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  1. AFAIK US version is 1.01, while EU is 1.00 - never got any patch for it. US version when it released had broken multiplayer which was fixed with patch 1.01.
  2. Prosperous unlocked all fine for me when boosting Troublemaker - US version.
  3. Yup, multiplayer is region locked, I have no issues connecting with both US versions of game.
  4. US and EU version of the game as you mentioned - same issue here. Unable to join the game I'll see if it's the same if versions match.
  5. It all can be very easily verified with in-game leaderboard.
  6. Can confirm.
  7. There is nothing about DEMO in receipt. I think it's just another mistake like they did with Mafia II.
  8. I remember I would just grind the kills using my PS3 - the game has cross-play.
  9. Out of curiosity - would injecting a generated SSL certificate into CFW'd PS3 allow us to decrypt the encrypted traffic? Like how you'd do with Burp Suite or Fiddler on PC. Or is it encrypted somehow differently?
  10. I've just managed to Platinum this game finally with German copy - highly recommended, makes HVT very easy compared to regular.
  11. Germany.
  12. Why wouldn't it? As long as your disc is BLES00328, it's censored German version.
  13. This happened during my playthrough of Jimmy's Vendetta DLC. Now I am unable to continue my gameplay as if I load my savestate, I'm back into the black void with dock noises. My statistics showed that I traveled "nan mi." on foot in statistics screen and map view shows me out of the map in left top corner.