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  1. People play it cause they dont find it to be as bad as you describe it. Long time since I played a match but never experienced what you describe. Was smooth for me.
  2. Most people liked that game
  4. CDPR is such a disgusting company. First they refuse to give out console versions so people will keep their pre-orders. Then they dont allow the critics to show own gameplay footage. And after that they promise everyone a full refund without checking if its possible, so people will get mad at Sony instead of the polish crapcompany who made a broken piece of shit game. And on top of that they first promise the dev team that nobody will be forced to work overtime to finish the game. Then they force people to work overtime to finish a game they delayed 3 times already. I had my doubts from day one and it sucks I was right. Not getting this anytime soon.
  5. I does not take that long to level up, come on guys I play some matches per day to do the challenges, usually level up 1 or 2 times during the process, depending on the challenge. This will not take alot of time. And its a fun game
  6. Of course there is reason to worry. Only PC reviews out, not a single one for console? No own gameplay from any critic, from what I have seen in reviews they can only show the developers own gameplay. This is very concerning in my world. We will see, Im in no rush to play this
  7. Opened the EA Play app and saw that they have put this as a "member special". Downloaded it, seem to work fine. I could not access it thru the app tho, but when I searched for it in the store, I could download it for free. Awesome
  8. I play games as the developers want me to play them, its their vision
  9. I dont get it, why buy it if you dont have a Ps5. When you do get a Ps5 you will get access to the games. This is not a temporary thing. They have even said they will add more games later on.
  10. Pretty sure it not free-to-play. You can pre-purchase it on Steam for 15-20 dollar. Very different Worms game since its real time and not turn-based. I played the beta, lots of fun
  11. Im really impressed, thanks for doing this
  12. Valerie get things done
  13. Got mine delivered today, small package right to the door. Took just over two weeks, Im impressed.
  14. People like you are funny, you write that you are "leaving the thread" like some kind of statement. Just to come back and keep trying to get your messed up message along. It doesnt matter if you think you are more of a gamer than others. Its your behaviour that makes you a pathetic person.