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  1. Even with all these tips, still can't do it. Man I really suck.
  2. I read the cheat book and yeah still suck. I also saw on a Japanese site that they were frustrated too and used a tissue over the D-pad, also tried that but ugh. I seriously wish I could just use the analog.
  3. Yeah...I suck at fighting games. Guess I will never get this, I've been trying all day. Thanks though.
  4. I am about to lose my mind...why is the game Power Intuition so hard? The arrows won't stay lit at all, I can't even get past the first one. What am I doing wrong? It's like it wants me to hold all them at once which is some bull.
  5. I got Futaba's 250 lines near the end of my playhrough on easy. And still don't have the Rise one for P4G lol.
  6. I FINALLY GOT IT! I tried 50 times which I guess eventually I finally got fast enough, did the duck and key part perfectly but still didn't pop. Then I turned off the internet tried again and it popped! You just got to get real good at being quick, also walking backwards out of the space where the attic key is sped it up a little. But I don't know if the offline and online thing really matters but it worked haha.
  7. Tried all this. I give up, I guess I am just too damn slow.