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  1. yes you can, only IF Sly see it you have a problem and get one warning point cuz its spam, but IF he doesnt see it its ok and you can do it.
  2. so pleople complain about hacking but exploiting the system is ok sony banned accounts for explointing the system (free plus exploit ) i do hope they ban those who used this exploit as well, its unfair for those who bought the game earlier just to have/ play the beta.
  3. All Zelda and Fable games. Oh and the Last Guardian...
  4. To be honest i didn't knew Bastion till i read this thread, after search for it on youtube and seeing 3 min of gameplay i can say i really hope it cames to psn, looks amazing
  5. Disney make good movies most of the time, this one seems to be one of them
  6. So am I
  7. soul reaver HD Final Fantasy 7,8 and 9 HD
  8. Its their account so they do whatever they like and nobody cares what they do with it, there's no rules saying that you cant have multiple people playing for one account, people need to stop giving so much importance to what other people do or not with their account...
  9. Between 1 to 2 hours, some weeks i don't even play, between work and spending time with my sons, wife and friends i only have a little of time to play at sunday night.
  10. Don´t worry he can´t ban your console.
  11. Release date? physical or digital only?
  12. Football - S.L Benfica
  13. Journey, thats the closest to perfection a game can reach imo.
  14. Well like said before talk to Sly, till today i dont understand the reason why to remove people from this site, if they cheated ok flag them, now dont remove them, seems a little excessive and discriminatory in my opinion.
  15. Thank you soooo much, without your walkthrough i would never make it