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  1. Hi all, Im live in New Zealand and am looking at starting a US account to get PS Now, does anyone know when downloaded ill be able to use it on my NZ account and if ill be able to earn trophies on thay account Cheers
  2. Anyone know how to connect a wiiremote to a samsung phone?

  3. 6 hours and 19 minutes before the temptation overwhelmed somebody...shame really

  4. 6 hours and 19 minutes before the temptation overwhelmed somebody...shame really.

  5. I'm getting to the end of the New Vegas trophies and mainly only have grinding ones left. I was thinking of leaving the banned from all casinos one till the end. Now when I started the game I only left my Luck on 5, I can get it up to 7 with the implant but I still seem to not do very well when I had a quick go the other day (and its not because I don't know how to play Blackjack) My question is will it be quicker to keep grinding away at it with lower luck or start a new game will 10 Luck and work my way back to The Strip to do it?
  6. I've been considering picking this up after recently getting an urge to play some C&C games. How does the PS3 version compare to the PC, I'm just thinking of getting the PS3 version to pick up the odd trophy along the way. Also is the MP still fairly active?
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Fucking Benevolent Leader, have the right settlers, food etc but wont move off 85%

    1. delboy_rules


      I have heard it takes days for it to increase. I am guessing it is a leave the playstation powered on sat in camp. Nice work devs!

  9. I miss the old days :(

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    2. Simpo


      Haha you use to be the King. This site doesn't have the same feel to it now though and not the same lolz. Whats been happening anyway?

    3. Gotakibono


      I miss you, too, Sir. 

    4. mumpel


      Come London some time and we can cuddle <3

  10. Another spammy thread created
  11. Right well, Hero to the People and collecting Blast Shards are pretty much the only trophies I have left, silly me didn't really focus to much on crimes as I was playing through either times. My question is I'm at full positive karma, do I need to stick solely to good karma crimes or can I do positive and negative ones at the same time to get through them quicker? Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. Some of those threads in the off topic section are ridiculous!

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    2. Arkthur
    3. mumpel


      Simpo for mod to clean up the shit in off topic!

    4. Simpo


      Should we start a campaign?

  13. Whos writing the Fallout 4 guide?

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    2. Redgrave


      I would love to but I'm sure someone will be finished or half way done with one before I finish the game.

    3. Suicide_Tortuga


      I guess you'll have to wait than, I really don't see a problem using the guide.

    4. REDSHIRT64


      I dont see why a guide would be needed for this game tbh.. Its very straightforward

  14. Uncle AF!!!!! I miss you :(

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    2. Simpo


      More than Blink 182 thats for sure, the place isnt the same without you being a mod

    3. AlteredFormula


      So its this much then?!

      I miss my people too, I still pop in time to time, but it's a very different crowd these days. I loved being a mod here, but it just wasn't fair on Sly or the rest of the team, during my last 6 months of it I just wasn't about. this place needs to have staff that are regulars, and from what I've seen Parker & Stevie have pretty much got it locked down, their style is different to mine, but...

    4. Simpo


      Thats more like it haha.

      Yeah its definitely a different crowd, shes like the good days have gone, everyones moving onto other things. I miss yours and burkles shenanigans

  15. Create a gaming session bro, you will have more luck there
  16. 30 yr old NZ Gamer who use to live in Aussie. If you send me a FR please tell me you're from here
  17. 0/10 sorry bro don't know many people here anymore
  18. You would rather play a Telltale game than this? I feel sorry for you
  19. All Blacks vs Aussie final.... Should be a bloody cracker!

    1. FilmFanatic


      Especially when us Kiwis win!

    2. A_FlyingMegaKiwi
    3. Simpo


      Australia's not going to win...

  20. Pre-ordered Fallout 4, can't bloody wait....

    1. LadyTonberry


      I pre-ordered it in June or July can't remember xD

  21. I love those sorts of matches against South Africa, such respect between the two teams, you won't see that if we play Aussie in the final
  22. Fuck me that was intense. Now for Argentina to come up with the win
  23. Anyone online right now that needs the Passenger Takedown trophy in Far Cry 4?