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  1. Really glad Im not a part of the adhd generation and can actually play a slowly paced game without being bored. Gotta suck not to be able to do that, missing alot of great gameplay. Loving it so far.
  2. I need this for the collection
  3. Around 30 dollar
  4. This looks like alot of fun
  5. YES, come on baby, woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  6. They are early with putting it into the vault this year. Fifa 19 was put in the vault one month before Fifa 20 came out. Great news for us with EA Access
  7. I dont follow, they put it on sale and after that you couldnt get 2 trophies? Why?
  8. Well then turn the screen shake off. Damn you guys really have to whine about stuff you can actually remove. Yawn No problem with hit detection for me. I get why you guys complain, not gonna write it here, but its hilarious
  9. Its not dead, usually take only seconds to find a match. Battle Royale can take a couple of minutes to get into but its well alive, having lots of fun with it
  10. The Overpass price is insane. Not in Sweden of course, dang. Got it from the library for a week and had alot of fun. That price is a steal
  11. Oh this is a late answer, just got the game. Its like that yes. You have these different character who are good at different things and you gotta performs tasks to keep warm, get to new locations at the base and find food. You gotta keep an eye on the mood, how tired they are, hungry. Just played thru my first attempt on the challenge mode, died kinda quickly but really liked it
  12. Yea "Ganbare Super Strikers" but thats only if you like sport and turnbased games "Gravity Duck" was fun but thats actually really short. "Hoggy 2" remind alot of Gravity Duck but is a bit longer. "Legend of the Skyfish" got alot of levels , really liked the vita version of that. "Deep Space Rush" was fun. "Mekorama" is one of my favourite Ratalaika games but the Vita version was a bit laggy in some of the levels. Many of these are on sale now.
  13. I care about this discussion because its hilarious. I couldnt care less what games other people play
  14. I just love how much people care about what others play. They rage on about low self esteem, pathetic and so on. Humans who actually call others things like that because of what games they play. WOW, cant sink much lower. Its fantastic entertainment, keep the hate flowing, I having a great laugh
  15. Only, no, I want the Vita versions for the bus and train. And "Ganbare! Super Strikers" because its alot of fun and reminded me of "Tecmo Cup" on NES But several of them were pure trash, sure. Didnt cost alot of money to find that out tho Lol, what an idiot, thats actually hilarious. Imagine being a person that care that much about what other people play. 😄 You do realize alot of these games are longer than 15 minutes right? You get the plat after 15 in many of them sure, but when you have got it , you are often not even close to the middle of the game. Thats kinda stupid but people seem to assume all of the games are short.