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  1. Think they said there will be no new console info
  2. Well you could do that, or you could pay 25 dollar for a year, if you are actually interested in the games. If you are not, its kinda weird that you are commenting
  3. So, from right now this game is avaliable to play thru the EA Access Vault.
  4. Looks like a fun game
  5. Of course not, most people whining have not even played the game. Thats the internet in 2019, people love to hate, one person write something and the rest just follow like... .Well I will not say like what, but people with working brains can figure it out
  6. Tweeted Fantasy Flight Interactive and asked them why it got removed. "Hi, we apologize for this delay and about the removal of the PlayStation 4. New consoles release is plan for Autumn 2019, Stay tuned!" I got it the second it released and have been playing. It works great even if its difficult. But that could just be me not being used to card games
  7. I got way to many games going at once which make it hard to finish any and to decide what to play. So I thought I would try to schedule my gaming for days when I dont have other things planned. Gonna start tomorrow and the schedule so far looks like this. 10.00-12.00: Lord of the Rings Card Game 12.00: Lunch 13.00-15.00: Need For Speed Payback 15.00-16.00: Blindfold 16.00: Walk & Coffee 17.00-19.00: Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta 19.00-21.00: Man of Medan 21.00: Food & Movie 23.00-01.00: Figure I would leave the last one empty and see where the energy is at. Have you guys tried anything nerdy like this?
  8. No idea, thats really weird. I bought it the second they released it and its no problem to play it, played it an hour ago. But I dont see it in the store anymore either.
  9. I bought it the second it released at midnight . Only played an hour before sleep but I really liked it. Great price, great tutorial (since Im not used to card games) , good voice acting and the story part seem interesting. And it says in the menu that they will add multiplayer "soon".
  10. Played the first hour yesterday, liked it alot. I havent played many cards games so cant really compare but I like the voices and the story seem interesting Gonna keep playing later
  11. Great story and well done
  12. Shared story you play with a friend online, movie night mode you play local coop in the couch with up to 4 people.
  13. Up to 5 people I think, but it should work with 2 as well, would be weird if it didnt Update: What I just read is that if you are 2 people playing, you choose several characters to control. So if its up to 5 characters I guess you pick 3 and your friend 2, and then you control them when their scenes pop up
  14. Im so hyped for this
  15. oh I think they took the story in a great direction And yes, very very pretty