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  1. The boss that you killed in invasion mode is also a boss on level 11. I forgot to specify in the trophy unlock code to only have it pop when playing that level, so it will pop any time that boss is killed. (including the side mode) Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Hey guys, my first two games are on sale in America. They are very doable platinum hunts, and I think you will have fun with them if you enjoy retro style games! Perils of Baking is on sale for the first time since it's price drop. Now at an all time low price of $2.50 USD Habroxia is on sale for the first time since it's release at $4.00 USD Both games support cross-buy between PS4 and PS Vita with separate trophy lists for each platform. Perils of Baking: Habroxia:
  3. This is an odd one, I haven't heard of this happening until now. I don't think I see anything wrong with the unlock code for it. Sorry I can't be of more help, my advice would be to close the game. Then try each mode again. The trophy should trigger at the start of any of the side modes so long as each mode has been played. I'll be curious to hear if this just resolves itself in that manner, let me know and sorry about the inconvenience.
  4. Hey, I saw a few people bring this issue to my attention. There is now a patch live on PS4 USA to fix this, and it will be live on the EU PSN very soon. You can expect The Vita versions to receive the same fix over the next few days.
  5. Awesome! Thanks for letting me know!
  6. Hey, I was just discussing this a bit. The ball will bounce off the paddle based on the positioning of the paddle vs the position of the ball. If the ball were to react physics appropriately and not based on positioning of the paddle you would end up removing player involvement to a large degree. Essentially the ball would always take the same pattern no matter where you hit it with the only player input being if you hit or miss the ball. I think the approach I took is pretty standard in terms of how brick breakers handle game play. Not trying to dismiss your feedback just explaining my thought process. I imagine the idea of using a rounded almost triangle like paddle would have conveyed this well/solved the issue of a flat surface reflection something to think about for #2 perhaps. Having a paddle that was curved like this would result in a similar reflection pattern to what you see now even when using non position based reflections, but would make more sense to the eye.
  7. If you are quitting out of the game without it ever making any saves, it won't be able to count these as play sessions. To clarify: the game will autosave when you finish or fail a level (or side mode). Or if you go into the sound menu and back out. So long as you do something that warrants an autosave, your session will be counted and saved. If you were to just quit the application immediately without triggering any autosaves, your number of sessions would just stay at the same number each reset.
  8. I think changing the text might still leave a few people confused. I can think of a clean solution though. It would be to trigger a save each time a side mode is played, this way even if you just started the mode popped the trophy and closed the game, it would have saved. I think at this point I will hold off on any further patches until after launch. That way if any more issues pop up for people I can address them all in one patch. Since this is a relatively small impact situation, I feel it is OK to leave for now. Keep the feedback coming. Always happy to hear your take Brian! edit: This would also trigger the trophy 'I Get Around' on the start of a side mode if that was the last requirement for it to pop, avoiding confusion there.
  9. The trophy for playing each mode pops as soon as the mode is started. The problem is if you quit out of the application before any saves have taken place there is no record of you starting the modes on your save. The trophy for I Get Around pops during saves, but it is not actually required that you finish a round for this trophy either. It is just that if you have played each mode and quit the application before any save takes place you would need to start them again.
  10. Glad it worked out! 🍻 Thank you! 😀🍁
  11. It is a combination of those things as stated above. (All collectibles unlocked and all side modes played). If you have Deal of the Century and In Books, but not I Get Around, then I imagine the issue must be a saving one. My theory is that you may have played each of the modes but not completed a full session in them, thus not triggering a save. If you were then to close the game after getting the trophy, without saving your data you would have the trophy for playing all modes, but your save data would not reflect this. If this is indeed the case playing each mode again would solve the problem. Let me know if this is it.
  12. Hey, I believe at the time of Perils of Baking I was not able to release there, due to a ratings issue. This may have been a misunderstanding on my end as it was my first time releasing a game. I think that I can get it out in Brazil now, and will try to do so. I double checked the Twin Breaker release and can assure you that it is set to launch in Brazil. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. UPDATE: I just submitted the store data for Perils of Baking to release in Brazil, it is set for the earliest release date possible March 27th. It is possible that it will show up earlier than that, so let me know if you (or anyone else in Brazil) can confirm that it is out.
  13. Thanks bud, I'm more pleased about the Ms Kitty endorsement of Twin Breaker though. I am finally going to win that cat over, through video games. 😎
  14. Hey guys, This trophy is a combination of unlocking all 40 collectibles and playing every side mode.
  15. Yes the Physical releases (both PS4 and PS Vita) have their own list that will be the same as their ASIA release. So if you were to buy the game from USA or EU regions the trophy lists would be different than the Physical versions. By the way the Physical Versions are now up for pre-order here: They will be on sale for 10 more days before pre-orders close.