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  1. Happy Birthday, Nep-Nep!! 🎊🎁🎉🍰🎂🍭🎈


    1. Silently


      Belated Happy birthday🍰🍦🎂🎁🎉🎊

    2. Chirithy


      Bildergebnis für hyperdimension neptunia neptune birthday

      Happy Birthday little nep Nep!

    3. Neputyunu


      Thankies, buddies! <3 (^_^ )

  2. *Is writing some short random summary*

    I was not very active here lately, I know.

    Well, I had a bit of stress with school and some other stuff, but everything is fine now. All exams are behind me and I aced the semester. :awesome: 

    I need to go to work now, and after that I am going to continue playing Pokemon Moon.

    If someone needs something from me, write me on PSN or Skype instead, please.

    And never forget: Life is good, do not allow people to ruin it.


    Later, buds!*~ (^o^°)

    1. A little fluffy cat

      A little fluffy cat

      A new status update from Neputyunu \^o^/

      Insta-like ✅


      Great to hear that, have fun playing Pokémon,  catch them all (^_^ )

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      *smiles and waves* ^o^ ❤️

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      :D See ya, friend!!

  3. Happy Friday, Nep-Nep! ❤️ Have a great weekend! Make every second count! ^-^


    1. Neputyunu


      Thanks, you too! (^_^ )

      Today I would even have time... Guess I am going to watch some anime.

    2. ShonenCat


      Yay! One Piece, Golden Time and Detective Conan! Nice choices! :yay:

    3. ShonenCat
  4. You're in Shiro's avy change list, feel honored (^_^ )


    Avy changes list by Pixel-CAT-,  Polydeuces(Suika Ibuki), Lelouch Lamperouge(Eto Yoshimura) and Neputyunu(Hatsuse Izuna)Morgana > Kokkuri-san > Miki Sauvester > Moogle > Aeterna > PERSONA 5 protagonist > a moogle choco rider > Aya(Tohou) > Mimi(RE:Zero) > Enju(Black Bullet) > Suika Ibuki(Tohou) > Nep Nep(Megadimension) > Karin(Fairy Fencer F) > Hungary(Power Axis Hetalia)> Miniwa Tsumiki(Acchi Kochi) .> Shiro(Hoozooki no Reitetsu > Pyrna(Final Fantasy XV > Saddaharu(gintama) > Rikka Takanashi(Chuunibyou)> Papi the Harpy(Monster Musume)> Laphicet(Tales of Berseria) > Magilou(Tales of Berseria) > Kat(Gravity Rush) > Eto Yoshimura(Tokyo Ghoul) > Hatsuse Izuna(no Game no life) > Margaret Borowski(Night in the woods) > Tohru(Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid)> Morgana(Persona 5) > Sara Ryder(Mass Effect Andromeda)> Kuon(Utawarerumono)



    1. Neputyunu


      I know, and I do. Shiro is "bae" <3 


    2. A little fluffy cat

      A little fluffy cat



      New word saved in personal vocabulary (^_^ )  

  5. My Fluffy! <3  (^_^ )


  6. A special status post for a special someone ❤️

    Haaii, Nep-Nep! Nii-nii is here to wish you a super awesome weekend! *Poke-Poke* ⭐️ ^-^


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      Hiii Brandon-nii! (^_^ )

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      Haaii Nep-Nep! ^o^

  7. Bildergebnis für gingitsune kitsune haru gif

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      Hiiiii!! (^_^ ) 

      *hugs* How are you doooiiing? <3 

  8. Happy not-birthday, Fluffyy! <3 (^_^ )

    Here, your own personal laptop!





  9. I'm curious now. Saw you posting on the PS blog and there you have a Kyoko-ava, but on PSN you have Neppu. How do you do that? xD

    1. Neputyunu


      I am not sure. But the Nep-avatar I am currently using on PSN is PS4-exclusive.

  10. Strangers and Freaks. Nearly all of them are basically free golds. The only important stat is indeed stamina, because without max stamina on all three of your characters you will have no chance against that crazy chick. From the story, heist setup missions are by far the easiest. You also can play two missions you have to kill Trevor or Michael as Franklin for. These are literally two freebies, because you only need to survive. If you are done with all of that, you are nearly done with the trophy. Just pick what you like. Edit: Meh, I should have read the other postings...
  11. second that. Nowadays it even has CoOp and PvP and stuff... Still pretty nice.
  12. Well, there is also every couple of weeks a "Should I get a Vita?" thread, but nobody complains, because we love our dearest Vita-tan. Anime recommendations... huh... I am not that good with recommending stuff, mostly because I am not that kind of person that is "forcing" things on other people... And every time when I am talking on Facebook about games and people realize that I am not your standard "CoD, BF, something with zombies"-gamer, people ask me in a sarcastic way what I am playing and if Tetris and Hello Kitty would be a thing for me. Then I am posting a list of games I am interested in and it becomes silent. Every time. *shrugs* Do you have an Anime-Planet profile? With that we could see what you have seen so far, and the site does give you recommendations on its own too. But if you like schools... Kodomo no Jikan. It seems to be pervert at first, but it made my heart wet... Very touching. Poor Rin-chan... Also in a school, but super funny: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu In a school too, but really romantic: Golden Time ...Huh... I should update my list at some point. I am always giving the same recommendations...
  13. 17991947_1398862710167220_51135213889019


    Good 1:30pm-morning, Sir baka nii-nii. <3 

    1. ShonenCat


      Nep-Nep, this is a morning I will forever cherish! <3