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  1. Thank you guys for keeping an eye on things.
  2. I always feel a certain tension when playing a Deus Ex game for this exact reason. I dread that happening to me. Please post an update if you figure it out or have to play the game over again... I'm just starting the game myself so I can't help. I just hope I can avoid it..
  3. You guys are troopers. So now all trophies are fixed and this game is possible to 100% (DLC included), right? Damn if I start a game with an unobtainable trophy! I've heard nightmare stories about that Breach mode for a long time now... Time to get it out of the way once and for all.
  4. This topic confuses me, I feel like I just turned the wrong corner and ended up in the wrong room where a bunch of dudes are doing squats and only wearing speedos.. So.. I'mma just.. Back out.. slowly...
  5. Hey, I've tried things like this in the past. Basically, DLC needs to match the regional code for it to work. So if you has a USA region coded DLC, you need a USA region coded base game for it to recognise the DLC. They can be from different account, the main game can be on your primary account and the DLC can be on a secondary account, but both must use the same region code. My experience was owning a game on a EU account then buying a character pack DLC for it on my main USA account. The game never recognised the DLC. The Mako Crystal itself is an accessory in FF7R that according to the description, "Offers some protection against Fire, Ice, Lightning and Wind." In my estimation, it's a kinda worthless dlc that you'll deffinitely find available in-game plentifully (*most likely) as it doesn't seem especially great beyond early game, BUT you could probably sell it for a high price on E-Bay as information about it is very sparse and people are likely to overestimate what it is/what it does/what it's worth. Mes 2 cennes.
  6. Nvm did them all on my first try with a team of pros.
  7. Can someone do us all a solid and test this, to make sure we don't pop trophies for Modern Warfare?
  8. Glad to see so many people still playing this! I'm starting it too and glad to know servers are still working and stable. I had to give up on and uninstall Watch Dogs 2 after reading about the ordeal of getting the online trophies there...
  9. Yeah those were the days... >.>
  10. I personally am glad for no new trophies and I appreciate the peace of mind since the last update, Doomsday Heist, was pretty demanding trophy-wise. This time I can just enjoy the heists stress-free. I'm very satisfied, thank you R*.
  11. Savage. As for myself, trophy completion is my primary hobby, it doesn't really matter much your opinion on what I choose my hobby to be, I don't really see why you'd look down on what I enjoy occupying my spare time with. Unrelated to that, I find it a bit low when games that I've moved on from for years spring new Very High-skill level trophies on me. New trophies aren't bad themselves, but trophies that entail I'd have to grind a game for a very long period of time, or reacquire a very high level of mastery for an old game just to pull of another Mastermind-Elitist, it's a bit disappointing. As a seasoned trophy hunter, it becomes easy which trophies are designed for the playerbase's genuine entertainment and which trophies are busy-work targetted at the fraction of the playerbase who will care for that, and I don't believe those types of trophies should be retroactively added sparingly. It's easy to tell when a company is just trying to fetch the trophy hunter community by designing trophies that are way out of the way of the average player, on games that have been collecting dust for a majority of people for months or years. It is indeed up to people then to chose whether to do it or not, but it doesn't make it less disappointing and people are free to express how they feel about that. Saw you post later about people harassing forums and twitter etc. Obviously I wouldn't do that, those people are too invested evidently. But those people posing those actions doesn't take away from how I feel about this practice either.
  12. Game is on sale. Really wondering based on the info in this topic whether I should buy or pass. Is the playerbase active or scarce?
  13. Basically, can this game be 100%'d on v 1.26? (because of %&!$ Comrades)
  14. *screams in nerdrage*
  15. I've seen the info around but I haven't gotten to it myself. It was my next order of business but since I have to do NG+, why bother now lol.
  16. Oh man... I just kept stomping him. Genichiro was my doormat.
  17. I can easily provide a screenshot if you want, although I'm kinda sick of fighting Isshin xD. There's bound to be videos out there of the dialogue box with all 3 endings available. But yeah, you can totally do a 1 Playthrough Perfect Game, provided you don't mind cloud saving to repeat a few battles. EDIT!!: Nevermind. Just found out you need to do NG+ for Man Without Equal.
  18. Read my post. You really need to correct your OP. You can get the Everblossom from Hirata Owl Father, then you go to the Divine Child rice quest for Return until you get Frozen Tears. Then go kill the dragon to get Dragon Tears. Bring all that to the final Idol. Save. Backup your save to the cloud. Kill Isshin. When you kneel next to Kuro, you literally get a Dialogue Box Menu, and you can select any of the 3 endings. Reload, beat Isshin again, select next ending. Repeat.
  19. You can farm Lapis Lazuli from the female warriors in the Fountainhead Palace Grounds. Okami Warriors I think their name is. If you make 1. Save before facing Owl the first time. Get bad ending. Reload Then do everything for, get Everblossom, get Frozen Tears, get Dragon Tears. Make a Save 2 before final boss. You can do all 3 endings one after another. Just beat Isshin 3 times. Reload save 2 after each ending. You never need to go into New Game + unless you want to.
  20. Congrats on World First mate.
  21. Apparently some Green Iguanas were also found off of Guarma, in the region below near where the crab was also located. https://imgur.com/a/7FhqHc6
  22. Nymelia found a Fer-De-Lance snake around the location of the screen below. https://imgur.com/a/MmK09Es
  23. AutomaticRain says he found it in the same area the other snakes were found. https://imgur.com/a/k8ZQ6Io
  24. Reddit user AutomaticRain says he found a 4th snake native to Guarma, Fer-de-lance snake.