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  1. I finally got Ghost Signal on my Curator's cut playthrough. Yay finally the platinum! Thanks everyone!
  2. Same, I get them to hate each other but can't seem to get Eric to ignore it 😩
  3. Thank you so much @KCF392 I started from chapter select and gave the stake to Nick, failed the QTEs from Joey and Eric killed him. Paused, went into the menu, and even quit the game but FINALLY got Let me have a go! ETA: I guess it doesn't count when Jason stakes him because that kills him instead of the UV light maybe.
  4. Omg so the reason I'm not getting it is because of Jason using the stake?! Thank you I will try this!
  5. Thanks, I'll try again haha
  6. I'm on PS5 and have reloaded that chapter a bunch of times and played again without leaving the game or going to the menu and it still won't pop for me! 😭
  7. I just finished with Rachel as the last one standing in the finale and it didn't unlock Final Girl ugh. I got this to pop randomly while they were climbing out at the end and Nick and Salim were both injured....made no sense to pop lol.
  8. UV one is glitching for me too and won't pop
  9. A decade later and I still don't have this trophy 😩
  10. I've been farming them on the way to the Cathedral in Cinder. There's a golem thing that casts High Tremor and it's easy to parry and the whole party does it so I hope that counts as three each time haha. It did glitch though when the parry killed him so I make sure to kill him before that happens. ETA: I got bored of farming and started a second playthrough and played normally, I popped this trophy at Rainbow Lake.
  11. It didn't pop for me either. ETA: Just got it on my second playthrough after making the key tiny.
  12. How did you know where they glitched out? I tried going back to my save right before the attic and the cards are still missing. I really don't want to play all over again.
  13. I found the signs in the new dream sequences but there was no I'm guessing there is a bug? I'm stuck at 73/76 as well.
  14. Even with all these tips, still can't do it. Man I really suck.
  15. I read the cheat book and yeah still suck. I also saw on a Japanese site that they were frustrated too and used a tissue over the D-pad, also tried that but ugh. I seriously wish I could just use the analog.