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  1. This. Activision are making more money with microtransactions than by selling actual games. What do you expect? As long as people will spend money in MT publishers will keep implementing them. It's as simple as that.
  2. It's going to happen, the Simpsons foretold it 20 years ago :
  3. My Best 10: 1 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 2 Mass Effect 2 3 Dead Space 3 4 Spec Ops: The Line 5 Vanquish 6 Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 7 Helldivers 8 Okami HD 9 Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 10 Double Dragon Neon My Worst 5: 1 Air Conflicts: Vietnam 2 Alien Rage 3 ゴジラ-GODZILLA- 4 Soulcalibur: Lost Swords 5 Inversion
  4. I'd like to nominate the NieR: Automata Trophy Guide by @QuentinCle95 and @rubhen925. The guide is simple and clear, and the trophies descriptions are well explained. It really helped to get the plat.
  5. I usually order CEs from Play-Asia and their packaging is quite good imo, never received a damaged box for CEs or regular editions. I also ordered a few ones from ebay sellers and so far always been lucky, at least you can check the comments from previous buyers.
  6. Collector of Souls Obtain all trophies A decent brawler in the genre of Golden Axe or Dragon's Crown but unfortunately not as good as these ones due to one major flaw: the hit detection is really inconsistent. Otherwise good gameplay with various enemies, weapons, and levels.
  7. Thanks for doing this! Count me in
  8. Wow that was quick! Thanks for making this site even better than it already is Haha thanks dude. Just trying to help
  9. Hey guys, sorry if it has been suggested before but I couldn't find anything in the forums. Anyway I was thinking it would be nice to know the completion rate of a platinum/100% directly on your main profile page. The percentage could be displayed under the platinum icon in the game list with different colours/shades if you completed the game or not. With this no need to check each individual game page to know the rarity of a platinum/100%. It could look like something like this: I think that would be a nice feature but since I'm a noob in coding/programming I'm not sure if it would be easily doable...What do you think?
  10. Only one game I can't wait for: Dragon Ball FighterZ.
  11. You'll find soon enough (from mission 5 iirc) another type of flies: big ones that can spot you. By eating those ones you will gain Kcal, and don't worry they're worth a lot of them, you'll get fat in no time!
  12. Saren and Sovereign from Mass Effect (Sovereign's introduction is probably one of the greatest moments in video game history) Ramirez from Skies of Arcadia
  13. I don't understand why people are blaming EA for Andromeda. Sure they pressured Bioware for ME3 (the main reason why Hudson write the ending on his own with the result we all know), but this time Bioware had 5 years. 5 YEARS, that's more than twice the development time for ME2 or 3, and I don't think EA has a responsibility in MEA poor writing, poor animations, bugs and glitches etc. Bioware is to blame for hiring incompetent people after Hudson and others left (they hired a game designer that spent more time on twitter than working or a cosplayer as lead facial animator ). So in the end maybe the return of Hudson is not such a bad thing. But yeah they shouldn't mess that Anthem new IP or else EA won't like it at all...
  14. Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Now that's what I called a remaster. Wonder boy III: The Dragon's Trap was an awesome RPG/Adventure/Platforming game on the Master System and now this newest version is just as great with gorgeous visuals and soundtrack but still faithful to the original. And what a treat to be able to switch from retro to new graphics/sound just by pressing a button. Highly recommended!
  15. NieR: Automata Final Words A pretty good game coming from the creative Yoko Taro. The art design is great and the narrative is excellent. I just wished to play more as 2B and less as 9S as I think her character was the most interesting one. Overall a great experience!