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  1. @AllErased Congrats! You did what I thought was impossible but never really thought of using the prizes in such a way. But man, its just a pain to get the high scores on some of these games. Guess I'll have to give it another try.
  2. I reloaded with all 3 and the trophy popped after I hit all the targets. I didn't realize until after I got it, it said to not reload. If its a bug I'd take advantage of it.
  3. In my case, I did the gadgets while trying to get the wins in story mode so yes leave gadgets on if you still need them.
  4. I did a story race between the 3 over 50 times and it didn't unlock. It only works in split-screen mode when you have all 4 racers (I did it with 3 AI opponents). Just up the races to 7 as each race counts and the fastest course is the very first track you did in season 1. The Desert run which only takes about 40-45 seconds. I did 50 for each person and all popped when I hit the 50th win. Takes a little over an hour per racer if you do it in one sitting. Turn Gadgets off to save a few seconds from being hit by texts You'd have to do 7 - 7 race rounds = 49 and then just do 1 to get the 50
  5. Trophies are fairly easy and Hard Ai isn't too hard but can still create a challenge on some of the games. For me the hardest or most challenging trophies are COSMIC STRIKE: PERFECT GAME - Bowling 12 strikes in a row is challenging. POST MASTER: THE LONG RUN - Very difficult to get to the 6th round using Ai only even if they are set to Hard.Ai is really bad at this game. This will be much easier if you have at least 1 other player helping because the furthest poles from you are hardest to get. BATTLE BALLOONS: 3 IN ONE BLOW - Can be challenging against the Ai but much easier if you have 4 players to help set up. SUPERNOVA: WHITE DWARF - This one is kind of that 1 lucky run. Your barely given enough time and the white dwarf explode fast. It may take a few runs to get it. Other than those the rest are pretty easy even when you have 3 other controllers hooked up.
  6. A bit late I know but wanted to still get my 2 cents in here. There came a point where I stopped pre-ordering. A good chuck of games today usually have a Limited Edition or Day 1 edition well after launch. I got the launch edition of Final Fantasy XV well after a year it launched for $30 and this wasn't ebay but a retail store. GameStop burned me quite a few times on pre-order extras like an extra kick pedal for Guitar Hero Metallica to only have 2 total in stock when the game launched. So it was a stupid way just to entice pre-orders if not everyone will get the extra item. Same exact thing for one of the Dragonball games that came with a steel book but only if pre-ordered from GameStop. But again, they had such a low inventory of them that not all people who pre-ordered would get it. Amazon was the best place to pre-order for a while until recently this year. They actually gave prime members a 20% discount of retail price including special/collectors editions. That was great getting a $60 game for about $40. For Forza Motorsports 7, I was going to pre-order to get the exclusive car but instead I pre-orderd from Amazon and payed about $25-$30 less than I would of at GameStop and get no guarantee I would get the exclusive hot wheel sized car. But Amazon changed that perk earlier this year to a different promotion and its not as good as the discount was. Lastly, when games entice access to extra content, it feels better if you only get that item if you pre-order like the in-game guitar for Brutal Legend or those unique items for Infamous 2 and Ratchet and Clank if you pre-ordered at 1 of 4 specific retailers. Most games today will usually have special pre-order items come out as DLC to purchase for all to buy so now it doesn't feel as special or unique, you just got to use it a little early and didn't really need to pre-order it.
  7. Well I do have 32% myself but don’t know what I did. I spent hours after getting everything else redoing jobs a couldn’t find any that raised it over 32%. I even started a new profile and as soon as I unlocked the compactor I tried the tutorial test and the percent did it go up from 0. I even did 25 tutorials in a row and Rolling Pin didn’t unlock. if all the others worked for this method and this one doesn’t then I find it as a bug. Hopefully the devs will respond with a patch.
  8. So from what I found out. Flatting jobs is bugged. Seeing the image it should be the Compactor but no matter how many jobs I did the percent doesn't go up. I even tried different machines with similar jobs and still can't get the percent to go up. I sent this concern to the publisher and got a reply saying they forward it to the developers so we may have to end up waiting for a update patch to get that trophy. Assuming the tracked vehicles are the excavators and bulldozers and maybe the milling machine. If your going for the "Track King" trophy you could get it naturally by doing jobs but if you want it quicker, I just took the smaller bulldozer and drove around the map until it unlocked. Theres a pop up that says you can't drive that here but nothing happens. Its also the fastest of the tracked vehicles. Jobs that have multiple steps using multiple machines it should count towards all of them involved in the job. *BUT* I found an extremely quicker way to complete jobs. Doing tutorials counts towards overall jobs completed so you don't need to do full jobs. Some tutorials like the concrete truck takes about 1 minute per tutorial job. Just keep repeating and it will unlock. Same goes for Excavators, Cranes and the asphalt paving machine. Only do this when you have 10 million in your current bank as tutorials don't give you any money. After you get 10 million theres no need for many and that money will buy every vehicle and still have money left over so just buy the vehicles you want/need for main jobs and wait to buy 40 till the end. Quicker to go for the higher profit jobs.
  9. If you mean the Vehicle Hall, you can cycle through your owned vehicles by hitting L1 or R1. When you unlock Wear Skills you vehicles will repair automatically when stored. The Workshop can be purchased in your home base in each town. I'm not 100% but buying one in each town increases the speed of repairs but not sure if they overlap. So buying 1 would be 5% so buying 4 be 20%. Not sure but either way, it doesn't cost too much if you manually repair them.
  10. It doesn't add to your overall finances, it just shows how much you made during your jobs for that duration and then your expenses and it takes out those expenses right after the report so turning it to 90 minutes is better. When you buy all the property and perks it will take out about 200K per duration. I had it set to 60 and it was taking money away quick because I was doing longer jobs and wasn't getting money in fast enough. I never had to borrow from the bank so don't worry about those.
  11. The last few are placed in the weirdest places, some in the middle of nowhere so you really have to explore every inch of the entire map. In the last town (Northridge) they placed some high up in the buildings which you can't see using the triangle view. I would anytime your in that view is just tap L1 or R1, sometimes it picks up a medal you didn't see. Oh yeah, try and find the UFO.
  12. I was playing last night since I've been curious of this title. It is very slow but needs to be since you need to pick the right paths. The camera setup will take a bit getting used to but its rewarding when you get though certain obstacles. The winch is your friend and will be used quite a bit to get out of certain situations. Certainly worth a play if your into driving games. So far theres no timer so you can take your time but I've only played the first few challenges and the first mission at this point.
  13. Not 100% While I was using one I got the Melee trophy so its hard to tell. I would suggest using the dolphin since he's pretty much a auto target assault cannon. Maxed at 10 he's pretty good on low health opponents.
  14. Check out the guide created for this game. Does a really good job explaining each trophy and its requirements.
  15. Good news, Patch 1.04 fixes the All Agent Vehicles trophy. So if you already have all the vehicles, just install the 1.04 patch and start the game. The trophy unlocked for me before even loading into the ARK.