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  1. 🍻
  2. Patch is going live right now on PS5 fixing the exploit. It also adds an Attract Mode if you idle on the mode select or the campaign map, in that arcade spirit, and displays current total score and personal best score on arcade mode level transitions, and adds options and controls menus to the mode select menu. I'll set it live on PS4 tomorrow morning, so take advantage of this exploit tonight while you can.
  3. LOL! You sneaky devils, enjoy this exploit while it lasts
  4. Level 47 is the easiest place to get squished, between the rising ground and the ceiling. Pan Pong can be earned anywhere, using the unlockable brother character.
  5. Hey Throw7 😃 My best time for the ps5 platinum in testing was around 6.5 hours. Maybe something like 8-14 hours range for first time players who don't have a guide? It'll be longer depending on how often you get stuck, and if you have trouble finding secrets. I wouldn't be the best person to estimate a difficulty, but I think it's fair to assume it will be lower than 9. The easiest spot to do this one is Level 46, using the shortcut near the start of the level.
  6. It's right after the final boss on NG+
  7. The Candy Snail shell will do the trick, look for places where they are near by a flaming marshmallow/ flying marshmallow and launch it into them. There is a trophy for doing this with the flying one.
  8. That is not the case. Super Perils of Baking is cross-buy between PS4 and PS5, but it is not cross-buy with the original Perils of Baking.
  9. Apologies, the patch that went live last night had an issue that is my fault, where certain regions would not unlock trophies properly. A new patch is now live that fixes this issue. Thankfully there is a trophy check on boot up, so any trophies you earned that did not unlock last night/today, should now pop for you on your next boot up. Very sorry about this! -Barry
  10. The Armament Engineer is on Level 5A, taking the upper path at the end of the level that leads to a vertical boss fight. The Field Scholar is on Level 4B on the lower path, continuing straight ignoring the path through the ceiling that leads up.
  11. I've sent you a private message so that we can sort out your prize.
  12. It's part of a free update. If you have the latest patch installed then you are good to go.
  13. Easiest done with fully upgraded boost on the original playthrough. (Boost into him)
  14. Boost into him.
  15. Very interesting, I wondered what people would find the hardest part!