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  1. I don't think they will finish the last 2 episodes because they are working on Minecraft for Netflix but if they do then it's gonna be a rushed game for sure. That's it, this is what they get for trying to release so many games at once with so little effort in story.
  2. I don't agree. Most games I have witnessed being shut down have always had some consideration with their community. I can clearly see whoever was in charge to shutting down the server for this game just woke up, went to the office and pulled out the plug on a Saturday morning. Usually this thing is done weekdays, like Monday morning but the redneck who did this just didn't care. I wasn't aware of the server closure at all because Sony didn't post it and I found out 2 days before the 30th. Oh well, one more one less doesn't matter.
  3. The trophy that requires you to kill 5 ISA players is the only one that requires 6 people total but others can be done with 2 or 3.
  4. It depends a lot if the match you enter has no erros but I personally did all multiplayer trophies in 4 days and you can get 8000+ points for session as long as you also do some extra things (like repairing ammo crates).
  5. Just letting you know you can do this solo as long as the match you enter has no errors. What I did was Warzone matches and all objectives. Anyways, bye bye Killzone 3
  6. Same thing. I didn't have the will to continue, I got the final scroll and deleted the game completely. I honestly think this could have been a better game, it had more potential but I don't like games that make you do certain things by perfecting jumps or moves. So if you mess up in some parts, gotta start again. By the way, the ending was kinda silly.
  7. Worst season easily. I don't expect season 4 at all since I think nothing can compare or surpass Season 1.
  8. Probably you already got it but whoever is struggling with Event Horizon 1 this is what I did: First, I put some paper in a shape of a X on my TV to mark the lasers (necessary to help you with lasers) Second, press X, X, X fast to pass the beams if you are at the bottom or Square to go down really fast. Third, when you cros sides press up immediately, this could save you for touching the lasers. And last, it's all about the spawns cause some times you did everything right but the green dots appeared too far. Good luck!
  9. NA, I guess you need to have an american account to get it. Have you checked EU ps store? Maybe it's there too...
  10. The price has been cut 50% only (would have liked 75%) and the size of the download is like 22gb. I bought the disc without knowing it was completely in japanese so this is my only chance to get the game in english. I know some of you probably got it free with playstation + so for those who didn't, you can get it now. Have a good one!
  11. Do you have physical or digital version?
  12. Have you pressed R1? If so then maybe it's related to the country... maybe.
  13. It's already Dec 23 and I just bought the kit from the littlebigplanet store. If you search it through playstation store or a website it won't be available but if you search it from your pod (in game), you will find it. I don't know if it will be removed soon so buy it now. Just in case, I am from Canada so the kit is still available here.
  14. Servers have been completely shut down. For whoever attempted to plat this on Dec... I warned you. The official webiste Killstrain, has also been shut down so all those leaderboard players well, you wasted your time. Here it is a link for upcoming closure of servers, good luck!
  15. I just recently got the platinum for this game. if you would like to get it do not attempt to do so by December 2017 since the servers will be shut down around the 2nd week of this month. There is a trophy which requires for you to do "missions" and you can only get one mission every 24 hours, therefore it is a guaranteed 10 days wait. Also, to find matches takes a long time, attempt to find some at peak hours. Another thing, you cannot find most players if you are below level 5, after you reach that level you can find more people but those are your typical "leader board wannabes" whom only play for points for free games (I know...). These players won't let you do killings, destroy base and steal your kills. They have huge advantage against you since they are high levels and you can't avoid them. They are mostly in groups so be warned. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS PLAT on December! This game was free at some point but I bought it for few bucks and wanted to get the platinum before servers closed down. If you haven't played this game, it's just a very basic and simple 3 teams RTS deathmatch where you can either be mutant, or any of the 2 human (mercenaries) teams. There is only one map and you can upgrade boosters (masteries) to get stronger. Good luck to whoever is still trying to get this plat!