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  1. Well, do not go for monitors or TVs that say HDR10 alone. It is a marketing trap. Many screens only have a brightness of 300-350 nits. For a full HDR experience you would need 1000. So, better go for a screen that says "DisplayHDR1000". On the topic: Well, most things got alreay said, like SuperSampling (if you have no 4K screen) and Boostmode (more fps in older games that did not get optimized for the Pro). The only thing I can add to that is, that I had a base PS4 and now I do have a Pro. I must say... Even the PS4 menu runs a lot smoother on Pro...
  2. I am not sure which game is my favorite. But in 2019 this was definitely the best game I have played. The Hawke sisters, Marian and Bethany, from Dragon Age II.
  3. "And you thought there is never a girl online?" (12eps) It is about a girl, Ako (I would date that! ), who has fallen for the protagonist but cannot differ between fantasy world (They are playing an MMORPG) and real world. At first I thought it would be a stupid ecchi show, but it actually surprised me. Was a pretty solid show. Ako is really interesting, as a person. Currently I am just checking One Piece, Detective Conan (Movie23 is finally out!) and Boruto. Have not decided what else to watch next. But I must say, Boruto finally became interesting. They (Boruto and Sasuke) are in the past now, where Naruto was a child. And Jiraya dropped an interesting plottwist... He knows that the other guy is Sasuke. Cannot await the next episode!
  4. Well, not everyone is playing CoD, obviously. Some profiles only get updated once a week. So maybe PSNP does not know yet that these people started to play this game. Also, not all of these four million accounts are unique. There are people with several accounts. I, for example, have a Canadian account, for the PSN store.
  5. RDR2... It has too many online trophies to play it myself.
  6. I did not find a guide either, but I have found this. Hope it helps!
  7. Mostly music from games. I like eg these:
  8. Yaaaaay!! ^-^ Happy Birthday, Warden. I wish you all the best, my FANTASTIC great-friend. <3 




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  9. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time This beautiful game came bundled with my PS3 SuperSlim. Was at first playing GTA-V instead though.
  10. Every "The Legend of Heroes" game.
  11. XBO: Forza Horizon 4 Have no decided yet what I want to play on PS3, 4 and Vita.
  12. Breath of Fire III and IV Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)
  13. "A Winter's Daydream", for the Vita. Sweet little VN, without any gameplay or multiple choice. So if you like VNs and just want to chill it is a great pick. However, after you started the game you should not go back to the title screen (eg because you wanted to increase the text speed), because there is a glitch that make trophies not pop after you hit resume. Needed to skip through a second playthrough.
  14. Happy Birthday, Nep-Nep!! 🎊🎁🎉🍰🎂🍭🎈


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  15. *Is writing some short random summary*

    I was not very active here lately, I know.

    Well, I had a bit of stress with school and some other stuff, but everything is fine now. All exams are behind me and I aced the semester. :awesome: 

    I need to go to work now, and after that I am going to continue playing Pokemon Moon.

    If someone needs something from me, write me on PSN or Skype instead, please.

    And never forget: Life is good, do not allow people to ruin it.


    Later, buds!*~ (^o^°)

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