in hard mode. But it is okay, do not chicken out yet. :3 Hard modes are not that hard at all. There are even an extreme mode and a savage mode, but IIRC these are completely optional. And from my experience, the community in this game is very friendly. I never had any troubles with anyone. Aside from some mainquests, you do not need to do any dungeons at all, if you are not interested in doing that. Sure, FF14 -IS- harder than eg WoW, but it is also very beginner friendly. If you have any questions, ask. If you are too scared to ask, just follow the others and watch what is going on. FF14 is even putting red areas on the floor to show you that something bad is going to happen there soon, so cancel your spell and run out of it asap. For demonstration purposes, and because I assume you want to be prepared as best as you can, I am going to show you two videos. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this channel. They have guides for everything. You do NOT need to do any raid at all, if you do not feel like it. At least as far I remember. There is one trophy for a base game raid, but you can tackle that with a friend when you are on max level and geared up. You do not even need to do the whole raid. Just the last wing is enough. 2. Trophies are very easy. Most of them are from doing jobs. Create 1000 items with every job. You can even craft a lvl1 thing in automatic mode. Mining 1000 ore and getting 1000 wood sounds much at first, but you will probably get that on the same day as you started these. Only the fishing might take a while. Aside from doing that one raid and PARTICIPATING (you do not even need to win) in PvP once, everything can be done solo. (well aside these dungeon mainquests.) 3. I cannot answer this. But if you are in EU, try Omega. Last time I played this server had a permanent XP-Boost and you can play through the basegame in 2-3 days while only doing mainquests. 4. Not at all. When I first started on Omega I was playing with two girls. One of them started hating me, so I played alone for a while. Different to WoW, playing random in FF14 is not any problem at all. I would recommend you playing as a healer though, because being a healer in FF14 is not just super easy but also shortens the waiting time for dungeons by a loooooot. I have played all healers and can tell you, that the White Mage is the easiest of them. So you might want to start as a Conjurer. The only tipp I can give you is, to visit your class master often and to do their quests asap, because they will unlock new skills and will give you an item at some point that enhanced your class. Which would turn the Conjurer into a White Mage. This Wiki might come in handy. (You can ignore the healing gauge part if that sounds too complicated for now. As a non-raid-healer you do not need to care about that at all anyway. At least I never did and I never had any problems.) Being a White Mage does not make you a weakling while playing solo. You have an offensive spell and a DoT spell. That is good enough. And you can heal yourself when you are in troubles, while others need to run away. 5. Yes. That Wiki in 4 might come in handy. Also the Youtube channel in 1.
  3. You do not need any other unique buildings. I tried that for houuuuuuuurs... With every type of public transport going there... Then I was thinking about what else I could do, because I always had 15-30, in a 170k city. I was reading through the descriptions of the finances. ...And then I figured it out. Raise the money for unique buildings to 150% (do not forget to change it for the night too). Some seconds later I had the trophy.
  4. Come again? There is a trophy for earning +15.000 per tick. And it was fairly easy to get this. Trophywise CS was piss easy. I really do not understand why anyone would need unlimited money. CS is very forgiving and you really need to fuck up a LOT to write red numbers. And should you somehow be in troubles try to reduce the finances for energy and water. Still problems? Remove all your universities and build a campus. Go the American way. $$$ ...STILL having problems? I am sorry but you are awful... Maybe try this: Still whining about not having unlimited money? Wow, you are my anti-hero... :3
  5. I dunno... In Starcraft1 you can basically win everything by creating a choke and putting range units around (behind) there, because the pathing was shit. For the Terrans (Hope that is what they are called in English... :P), marines are always a good option. ...Like, hell, marines are literally always a good option (Maybe not against Protoss colossi though...). Even in Starcraft2 mass marines and these healing airships nearly always save you the day. Playing against your bob friends in multiplayer who think maxing out carriers will do shit? Get your marines ready and focus fire these things down. And then listen to your Protoss friend in TeamSpeak: "You are cheating! Marines should not have any chances!". Want a real challenge in Starcraft? Play Starcraft64. These controooooools... dammit...
  6. I am not often listening to "real" music. I prefer music from games, or violin covers, or orchestral covers... But, yeah... This song here is my current favorite song of all time...




    English lyrics:

    [Verse 1]
    You (You have, you have, you have, you have)
    Have cried a lot (Cried, cried, cried, cried)
    Separated in spirit (Separated, separated, separated, separated)
    United in heart (United, united, united, united)
    We (We are, we are, we are, we are)
    Have been together for so long (You are, you are, you are, you are)
    Your breath's cold (So cold, so cold, so cold, so cold)
    The heart in flames (So hot, so hot, so hot, so hot)
    You (You can, you can, you can, you can)
    I (I know, I know, I know, I know)
    We (We are, we are, we are, we are)
    You (You stay, you stay, you stay, you stay)

    Germany – my heart in flames
    Want to love and damn you
    Germany – your breath's cold
    So young, and yet so old

    [Verse 2]
    I (You have, you have, you have, you have)
    I never want to leave you (You cry, you cry, you cry, you cry)
    One can love you (You love, you love, you love, you love)
    And wants to hate you (You hate, you hate, you hate, you hate)
    Presumptuous, superior
    Take over, hand over/puke
    Surprise, invade
    Germany, Germany above everyone

    Germany – my heart in flames
    Want to love and damn you
    Germany – your breath is cold
    So young, and yet so old
    Germany – your love
    Is a curse and a blessing
    Germany – my love
    I can't give you

    All of you
    You (superior/overpowering, unnecessary)
    I (Übermenschen weary)
    We (The higher you climb, the further you fall)
    You (Germany, Germany above everyone)

    Germany – your heart in flames
    Want to love and damn you
    Germany – my breath's cold
    So young, and yet so old
    Germany – your love
    Is a curse and blessing
    Germany – my love
    I can't give you




    Be aware though, that some lines may lose their meaning when translated to English.


    Germany - my love

    I can't give you


    It means basically, obviously "I cannot give you my love", while the original "Meine Liebe kann Ich dir nicht geben" makes sense in German.

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      Have a +1 reputation for Rammstein 😁

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      Pretty good :) 

    3. AJ_Radio


      It's good, but there are plenty of songs that are just as good if not better.

  7. Because the majority of people are stupid and only do thing when a growing mass is doing it. Then, they are defending it, because they would like it and it would be normal... But before things are growing in popularity they are hating on it and tell you "Nobody ever heard about that crap". Everyone knows these self-proclaimed "normal people", who are basically a weathercock in the wind and change their "opinions" when a growing mass is changing theirs. TikTok for example. Everyone hates it, but the installation base is growing. Everyone in Austria hates the Greens but for whatever reason they are these days in the Austrian government. Everyone is hating EA and Ubisoft, but people keep buying their games. <shrugs> Guess we did not hit the critical mass in neither of these yet... And as I discovered yesterday, we even have here, on a website about trophies, people who see trophies just as a dick enlargement. Cool story, bro. It is none of my business, but maybe you are here in the wrong forums...
  8. I dunno, I stopped reading this topic when a person came up with leaderboard hopping and dick enlargement. I consider it sad, that people think like this about other people. I was not expecting seeing this shit now even on a website about trophies... Just, wow... ...How can people even be that superficial? It is the same with the hate about this months PS+ games. Has anyone from the haters ever played Cities:Skylines or Farming Simulator in their life? People just look at it and call it garbage. I dunno, maybe it is just because my autism, but I LOVED Cities Skylines and hope they are going to dropt DLC9 soon. It is way better than Sim City could ever be... And Farming Simulator is a pretty relaxing game. Give it a try! Anyway, this topic is about Rata games... So, what exactly do people hate about Rata games anyway? And have they ever played one? These I tried have actually been okay. And I was not even searching for Rata games specifically. I just picked some games without thinking too much about it and at some point while starting up a game I was like "Oh, another Rata game... haha". ...Sure, these games do not deserve platinums. But is that really the only problem you people have with Rata? "mimimi I have worked very hard to get my GTA4 platinum. It took years! And this kiddy who has no life got a free trash platinum in 15 minutes form a Rata game!! >:(" ...Is that your problem? Really? Why does it bother you so much where other people get their trophies from? What level of jealously is that? And why are people jelly anyway? It is a honest question, as said I am autistic and I do not really understand feelings or why other peoples mood seem to change completely random about irrational things. So, that guy is driving a Porsche, while you cannot even afford a Skoda? Good for him. Buy why would you hate him? It is not his fault that you cannot afford a Porsche. It is also not Porsches fault that you cannot afford a Porsche. ...See? So what actually is the problem here? I dunno, people are weird... Can someone explain jealously to me? It makes no sense at all. Why do people feel such a thing? What are they gaining from that? However, I do not really care about the leaderboards. I am collecting trophies because I like trophies. They are fun to me. Every autistic person needs to collect something. And I decided to go for PlayStation trophies. Where these trophies actually come from is not that important to me, but that does not mean that I am going to play "trash" games for the rest of my life now. As long we do not go to the level Steam is at, that has "games" that give you five achievements for a single click, I am completely fine with my "trophy whoring". Please tell me, how that is me trying to make my dick bigger. Especially because I always wanted - Well, I stopped thinking about it with 26 - to be a girl anyway... I think that I would enjoy being a submissive maid. :3 <shrugs> By the way... If you guys never have played a Rata game before.... Play "My Big Sister". That game was pretty good. Yes, really.
  9. Why is it so important to you what other people think about you, your stuff, your life, whatever? I am doing trophies because it is fun for me. I do not really care about if anyone would go to my profile and say: "omg this gay autistic fucknugget played 6x3 rata games in a row. Fuckity fuck pathetic weeb piece of shit asshat". Actually I was seriously depressed when I did this. And the trophies even cheered me up where Sertralin, anti depression pills, failed. <shrugs> Until some years ago I was so insecure about everything and took everything to heart what other people said (99% negatively) about me. Trust me, just do your thing. What others think is irrelevant. Think about this. If I would say that you should jump out of your window. Would you do it? No? Great. So why bother what anyone is saying about your profile? It is not my business what you are doing in your free time.
  10. I know, it sounds weird... BUT HEAR ME OUT! What if... gaining trophies is also fun? Sure, if a good game has trophies, it is the best combination. BUT who decides if a game is good or not? You? Your friends? The media? Metacritics? And "garbage games" are pretty relaxing. Sometimes you just want to lie on your couch, drink beer and play something stupid and simple. Having a chilly millie time, jolly good, or whatever time. And I, as an autistic person... Well, when I see what other autistic people are trying to do perfect and spend all their free time on... I am glad that I have picked trophies. Sure, my profile is far from perfect (Some things are not in my power though... Atelier Rorona keeps freezing, Hoard keeps lagging, Giana Sisters is way too ducking hard...) and I am currently starting too many new games... But I am working on it. Give me some time lol. It is always nice to see statistic, especially when they are improving. It feels good. It makes fun. It brings joy. Since trophies happened I understand why gaming was so boring for me before trophies... Because something always was missing... ^-^
  11. Pizza is not that exotic here. Nearly all of the kebab places offer pizza. Sure, none of them reminds me about my holidays in Italy... But, yeah, best I can do...
  12. Well, it is not even a bad month actually... Cities: Skylines is a great game and better than SimCity ever was. With the latest big patch they even brought mouse support for all these weird people who want to play with a mouse on a console. And, well, at first I was joking about Farming Simulator too, but then I tried it myself... It is pretty nice and relaxing. I like it. :3 Get your plus "on the internet". I am paying 35€ for 15 months. Whaaaaat? <is checking some pizza places> Hmm... Best I can do is 8€. Or 12€ for American-style.
  13. Why did you need 200+ hours for Odyssey? I was literally sad when I was done with everything after 140 hours or something... I even tried to stretch the last DLC as much as possible to keep the game ongoing. The map was only at the beginning big. It felt overwhelming but when you have been exploring it it was not that big at all... What is wrong with sailing? There are so many viewpoints, you can teleport everywhere. And when you then go to the harbour you can even summon your ship at this location. What do you mean, you sneaked? Maybe that is why that game feels so big for you. You sneaked around. In Origins and Odysse you can just straight walk up to an enemy. Why would you waste time with sneaking? You are a mercenary, not an assassin. What about "kill this dude" is wrong? Is that not the normal AC gameplay? I am sorry if you feel attacked by this comment. I did not intend to do that. But I wish Valhalla, because it is a next gen game, will be BIGGER. Assassins Creed is, at least for me, one of these games I never want to end... I was disappointed that you only needed to uncover 40 "?" in Odyssey. In Origins you had 288. There was also no trophy for being level99 or whatever. I want more. MORE!!! MOAAAAARR!!!!1
  14. [Cities: Skylines] So, uhm... How does tourism work? In the latest DLC you need 60 weekly tourists visiting a specific building. I get 30 maximum, in a 160k city. Sure, it is not the best city, because that was my v1.0 city I played for the platinum before downloading patches and now with the patches half the city in in ruins because the patches completely ruined the demands... BUT, it is still a 160k city. :D

    1. Cleggworth


      I never bothered with tourism so I had no idea either, its rubbish anyway apparently. Looking it up i found the space elevator was pretty great for pulling them in. I made a small area with tourism specialist commercial, dropped the space elevator and a few other tourism friendly unique buildings. Dropped a couple of those new intercity bus terminals and just let it run. Popped not long after. My city was only 90k. I was in the midst of a pretty monumental death wave 😂

    2. Neputyunu


      Commercial you say? Oh... That is bad. My patched to death city has absolutely zero demand for commercial. It only contains offices and living room. Well, guess I need to try it with another city then. Thanks for replying. :)

    3. Neputyunu


      Well, no matter what I did, I did not come over 30 per week... I increased then the unique building budget to 150% and it instantly jumped to 105 per week. Uhm... Makes sense, somehow, I guess... But, yaaay, I have it back on 100%! ^-^

  15. That also does not sound really fair... I dunno, they could maybe make it like XBox360 did it. Some games have achievements, that are not part of the achievement list but in a seperate list. In Fable3 for example are three of this... uhm... sidequest achievement thingies, that give you royal clothing for your XBox Mii avatar thingy. So... If a game has multiplayer... Why do they not make two lists? One for the Story and everything you can do offline, and one that is only about online stuff. And the online list only gets added to your profile when you actually have unlocked an online trophy. BUT, and that is the point, if the servers are down or whatever... Remove this online trophy list from your regular trophy list and put into into your... ... uhm... prestige list. It would not bother trophywhores, and gamers who actually did play multiplayer still have something to be proud about.