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  1. Perfect, thanks for clarification. Guess I'll lower the difficulty for the first playthrough and all the other trophies and go for apocalyptic in NG+.
  2. I'm like 7-8 hours in the game but lost interest on apocalyptic on the first run. Short question as I can't remember: Is it possible to lower the difficulty midgame? I guess it would be more fun for me to finish the game on normal and go for the plat in NG+ but starting a completely new game would be a bummer.
  3. The Elder Scrolls Online - Emporer Sorry for having a job to pay for a living and not being able to play PvP for 7 days straight...
  4. 'Cause they can('t). Guess they don't care. For me personally I prefer the MW trophy list with multiplayer trophies as "DLC"-trophies over the old CoD titles. I really like the campaigns but for me there isn't any shooter that's worse in multiplayer than CoD.
  5. You say the TTK is even shorter this time? CoD always felt like Unreal Tournament with Instagib mode. More like who looks better on the mini map than who plays better. Guess I'll pick it up in a sale for the campaign as you don't need MP for the plat. Otherwise I would have prefered to remove the mini map as it would bring people to focus more on the game itself and not on scanning the area to have an unrealistic advantage because of some dots or waves.
  6. Thanks for the many replies. Guess I have a couple of new games in my backlog now
  7. Hi guys, I'm currently looking for some roguelite games. I like games like Binding of Isaac as well, but I prefer to do any kind of progress over the time of playing like with Rogue Legacy. Are there any other roguelite games that get "easier" the longer you play and the more you improve your character you can recommend?
  8. You're right. Finding them by looking for the name was no issue for sure. As I asked the question I remembered as the perfect source for games in sale as you can filter by price, discount etc.
  9. Where do I find this sale. I need more games for less than a Euro I will never play
  10. To prevent a fast resell. I finished the game shortly after release and now I'm just waiting to get rid of it...
  11. This is exactly what happens here. I just finished the game and Apexion was no "small slip" by the devs but just the beginning. Later they placed this out-of-nowhere spawning enemies with shotguns who pin you down. In many situations there are two of them. Get hit by one and you're 100% dead as they pin you and shoot you rotationally. It feels sooo wrong to just walk reaaaaally slowly when you enter a new area as it's not about reaction like in any soulsgame but about exactly knowing their spawn location and aiming for them in advance. I really tried to like the game and I liked it for a couple of hours. But after finishing it I have to say that it is by far the worst soulslike I ever played....and I guess I played all of them
  12. This might be the case. I sure ran over some cops everytime I finished a couple of missions and saving afterwards might have corrupted the save file.
  13. Exactly. When I played Demon's Souls back in the days I died every 2mins. But after playing Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 1-3, Bloodborne, The Surge and Sekiro I adapt very fast to this kind of game. But here are parts where it's a 100% death no matter how patient or attentive you are. Fortunately, Apexion seems to be the worst of all areas (I visited so far) despite later enemies also appearing out of nothing as well.
  14. Got past it a couple of minutes after my rant. But my mind is unchanged as this is the worst trial and error passage in this genre. You have to KNOW where every enemy spawns as there's no chance to react to what's happening if there are more than two enemies and depending on your path it's possible that two enemies spawn at once.
  15. Can't say anything to how much time it will take but it will be a hard plat for sure.