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  1. Lol, you guys are hilarious. More than half of these are either not true or doesnt have anything to do with him. Grow up. And please dont get a Ps5, go be a gamepass circus clown instead. You sure argue like they do.
  2. Just checked the Ea Play Spotlight site and it state that Fifa 21 is coming to The Play List in May. NHL 21 is coming April 12 so maybe sometime in the middle of May for Fifa. I only play a couple of times per month with a buddy, we play some drafts together. Will be fun to try this
  3. But you havent even played it? I find this fact a bit too often. Someone write that it does not deserve the awards, and most of these times, the person who write it have not played the game. Fascinating
  4. Oh thanks, had not seen that site before. But It Takes Two on EA Play Pro, so not Ps4 then I guess. But it is weird that they label the games as "Ea Play" if they just mean the 10 % discount. But thanks for clearing stuff up
  5. Was looking up this game cause a friend got it. First I checked in the EA Play app, where its not avaliable. Then I searched for it in the Ps Store. EA Play comes up both when you search for the game, and on the info about the game. It does not have a 10 h trial. So whats going on. Is it a mistake or is it about to be added? For a second there I thought that it is cause it got a discount if you have EA Play but this blue label is not shown on NFS Heat, and that is on EA Play. Im so confused.
  6. Are people being serious in here, WORST GAME YOU PLAYED, Uncharted , Assassins Creed, Life is Strange, Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption 2, Days Gone ????! Come the frick on people. If these are the worst games you have played, you need to play more games
  7. Yet you only have 5 trophies total from one of the games. Some people just cant help themself from being hilarious
  8. "Bicycle, bicycle, bicycleI want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycleI want to ride my bicycleI want to ride my bikeI want to ride my bicycleI want to ride it where I like"
  9. Well, its pretty clear in that link that they are to be re-organized, so it will hopefully be even better in the future
  10. Cool, thanks , then it does sound official Been wanting to play Final Fantasy VII Remake
  11. Hehe yeah, except the official accounts? Just wonder where they get that picture from. Im sure its true , but for me its "confirmed" once any official account show it
  12. Cool, but where did you find that? Im checking twitter, the site, the blog, nothing new about Ps Plus
  13. Confirmed where, by whom?
  14. This is actually the Mars region. The Perseverance Rover took a Ps4 on the trip to Mars and is playing in the evenings
  15. For those who have not yet discovered "Plat Prices", go check it out, its amazing for these kind of sales, compare prices, check if the games have platinum, how easy the plat is, how long time it take, check price development on games, make wishlists, etc etc etc