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  1. is game in english subs?
  2. Yeah, I'm not freaking out, i already got the trophy but like I said, I am not getting any Vendettas at all anymore thats all Mr Freaking Out.
  3. I dont want to scare anyone but I dont get any Vendettas at all anymore. I did got a few but not anymore. I'm 98% done on my campaign and I just need 25 rune trophy and to finish the game. Servers closed already?
  4. Not true. I played doing EVERYfTHING, (all collectables and everything done 1map) and I was pass 3tier of my skills and 75% Attributes, almost 25hrs of gameplay on first map and still NO VENDETTAS. Maybe you have some friends with this game?
  5. Some people said so but it wasn't true. However, one player said that Vendettas should pop up after the second mission on Act II (second map) and indeed they started to show for me on my map.
  6. Yes, the expansion is out now and I hope they dont charge for it when it hits consoles.
  7. I assume the people answering the messages are not the same who implemented the trophies.
  8. Wait what? I think you confused my words, my first post was on March, the DLC came out around September.
  9. Well, if you look at the trophy list they are visible here too.
  10. Just download the patch dude, it's already out.
  11. There are 3 new trophies with the DLC. I hope they are not that difficult...
  12. I remember VERY clear Starhawk was shutted down on a Saturday. I only needed a couple of hours to get the online trophies and BUM, it went bye bye. (I didn't even sleep that day thinking the same you wrote). Who the heck wakes up on a SATURDAY morning and goes to the server offices and shut down an online server?! Don't rely on that, I seen it and I felt it and I cursed it!
  13. I went to Walmart and this game is now $5.00 price. Even though it is a good deal, it saddens me because that also means this game did not sell well. I haven't played this yet, HOWEVER, I played the first Rage and Mad Max so I was sure this game was gonna be really good. So my question is, was this game so bad in comparison with the first one? I liked the first one and I really thought it had potential to become a good series. For example, the mini games. One of them was the Cards game, which I wished it was a VS mode so I can play against a friend instead of the computer. Other thing I liked was the car combat and KNOWING that Mad Max had a vehicular combat then Avalanche was gonna implement that... right? Anyways, I will eventually play this game and JUDGE it myself.
  14. There is a couple of challenges that requires you to JUMP from a high place. You cannot do so if you go to the Big Nothing.
  15. Hello, I'm just trying to complete the challenges before due date and few of them was to do some stuff when a storm strike. I believe I found a way to make a storm spawn faster, at least it has worked for me. This is how you do it: at ANY point after the game saves and you are outside a stronghold zone, wait a couple of minutes. IF a storm doesn't spawn, EXIT your game and go to TITLE SCREEN.RESUME your game and Repeat around 5 or 6 times. It may also help if you close the game and relaunch but I managed to get 3 storms within 1 hour. HOWEVER one of the storm GLITCHED one me and NEVER STOPPED no matter what I did, even on cut-scenes so try to do it after you complete the game. Anyways, let me know if it worked for you or if you need me to make a video guide for it I will gladly do it.