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  1. Astro Bot has been the best VR Experience for me so far. Moss is a great game as well and I guess being Batman has been a dream for many people in their childhood.
  2. Now I'm kinda insecure whether I should get the game or not. Would be nice if anybody could confirm the dificulty increase/decrease as the game is on sale atm.
  3. Just to be sure. The 7/10 diffictuly rating belongs to people playing on their own, right? If I just follow the guide (and destroy the experience) it will be a 1/10 or are the random puzzles I could get stuck even after hours of trying without help?
  4. Just ordered the Limited Edition of eX+ in the US (f*ck European distribution for this game) and I hope it's at least acceptable compared to Persona 5. Everything above will be a bonus.
  5. That's one thing I hate about trophy hunting on Playstation. Microsoft is waaaay ahead regarding comfortable achievement hunting and I really love having "worthless" achievements for timed events. That's what gets me to play Forza Horizon over and over and over again after reaching 1000GS.
  6. That's a thing I'll never understand. Challenges are fine and I like them, but when you add things like Wolfenstein, that you have to play the whole game at the highest difficulty level without dying and without saving, then the game is out for me immediately. There are a lot of influencing factors within the game or in real life that can ruin many hours of play within a second and I just don't feel like doing something like that. My worst experience was to play Max Payne 3 at the highest difficulty level and after a good 2h (so still relatively at the beginning) the game crashed. So the mode and all future games, which offer such a thing, were dead for me.
  7. The Surge Vampyr Days Gone Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Risen 3
  8. Lords of the Fallen is the worst mentionable Soulslike IMHO but I love The Surge, played until NG+++ and just bought the DLCs recently.
  9. I couldn't stand the pacing and the playstyle. Compared to Lords of the Fallen, Dark Souls 1 seems to be as fast paced as Sekiro or DMC.
  10. Just noticed that I missed a collectable at the beginning and now I'm not sure, wether I should play through the game and just get the missing one after finishing it or if I would have to get every single one again.
  11. I picked it up in the current sale as I love to play some tower defense while listening to podcasts. But this game is one of the worst tower defense games I ever played. The look is quite okay but the developers had no clue how tower defense works. In particular, it's possible to completely waste your savegame so you have to start all over again as your forced to use specific playstyles. If you try another style, you'll run into a dead end as you're not able to respec or farm skill points. Only option is to buy skill points for real money. F*** these developers!
  12. Since when is grinding satisfying? That sounds like working at the assembly line is the best job one can get. I prefer interesting, hard or complex trophies and not doing the same stuff over and over and over and over again.
  13. It's not just the new content that gets harder and seems broken
  14. No Problem. People just need to stop buying this crap.
  15. Thanks for the info! Guess I can dive into the game without any further guides and minor/major spoilers due to missable trophies