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  1. Started playing this in 2011 until 2013. My memories are killing and pwing high level players XXX. There were many claiming to be good but nope, I always came up with good strategy to over come. My major record is getting 35 kills and 7 death.
  2. I still have a bad taste about Starhawk which was shut down on a Saturday (who works on saturday) and it was so sudden that when I found out about it, i only had like 3 days left.
  3. Dlc is 10% off but i'm not buying it cause i already bought like 8 dlc for this game and now this...
  4. I tried the link and tried the solutions and it didn't work. I checked on PS3 and PS4 the game is not hidden. I will try to find another solutions, maybe if I dont hide any games? Thx anyway.
  5. One game with trophies has dissapeared from my profile. The game is (i had to search all my games) is Teslagrad which is not hidden from my system. Who do i need (or what do i need to do) to solve this?
  6. I had to check on your platinums before responding. I've noticed you have played a lot of Lego games, were those platinums also luck based? So I will make it simple for you. This game is base on SKILLS and STRATEGY. The method I posted worked 90% of the time, only way to die its if you do something silly and don't pay attention on ur surroundings. Luck base games are way different than this (like those which require RNG). Anyways, don't know how much you suffered to get this but I had to try and make one simple method for those who don't have much skills and trust me, it works fine. I also used this multiple times to make sure it works so I posted it. C ya!
  7. Don't know if people are having problems getting to round 10 (like I did) but I used this method and it was really easy on first try. Here is the video (speed it up if you want):
  8. Something similar happened to me. I level up 2 characters to lvl 30 while doing the events but nothing. I had to delete everything and start again but this time I duped whatever eggs i had on me with my failed save. One thing i noticed with my 2 failed attempts is that when it glitched, there were 2 island full of eggs and I guess something went wrong in my file. Trophy unlocked on my thirds character at 205 event quest done.
  9. The date should be April 4, you put it backwards in the clock.
  10. I'm also having issues with some trophies popping even thought I have done the requirements, it's probably some patch related thing. I checked some guides and some methods doesn't work anymore. I recommend to get the disc version and then try to do most of the trophies offline and finally clearing with the patch on.
  11. Good to know that! Are those two games you mentioned also censored and uncensored games?
  12. I noticed the europe store has the FAHRENHEIT ver (2.28gb) and america store has INDIGO PROPHECY (1.28gb) I am pretty sure the europe version is the uncensored one but if I get that one then does it has trophies or not? Cause seems very weird a different version of a game will share the same trophies....
  13. Skybound surprises us and we get an episode 5 and we all excited? Like we suddenly see an Episode 5 Download notification icon in our system. Short story: In this final episode Aj is a little more grown up and so its Clementine. I want time to pass cause I want everyone to at least be with each other and feel comfortable (maybe a year). Clementine is still using crutches cause of her leg and Aj feels guilty and is always trying to get her a leg and finally he decides to wonder around and finds a place where he can get one. He finds a place and it so happens he has to get in and steal one prosthetic leg for Clem. Of course, he also finds enemies and it so happens that they are part of the group Lily was at war with. Also, an old character makes a comeback... who? Christa! Where was Christa all this time? Well, she was being captive, more like an slave and mistreated for this new group and AJ decides to help her somehow. Clementine eventually finds out about Christa and decides to rescue her along with the others. To make the episode short (2 hours max lol) At the end, AJ and Christa are about to die but the game give us the OPTION to either: A) Save AJ, B ) Save Christa, C) Sacrifice ourselves to save both or D) SAVE OURSELVES and forget everyone (for those who dont give a damn about others). I'm just saying, if I want to end Clementine's story give me the option to at least die like a hero and have full control of it because it is MY CHOICE and not because a zombie bit me and someone else has to amputate my leg. Lily can also make a final cameo like maybe showing up at the end if Clementine decides to leave everyone behind. We had the option to let Lily live in Ep 4 after all. I just want a good ending for Clementine and completely decide her fate. It would be a good end, this game is based on OUR choices right?. Flag
  14. I don't think they will finish the last 2 episodes because they are working on Minecraft for Netflix but if they do then it's gonna be a rushed game for sure. That's it, this is what they get for trying to release so many games at once with so little effort in story.
  15. I don't agree. Most games I have witnessed being shut down have always had some consideration with their community. I can clearly see whoever was in charge to shutting down the server for this game just woke up, went to the office and pulled out the plug on a Saturday morning. Usually this thing is done weekdays, like Monday morning but the redneck who did this just didn't care. I wasn't aware of the server closure at all because Sony didn't post it and I found out 2 days before the 30th. Oh well, one more one less doesn't matter.