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  1. Anyone got any thoughts of the latest that's been going on?
  2. I hated it to start with too, but with one pay per view and an episode if dynamite I actually don't reckon its that bad and kinda forget about it. Jake the Snake is so good on the mic, not surprised to see him pop up in AEW
  3. So what's people's thoughts on Cody's neck tattoo? Loved revolution, definitely interested in seeing this elite conflict go further
  4. Loved the last 2 weeks of dynamite, this week I loved the battle royale and tag champ match. Wwe fucked up with letting cody sleep away. I know there's people who don't like it but I love orange Cassidy and very interested to see where his gimmick goes
  5. Hey guys, long time psnp member who hasn't showed up much here much a few years and wrestling fan who watched wcw from 97-99 then wwe from 2004-06 but has always kept and eye on pro wrestling in between these times, glad to see a thread here as I've kept an eye on aew since its beginning, mainly because I'm a massive chris jericho fan
  6. i bet u vote nz first

    1. Simpo


      Hello  gay kiwis, been along time, I wub you

    2. A_FlyingMegaKiwi


      i bbet u broke ur bubble u unemploye looking bitch

  7. Hi all, Im live in New Zealand and am looking at starting a US account to get PS Now, does anyone know when downloaded ill be able to use it on my NZ account and if ill be able to earn trophies on thay account Cheers
  8. Anyone know how to connect a wiiremote to a samsung phone?

  9. 6 hours and 19 minutes before the temptation overwhelmed somebody...shame really

  10. 6 hours and 19 minutes before the temptation overwhelmed somebody...shame really.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Fucking Benevolent Leader, have the right settlers, food etc but wont move off 85%

    1. delboy_rules


      I have heard it takes days for it to increase. I am guessing it is a leave the playstation powered on sat in camp. Nice work devs!

    2. A_FlyingMegaKiwi


      lev jakinder andern alone

  13. I miss the old days :(

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    2. Simpo


      Haha you use to be the King. This site doesn't have the same feel to it now though and not the same lolz. Whats been happening anyway?

    3. Gotakibono


      I miss you, too, Sir. 

    4. LeeMcD-


      Come London some time and we can cuddle <3

  14. Another spammy thread created