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  1. For April I'm gonna guess: - No Man's Sky - Zombie Army Trilogy
  2. Man this is insane, I guess 454 now
  3. Alright, my guess for march: - The Last Guardian - A Way Out
  4. My predictions for February: - Apotheon - Dying Light
  5. For my second attempt I will guess 230 matches total
  6. Ok, I'd like to nominate: - Exceptional DLC guide: Dead Space 3 - Awakened DLC Trophy Guide Simply explains what needs to be done to get the trophies plus videos of a whole playthrough of the DLC. - Exceptional Niche Game guide: Ikaruga Trophy Guide The strategies to pass the different levels and boss and getting a high score at the same time is remarkable. Videos are here too to illustrate the method. This game is infamous for its difficulty but I guess that guide would hugely help to get the platinum. - Exceptional Use of Formatting: Bullet Girls Phantasia Trophy Guide A lot of tables with different font colours according to the categories, which makes it easy to understand. - Exceptional Use of Original Content: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Trophy Guide A massive amount of pictures and videos to describe the trophy requirements. Maps are especially useful to know where to go. - Exceptional Imported Game Guide: Dead or School Trophy Guide Well written and translates and explains clearly the trophy requirements with pictures or videos when needed. - Trophy Guide of the Year: Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition Trophy Guide Wow, just wow. So many stuff in that guide: description of the game mechanics, the characters, all the recipes for food or scrolls, stronghold upgrades, etc. And there's even a guide to make a pacifist walkthrough with description of the quests and how to complete them. Everything is well presented with nice tables and a lot of pictures. There is really everything you need to know in the game. Impressive! Overall a lot of great guides, it was difficult to make a selection, congrats to everyone!
  7. That's a great giveaway! One of my favourite holiday memories is when my father brought a puppy for Christmas, I was 9 at the time and it was my first dog ever. Thanks for doing this!
  8. Entry #4 The jetpack from Mass Effect Andromeda because jetpack
  9. Play on Classic and Pure Survival first, that way you will know where and when enemies are spawning and how to deal with them for your Hardcore run. Honestly I don't think the devil's horns (the foam fingers weapon) are mandatory, hardcore difficulty is "hard" not even "impossible" so a strong crafted weapon is sufficient enough (I personally like the assault rifle coupled with the electrified bolas). For me the most annoying are the instakills like in the space-flying or the cliff-climbing sections, so yeah it's strongly recommended to upload your save on the cloud or on a flash drive. For Pure Survival you can use the exploit of saving after looting a room. After reloading the resources will respawn in the room. Rinse and repeat as many times as needed so you can craft ammo and med packs.
  10. Entry #3 The lead pipe from Streets of Rage 2. I reckon it would solve a lot of problems in real life. Plus it makes a cool noise when it hits
  11. Entry #2 The Teleportation pyramids from Divinity: Original Sin. I put one in my room and one in the office and I don't need to commute every day anymore
  12. Thanks for the giveaway! I'd bring the Icarus Wings from Toe Jam & Earl because who never wanted to be able to fly?
  13. Damn, so I guess 78 now
  14. I'd say 75 matches, but I hope for you it will be less, good luck!
  15. Long time since I've posted an update: got the last DLC pack of Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary, Earthlock recommended by @crimsonidol38 (good recommendation btw), Toe Jam & Earl Back in the Groove, Blackguards 2 (the main character is Cassia of Tenos), and The Long Journey Home (a rogue-like space survival/explorer). Still didn't get any bingo though
  16. There's a method to download 1.00 version of games, you should try it:
  17. EDF 5, I must be clocking at 600+ hours in the game now. I know all the missions by heart so I don't need to think too much and it's the perfect mindless fun I sometimes need after a hard day. I also often replay Dead Space 3 on coop, I just love this game with its atmosphere and the crafting system that allows to try multiple types of weapons and the game itself is good (despite what a lot of people say). Killing Floor 2 is also a game I come back regularly too, that may be because the devs keep adding trophies every now and then
  18. Yeah the soundtrack of SoR2 is probably one of the best ost of all time (if not the best). I'm so hyped for Streets of Rage 4! Toe Jam & Earl is criminally underrated imo. A remake has been released recently, Toe Jam & Earl Back in the Groove (I'm playing it right now) and it's pretty good, up to 4 players online! Flashback was groundbreaking at the time with its neat animations and sci-fi scenario. I guess the devs were fans of Schwarzenegger because you find a lot of influence from his movies: Total Recall, Running Man, Terminator... Damn, I can't believe I forgot Chrono Trigger you're right it is superior. Played it a lot but still haven't seen all the endings (I read there are 13 different endings). Not a big fan of FF though, never finished 6 (or 3 in US). Yeah too many versions, I lost count too. I picked that version because that's the one I was playing on Arcade before getting it on console.
  19. Yes there is offline local co-op but only for 2 players.
  20. Got my second number with Samurai Shodown! 0. Samurai Shodown (9210) 1. Everspace (7461) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  21. One more game completed: Samurai Shodown, developed by SNK in Japan
  22. Among The Stars A truly great space exploration/shooter game with roguelike elements and a surprisingly good story. The procedurally generated levels, the various weapons and ships gives it a high replay value, and the graphics are amazing. Strongly recommended
  23. Got one more game with Everspace, a space exploration game, which is my favourite genre
  24. Got my first number!: 0. 1. Everspace (7461) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  25. The Mass Effect series: all the lore, the different alien races, the reapers (giant sentient robot-squids WTF!), the different planets to explore, the Citadel, and all your crew members with various characters like Mordin, Grunt, Liara or Tali and of course Shepard, all of this makes my inner space explorer thrilled Even if the ending is a bit crappy, the whole setting is unique. Too bad Andromeda is not on the same level as the original trilogy Edit: if we include non playstation games and previous gen, I have to mention Skies of Arcadia on Dreamcast. Man sailing the skies in a flying pirate ship was awesome. I just wish for a sequel, a man can dream no?