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  1. I had issues with this trophy but I found a solution. You MUST make a save before getting into the monkey head, if you do a save before the game might glitch like it did to me like 3 times. The glitch usually happen after feeding the monkey who follows you. Also, you just need to see two endings without closing the game.
  2. There is no new topics or platinum achievers, so what's up with this game?
  3. I actually liked the story and it's one of the best for me. Controllers and interaction suck but this is a FMV game so no biggies there.
  4. I bought this thinking it was a good challenge like Portal 2 but I didn't look at the trophies... 6 seconds to finish one challenge? I am very curious to see a solution.
  5. Guys, in order for us to get the game to be fixed, we have to contact the game publisher. As we all know, the Puzzle mode is BUGGED and impossible to progress. Here it is a link and try to give it a shot for them to fix and update the NA version like the EU one.
  6. It is censored. Even the file size is different for each version.
  7. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the developers of this game will release a new game mode (or maybe scenario). This time you'll be doing all the opposite from infecting the world.You know, washing hands, quarantine, social distancing, etc. I'm not 100% sure if it will be available for PS4 but if it does, it's probably gonna affect some trophies (like completing more scenarios).
  8. So let's see the reasons so far why I would make an EU account. Fahrenheit.... check Ace Combat 5... check
  9. Started playing this in 2011 until 2013. My memories are killing and pwing high level players XXX. There were many claiming to be good but nope, I always came up with good strategy to over come. My major record is getting 35 kills and 7 death.
  10. I still have a bad taste about Starhawk which was shut down on a Saturday (who works on saturday) and it was so sudden that when I found out about it, i only had like 3 days left.
  11. Dlc is 10% off but i'm not buying it cause i already bought like 8 dlc for this game and now this...
  12. I tried the link and tried the solutions and it didn't work. I checked on PS3 and PS4 the game is not hidden. I will try to find another solutions, maybe if I dont hide any games? Thx anyway.
  13. One game with trophies has dissapeared from my profile. The game is (i had to search all my games) is Teslagrad which is not hidden from my system. Who do i need (or what do i need to do) to solve this?
  14. I had to check on your platinums before responding. I've noticed you have played a lot of Lego games, were those platinums also luck based? So I will make it simple for you. This game is base on SKILLS and STRATEGY. The method I posted worked 90% of the time, only way to die its if you do something silly and don't pay attention on ur surroundings. Luck base games are way different than this (like those which require RNG). Anyways, don't know how much you suffered to get this but I had to try and make one simple method for those who don't have much skills and trust me, it works fine. I also used this multiple times to make sure it works so I posted it. C ya!
  15. Don't know if people are having problems getting to round 10 (like I did) but I used this method and it was really easy on first try. Here is the video (speed it up if you want):