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  1. Think Im gonna give it a go soon as well. I got it for free when I bought a new headset for the Ps4 but have waited for them to fix the main issues
  2. Yea it seem pretty easy, some people already got the platinum I havent had the chance to complete it myself, life got in the way, gonna try it this weekend tho Feels like these kind of games always will get mixed reviews Yea its really stupid that people cannot buy the theme, it really looks great. Hope they add it later Dang man, that sucks And its really stupid when games got trophies where you need to find all collectibles but dont track in which level you have missed one. Sorry for your lost seagull
  3. This little gem of a game just released. Got an amazing theme with it. Around 20 dollars. The trophies dont seem to be that hard at all. Always a little problem when a game ask you to find every collectible but in this case I cant see they would be any problem. The bottles float in the air and are easy to spot. And when you get kinda close to a bird there is a mark to shoo it away. The game looks amazing, its weird, its creepy. The voice acting is the only thing I got a problem with so far, its a bit silly compared to the rest of the game. I would have wanted a bigger boat tho, this small one freak me out
  4. Yea they suddenly changed it without really giving any reason. I already own Detroit but doubt I would play PES alot as I already own Fifa. But great for people who havent played the excellent Detroit
  5. My Name is Mayo, tapping that jar 10000 was not easy at all.
  6. Sweden is still up... nah just kidding, down here as well 😟
  7. Have you been playing it on Ps4, if so, whats the trophy situation, platinum?
  8. Hehe yea, is that why they dont mention it at any of the Playstations blogs or at the official Playstation facebook groups Dont know if Im gonna get it, seem fun but the backlog is huge.Gotta finish Shadow of the Tomb Raider, AC Odyssey dlc and Read Dead Redemption 2
  9. It released today, at least in the Swedish store Around 40 dollar, 35-36 dollar with plus discount.
  10. What the actual **** , why? Replace trophies, are they removing Terrorist Hunt and Situations or what is going on?
  11. Devolver Digital didnt show many games during their E3 Show but this was one of the trailers I smiled most at, it looks like alot of fun with friends. Set to release in 2020. As they describe it on their site: "Ultimate Knockout flings hordes of contestants together online in a mad dash through round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains!"
  12. I like the gameplay in all those
  13. I really liked this game, played it for a couple of hours last night at release. Got the 6 minute one kinda easy and Im gonna go for 4 minutes some day as well Most of the trophies are for switching all of the blocks into color, which you do by jumping on them. The 33 % trophy mean you gotta finish the game (walking over the red laser thingy) without touching alot of the platforms. If you go to the menu you can see how far you have come. Jump in the water alot and try to find the shortest way to each laser and jump on as few platforms as possible. I got that on the first try when going for the trophy.
  14. Maybe test out Ps Now a few months and see if its for you I have tested it and it work great for me, I got a great internet connection. I also have a Ps3 but dont play much at all on it