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  1. You're not the only one. I don't think I got past the halfway mark. This game really pushes you.
  2. Im just curious, is this required to be though the Quick Play select in Multiplayer or can custom lobbies work as well to get this trophy? Been playing for about a week and everyday I try and can't find a single quick match to join. Scheduled Events and Custom Lobby I can find players but nothing on Quick Play. *UPDATE* - Confirmed it has to be Quick Play. As long as you finish the race even if other players drop or disconnect it will still counts. Plus found out there's more active Europe players out there so if you play within their time zones then you should find more players. Good racing all around to those I've met!
  3. At the moment its the only GTA platinum I have. Still got nostalgia playing it and I played it multiple times back on PS2 mostly because it was the first big open world game I played and just loved driving around. Trying to do Vice City but its rather glitchy for me which is making a few missions annoying to play but that soundtrack. Need to go back to San Andreas. Regardless all 3 are still fun to play again.
  4. Unfortunately there's no stats of any kind like GRID did. I'd at least wish they would list how long the tracks were so you could at least calculate it that way. The only good thing is with them dropping it to 1K, completing all the career events should get you at least 60% and this is just a guess. Since it's just distance it just depends on your preference to grind the rest of the miles. Like the rubber band method on Arizona listed above for example. I decided to pick a longer track with long straightaways to maintain highspeed for a longer amount of time. So I picked the following on Arcade "Free Play" with no other racers Location - Italy (Stampede) - Foci Di Giovo - Just note this is not a rubber band and walk away method. I tend to see which vehicles I can do laps faster which gets me a little more playability out of the game. It still took me about 150-200 laps on this track for the trophy to pop and it pops after your run is finished so if your not sure how many more miles you have left. Its best to do it in sets of 5-10 laps. At least this way it saves your progress. I was averaging 8mins every 5 laps but I know a few other vehicles are a tad faster but focused on ones with a little more control. Not sure why Codemasters and other devs keep putting these overkill goals that puts you above and beyond the full gave gives you. I can see rounding it off but then adding 10x to that is excessive and unnecessary. GRID (2019) - Completed every event complete with qualifying laps and ended career with 2,300 miles. The trophy asked for 22,000 miles. WRC 6 - Completed career which was about 240 events. The trophy asked for 1,000 events and online didn't help progress since it had its own separate 50 events trophy so its 1,050 total. Also why I didn't play any later installments because I know WRC 7 had the same trophy. NHL 2K10 - (Yea old PS3 game) But play 500 games. Even with the settings set to 1min periods which took 5mins from menu back to menu. This method still takes 42 hours for one trophy. Sorry ranting a little bit but just had my fair share of grinds that I felt were a little excessive.
  5. Finally surpassed my most in a year this year which was 36. Aiming for 45. 1 - 01.04.20 - Gas Guzzlers Extreme 2 - 01.11.20 - Untitled Goose Game 3 - 02.01.20 - Mini Motor Racing X 4 - 03.04.20 - Briks Head to Head 5 - 03.07.20 - Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet (PS4) 6 - 03.07.20 - Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet (VITA) 7 - 03.19.20 - Super Destronaut: Land Wars (PS4) 8 - 03.19.20 - My Hero One’s Justice 9 - 03.21.20 - A Winter’s Daydream (PS4) 10 - 04.22.20 - Kamiko 11 - 03.31.20 - Snakeybus 12 - 04.12.20 - Construction Simulator 3 13 - 04.13.20 - Super Destronaut: Land Wars (VITA) 14 - 04.13.20 - A Winter’s Daydream (VITA) 15 - 05.01.20 - Azur Lane: Crosswave 16 - 05.03.20 - One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows 17 - 05.04.20 - Epic Word Search Collection 18 - 05.10.20 - Doom Eternal 19 - 05.10.20 - Late Shift 20 - 05.10.20 - Maze 21 - 05.17.20 - Grim Fandango 22 - 05.19.20 - Concept Destruction 23 - 06.14.20 - Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing 24 - 06.22.20 - House Flipper 25 - 06.23.20 - GRID 26 - 06.24.20 - Maneater 27 - 07.15.20 - Gun Crazy 28 - 07.15.20 - Saints Row: The Third Remastered 29 - 07.21.20 - Ghost of Tsushima 30 - 07.30.20 - Truck Driver 31 - 08.21.20 - Need for Speed Heat 32 - 08.22.20 - Kawaii Deathu Desu 33 - 08.26.20 - Road Bustle 34 - 09.04.20 - Kandagawa Jet Girls 35 - 09.24.20 - Cat Quest 2 36 - 09.29.20 - Birthday Of Midnight 37 - 10.06.20 - Glass Masquerade 38 - 10.06.20 - Donut Break 39 - 10.20.20 - Mortal Kombat 11 40 - 10.31.20 - The Last of Us Part 2 (Also Plat #300) 41 - 10.31.20 - Monster Truck Championship 42 - 11.05.20 - Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions 43 - 11.20.20 - Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered 44 - 11.29.20 - Dirt 5 45 - 12.11.20 - Project Cars 3 46 - 12.18.20 - Astro's Playroom 47 - 12.28.20 - Shooty Fruity (Squeaked out one last one)
  6. Most fun platinums: 1 - Brutal Legend 2 - Gravity Rush (Vita Version) 3 - Ghost of Tsushima Most grindy platinums: 1 - GRID (2019) 2 - J-STARS Victory VS+ 3 - NHL 2K10 Highest skill based platinums: 1 - Gran Turismo 6 2 - DRIVECLUB 3 - Hatsune Miku Project Diva F & F 2nd Most boring / tedious platinums I earned: 1 - Fuel 2 - WRC 6 3 - Agents of Mayhem Platinums that I did not achieve, but wanted: 1 - Battlefield Bad Company 2 2 - Smart As 3 - Mercenaries 2
  7. Personal opinion, the Burnout Paradise was a hit, then the return of Hot Pursuit was a hit. I liked Most Wanted since it had a cool mechanic where you just had to find the cars in the open world to drive them but that one has a really small world to drive in if I remember correctly. You could circle the entire map in 5 minutes. Rivals is not dated enough to earn a remaster plus even though the gameplay was fun the storyline was bad. Again my opinion. After playing the remasters for Burnout Paradise and Hot Pursuit they still hold their nostalgic value to me and was worth it to play them again. It just mainly depends if they made a profit back then to constitute the time and money for a remaster. Is the fanbase there? Maybe, time will tell. Im a sucker for driving games so if they make them, I'll play them!
  8. I just got this trophy and I did touch a single billboard. Heres what I did - Go to this Event - National League > 2nd Event "Dirty Truck Race" - When you get to the last event "Destruction" just hit the following objects once. The tricky thing are the cars. just go slow to make sure you hit all of them. You get extra time for smashing objects so you should have plenty of time to hit everything > Smash all 8 toilet stands > Crush all 26 cars > Hit all 24 cone poles > Crush all 8 motorhomes The trophy should pop when the event is over when you go back to the career menu. I don't think these trophies will pop in single events outside of career mode because I tried that which I gave myself the max time allowed and the trophy didn't pop but did the same thing in the event stage just with more restricted time and it popped. Also since I just got it. If you're having issues with "Old School Driver" it needs to be done in a race. Drag Races don't count which i've been trying. The trophy popped for me after winning one race in an event. Not when the event ends just that single race so just pick one of the easier races and you can stay in 3rd gear most of the race if your truck is upgraded enough.
  9. Not bad, 61 to 624
  10. It's a really condensed list this time. But agreed, the 2 ones to look at are Superstardom and Spare Some Change for Gas? I don't mind milage grinds if the game has enough content to keep playing. It's never fun grinding the same race or running circles for days on end. I did that for GRID not too long ago and not really in the mood to do it again. Completing all career events and only getting just over 2k when you need 24k. I don't know why Devs just don't round off. It all depends on this one. If you get let's say 7k in miles at the end of career then grinding the last 3 is no problem.
  11. It's all fictional looking at reviewers gameplay. Just hope there's enough online to get those 2 online trophies.
  12. The details are really nice. Almost wanted to get this one. Im still waiting for my Atago (Swimsuit ver.), Takao (Swimsuit ver.) and Ayanami retrofit figures to ship.
  13. Good to know! I tried the 4 console setup on Driver San Fransisco but it kicked every player not trying to race.
  14. 400 matches!! I can't get into one. Its not worth the time in my mind. I know this game wasn't worth $60 thats for sure. If it was priced at $30 then it would be reasonable and may have more online. Now if they designed online to have "X" amount of players and then fill the lobby with bots then it would be more reasonable but a required 9 players to get a match started. I'd help boost online but Im not down spending days to grind a trophy. I've done that way too much already. Curious, do you have 4 people playing or are 3 sitting idle? If sitting idle do any of them get kicked for not participating? Or do you rubber band the gas so at least the cars are moving.
  15. I've been back into the game for the last few weeks but the crew Im in seems to be mostly inactive and we just past lvl 46 so not sure if anyone wants to jump in or I can jump into another crew to help get to lvl 50. I just have a few trophies left before the only thing left is to grind XP for the crew. Can only leaders accept requests to a crew? I was already part of this crew but Im not the leader of it.