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  1. We need more people sharing their collections
  2. Looks like its set to 30 dollar in the US store. In the EU store I cant see it yet. I collect space games, I wanna have them all and then played them when I get that space exploration feeling. At the same time I always feel like watching The Martian and some of the Alien movies
  3. Finally unlocked some more colors for the truck. And I put a Tallneck from Horizon Zero Dawn next to a generator.
  4. Hehe I would play it if it cost around 5-8 dollar
  5. I have never felt like this after the first hour of a game. This is something completely new. The graphics, the smoothness of the movement. The UI. The babies. And the story upon all that. This is too good.
  6. Well, the way I see it is that its been some years, notice the back of his head when he drive the last times. So he is living in the past. Thats how I see it
  7. My hype is reaching a critical level. Does anyone know how to make time go faster?
  8. Not a silly question at all No real money purchase options in this game yet. You get points by completing missions, with those points you can unlock cards and build your decks. And I havent played alot yet and still got alot of points to unlock cards I wanted. There are a button in the menu named expansions, but there are nothing there yet. Maybe they will release extra content later for money and they might contain new cards.
  9. The game is out.... again...
  10. Oh thanks. was thinking about buying it but will wait. Hope you get the patch asap so you can enjoy the game
  11. Think its gonna be 35-40 dollar
  12. To Bee or not to be 🐝
  13. November 14