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  1. Let's be real, Sony has never been good at making games, but they're good in the game business. I mean even at the time of the Ps1-2 era, the Saturn and Dreamcast were better consoles with more exclusive IPs from Sega (Virtua Fighter, Panzer Dragoon, Sonic, Shining Force, House of the Dead, etc). Sony won this war thanks to some exclusive titles like Final Fantasy, Tekken or Metal Gear Solid, which were not Sony games, but also and foremost thanks to great marketing strategy. After when Microsoft entered the arena, they had to rise up the bar and that's when they develop really good exclusives like Uncharted or God of War. But now, adversity is nowhere to be found: Xbone is agonising and Nintendo exclusives are (oh surprise) Zelda #34, Mario #56, Mario Kart #23, and Splatoon 2. Sony are not even trying anymore because they don't need to to be dominant on the market, which is all that matters to them. As for the new IPs, it's not only Sony, devs now prioritise season passes and crappy dlcs or multiplayer only games rather than being innovative. The whole industry is fucked up if you ask me.
  2. My top 10 favourite looks like something like this: Streets of Rage 2 (MD) Skies of Arcadia (DC) Flashback (MD) Secret of Mana (SNES) Grandia 2 (DC) Mass Effect 2 (PS3) Dead Space 3 (PS3) Toe Jam & Earl (MD) Street Fighter 2 Turbo (SNES) Panzer Dragoon (SS)
  3. I'm working on Earth Defense Force 5 at the moment. I'm at 40% story completion and still a long way to reach 100% (150h at least). But the game is fun so it shouldn't be a chore to plat it. I strongly recommend it!
  4. Well I hope the guide helped you to get the plat If you like this kind of game I recommend Pillars of Eternity or Divinity: Original Sin
  5. @Swo-BigYou can get the plat, no problem with version 1.00. The "Got Gud" trophy is obtainable by reloading your latest save if you die.
  6. Thanks @ElBolovo @Crimson Idol for the recommendations That looks cool, I can feel the 80's vibes just seeing the name of the trophies: Norris, Outatime, Goonies never die I would need an alt account though since it's only available on the NA store. The art style of Reverie makes me think of Earthbound on SNES but the gameplay is like Zelda like you said, that's interesting. Earthlock looks interesting too in a different style, I'll try the demo to see what's the story is about.
  7. Finally got one: Shadows: Awakening, A RPG from the Heretic Kingdoms series. By the way if anybody has recommendations for the "Recommended By a PSNP Member" category that would be cool. I'm mostly into RPG and sci-fi/space exploration games but I'd consider anything
  8. Shadows: Awakening trophy "Got Gud" is bugged and unobtainable with the latest version (1.08) but can be obtained with the version 1.00. This is confirmed for NA and EU versions.
  9. I got it!! Finally! So it's confirmed, the trophy is unobtainable with the latest patch. You can die and reload the latest save and get the trophy with the 1.00 version.
  10. That involves a lot of running lol Increase your movement speed to get away from her. - The first form is relatively straightforward: hit her and her demons from afar. - When you have to push the boulders, use Sebekan, he's super fast while the other puppets are slow as ass. That way you can easily break the barriers around the crucible and Mara can't regenerate too much life. - For the final form: never stop moving and running away from her to avoid her stunning attack. When she summons her demons, annihilate them with Sebekan's chain lightning and storm or the Devourer's tentacles and freeze. Summon Jasker's undeads or Zaar's pack to keep Mara busy and hit her while she's not focused on you. Rinse and repeat. That technique is a bit long but that worked well for me so far, I even beat her with Kalig as my main on my Extreme playthrough. For me the Blind Demon is waaaaay harder, and he's only level 28 while Mara is level 35.
  11. I already fought Graabak, I'm in the sewers now. I decided to avoid Kogok aak and the imperial tombs to go faster. Oh well I never really had trouble with Mara in my previous playthroughs so hopefully it should be alright
  12. Awesome! So it was the patch after all. Hopefully I will get it soon!
  13. Ok good to know. You're already in Kyallisar!? You're fast! I'm still in Taymuria 😅
  14. I find Ironclad zombie too slow and too big, he always got hit even when far away from enemies (one major issue of the game anyway). I find Sebekan useful cos he can stun/freeze multiple enemies but he's really weak on defense that's the problem. I had the same impression when I passed from Extreme to Hard! Extreme is total bs like you said: unbalanced and unfair. after my first try I thought I was on normal or easy so that's why I didn't get the trophy lol If you want a real challenge try to kill the blind demon on Extreme, absolute nightmare.