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  1. I thought about picking them up as they got nice steelbook versions but the guides seem rather complex so they went down my "To play next"-list.
  2. If you like JRPGs, you'll regret missing out this game. To be fair, you won't know you regret it but if you get to the point where you're soaked in the game, you won't leave the game until you finished it at least once (or 3 times, like I did). Maybe consider picking up Persona 5 Royal and lock yourself up for a weekend. This should be enough time to be addicted.
  3. I agree that it's not that hard, but right at the beginning, the section leading to you picking up the dagger and a couple of scenes later, there is no spot to save at all. If you die in one of the combats, right before the tsunami, you have to replay like 15-20mins in addition to many unskippable cutscenes. That could be a pain to start an awesome game like this with such an experience.
  4. Haven't played PES for years. Is it full of Pay2Win and Lootboxes as FIFA or is it possible to play it for fun and getting the plat as well?
  5. Thanks for the info. Picked it up already and the time trial + clean section races are such a pain. It's like "Guys, time trial is already hard, how can we annoy and frustrate our players even more?". And yes, you definitely have to learn the bikes. I hate the Ducati in "Cat out of the bag" as it turn worse than a tank. But all in all I like the game and maaaaybe I'll get the plat there as well.
  6. Compared to the Driveclub Base Game, how hard is the Bike Game? I'm finishing some of the car DLCs but most of them give me a very hard time. I managed to beat All Stars, Sakura and soon Apex. AMG, Element etc. is completely impossible for me.
  7. I recently finished the main game on normal, just missing the difficulty trophies. I loved everything about the game and I thought that the higher difficulty wouldn't be a problem due to me knowing everything already. But now I start to hate the game. It's not due to the difficulty but due to the checkpoints. It's not just you replaying stuff over and over again, the absolut worst of it is watching cutscenes 100 times and many of them are not skippable. Same goes for scripted events and quick time events. You do them over and over and over again for failing once in 20-30 mins. TL:DR: If you want to enjoy the game, play it on normal first and force yourself through very hard for the platinum.
  8. Exactly this
  9. I send you the one he contacted me with. I don't know his main account.
  10. It's the trophy where you have to win 4 consecutive times. Problem is, that it costs ingame currency (which is purchasable with real money for sure) to start it again. I saw, that he already got the trophy and I just can guess why he cheats on people nevertheless. Concerning other trophies, he might not have synced it so far. His Playstation profile is public and he has more trophies on it than here.
  11. Don't think that there could be any misunderstanding. (Name shortened)
  12. He has it in FIFA16, 17 and 18. Would warn everyone playing FIFA19 as he hasn't got the trophy so far, but it's not allowed to tell his name.
  13. Sure, I don't blame PSNP for my credulity, but if you have proof, that someone knowingly cheats on other members, then at least this should not be ignored.
  14. It isn't a violation, but for the sake of a good community, this behavior shouldn't be supported or protected IMHO.
  15. He is a member of PSNP. He knew I was still interested in the trophy because I posted in some threads here. Therefore, I had stupidly trusted him