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  1. Yeah I had downloaded the pass to give access to hitman 2 levels as i already owned it on ps4. However I didn’t unlock a single trophy in hitman 2 on ps4. I only owned it. Don’t think I ever played it. Also I did unlock the story mission trophy today for the Dubai level but no others afterwards so I’m confused. It had fully downloaded hitman 2 on Sunday too i guess they can fix this in a patch? Will it affect anymore levels and trophies unlocking on those?
  2. This game seems to have glitchy trophies. Only played through the Dubai mission and I should have unlocked 3 trophies. The banana peel one, discovering all areas, treacherous architect all still remain locked even though they show as complete in the game’s menu. I beat the mission again and they still didn’t unlock after being recorded as done in the game menu. Wtf?
  3. How do I set this to public on ps5 so sites like this can track them? I dunno what happened when I switched from ps4 as they were public but now they are private but I’ve gone into the ps5 privacy settings and have no idea where the option to show them public is. I don’t even remember changing it either?
  4. In terms of content and length how long are we looking? Is it meaty and lots to do and at least 80hrs to get the platinum? should I start on hardcore straight away and keep backing up just in case I die? any fun classes or builds ?
  5. Yes it was about heroes trials. Lol. How do you change elements on the weapon for the girl.
  6. Got to trial 3 went to cave and tried hitting the crystal with the girls wand to open the first gate but nothing happens. Tried with the man too and nothing. Game sucks how can this happen and go through without testing. I restarted the game from scratch and same thing. Wtf ? Waste of time. Awful game too.
  7. How do you stop it from updating using a disc version? I don’t get how people are doing this without auto updating unless they disconnect from internet completely? But then the PS4 is just a brick. Is there any other way? Also if I accidently updated will my old 1.0 save work if it changed to 1.03 with update and I uninstalled the game and went back to 1.00?
  8. I agree going through it still act one at the moment with 60 hours done. Still at act one and it’s amazing.
  9. Are you guys playing Deadly Obession on first playthrough? Is it fun or just frustrating if you don’t do it in new game plus?
  10. Where do I get this one?
  11. I rescued everyone including Princess, and the list is all crossed off in the house. Nothing no trophy. This game is glitched like crazy.
  12. If you preorder you can play the first act now. Will I unlock trophies?
  13. I’m confused with all the saving and password usage in these games. To make it as easy as possible what passwords can I use in each game that won’t void trophies? like can I get full health and energy tanks etc using passwords and go straight to the last area with full health and collectibles and still select the stages with trophies tied to them afterwards? i only beat X1 so far and got all the trophies legit except zero’s arm but didn’t use any passwords at all except for the arm but feel like it took a lot longer as a result. Is there a faster method?
  14. Thanks for these. I know the video is good but is there a text version? I mean there’s collectibles but aren’t there a ton of other missable non collectible related trophies? I wish I could just look at a text guide following a path through the game with all collectibles as well as the missable trophies related to decision and combat and other stuff. I cant really get on with really long videos as I’m watching the video just as much as playing the game which would basically double the time I’d spend playing the game in total. With text guides I can just quickly refer to exact parts if you know what I mean.
  15. Like I’d like to play the game and get most of the trophies. Is there a text guide somewhere to follow to do this? Looking at the roadmap there’s so many collectibles and other stuff to keep track of it’s easy to miss stuff. Is there a guide that follows a set order so you won’t miss anything or do as much as you can in one playthrough?