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  1. So we actually have a bunch of idiots making fun of someone making a guide. Wow, talk about pathetic people
  2. Not sure I wanna be followed in VR, sounds scary. And whats with the Harry Potter glasses 🤓
  3. Since you dont even have the trophy for beating the first boss, yes it does sound like trolling
  4. Well that could be said about any collection. The only one who care is the one adding the games and getting the plats, not matter what games they play I had no idea if this had a plat or not when I bought it, it was such a weird price I had to see what it was and I did enjoy it for 3 minutes. Worth it, absolutely
  5. So, can we put the posts of whining kids who complain about what other people play into a sub section so I dont have to read it?
  6. This game actually won the BAFTA Games Award for Game Beyond Entertainment, in 2019, think it came out on PC in 2018. So its probably a pretty special game. Got it right away, gonna play it when I need something different
  7. Catch a ball, press it exactly at the right time, works around 50 % of the time. Its like the game doesnt understand that its an incoming ball on the way. Hope they fix it, right now its silly fun but with multiple balls in the matches, gameplay gotta be tight.
  8. Bought something on most sales the past 6 months but this time I couldnt find anything. Still waiting for that huge sale on Bus Simulator, not sure why I wanna play it, seem relaxing. And it will have to due until we get a proper Truck Simulator on Playstation
  9. Didnt check that at all , sorry, dont know
  10. May 6 is the date, so its coming this thursday
  11. No, didnt need to delete save files, it was done in 3 sittings. The safe I had to do in one sitting, had 2 done but when I played the next day they were gone in the stats
  12. I actually got world traveler today and it was not in one sitting. Maybe I got lucky I dont know, but hopefully it work smoother for everyone from now on
  13. I got it today, didnt get them all in the same sitting. Hope it works better for everyone now
  14. Lol, you guys are hilarious. More than half of these are either not true or doesnt have anything to do with him. Grow up. And please dont get a Ps5, go be a gamepass circus clown instead. You sure argue like they do.