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  1. Fascinating how the people answering no dont seem to have played the game at all and the people saying yes have actually played it. Hmm, who would you listen to 😄
  2. Omg this list is so boring, I dont get it. How does this even work, do the developer apply to get a platinum for the game, anyone know the procedure?
  3. Same here, play alot of Everybodys Golf on my Ps Vita Hope this will work for you, feels like a game that is perfect for VR, Im so hyped 😍
  4. That would be cool, maybe jump between them as in GTA V
  5. I had this wish for so long about a game with Nathan Drake and Lara Croft. I saw them bumping into each other on a hunt for some treasure and really hitting it off. I think I actually wrote about it at a Naughty Dog forum but cant remember all the details It could be a trilogy where they meet and in the end work together in the first game. In the second game they are living together, they had a baby. Someone of Nathan & Lara get kidnapped and in the end they find out that he or she is dead. In the final game you play as the kid, now grown up having learned alot from mom and dad and sets off on a journey to find out what happened and if he/she is actually dead. Which game characters would you like to see work together or against each other in a game? Dont worry about the companies and licences and all that, its just for fun
  6. Many whine about this game as well, lol, well that just show they dont actually watch any gameplay or read what the games is about before they complain. Thanks, you just made a fool of yourself 😄 Just play whatever you wanna play and stop crying about everything
  7. Adding 2 trailers: Announcement Trailer and Extended Gameplay
  8. Oh sweet mother of gaming hype this looks great. Tomb Raider - Ghost Recon edition, Im loving it 😀
  9. Looks fun, nice trophylist and a cheap game ☺️
  10. Shakedown Hawaii, so weird it doesnt have a platinum 😱
  11. I will only use Playstation games for my list A - Assassin´s Creed Odyssey (This game keep surprising me, its not following the old formula exactly but it dont have to. It tweeks it and I love it. And the dlc content is epic) B - Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (The pleasure of blowing up a building with +4 enemies in it is hard to match, even today) C - Catherine D - Detroit - Become Human E - Everybody´s Golf (Ps Vita) F - Firewatch G - GTA V (Ps4) H - Horizon Zero Dawn I - Inside J - Journey (Ps4) K - Killzone 2 L - L.A Noire (Ps4) M - Mad Max N - No Man´s Sky (Many may hate it, I didnt and I sure dont do it now after great updates) O - Old Man´s Journey (Actually played this on the phone first, have not yet found time to finish the Ps4 version) P - Portal 2 Q - Quantum Theory R - Red Dead Redemption S - Shadow of the Colossus (Ps2/Ps3/Ps4) T - The Last of Us U - Uncharted 2 (Great single player adventure and the multiplayer had me hooked for months) V - Valiant Hearts W - Watch_Dogs X - XCOM - Enemy Within Y - Yoku´s Island Express Z - Zen Pinball 2
  12. No problem for me this far today, have played a couple of hours.
  13. Oh, this is them, cool, didnt know that. Saw the trailer and liked it. I like weird indiegames Too bad its not coming for Vita as it seems. I enjoy my Ratalaika on the bus
  14. I just got this and it look really cool. Alot of creators share their created stuff for you to use. So you dont have to make a wizard with movement and all from scratch, you can use someone elses wizard if you like and create a game with the wizard in it. So if someone create a dragon, you can use that for your game. Or create your own dragon if you like. When you go into someones dream/game, you can see which items they used, so the proper creator get some love for making it A cool concept which will help people who got great ideas for games, but arent that talented of making characters from scratch, to make their dream come true. And no trophies yet, guess they will release with the actual game
  15. Dang this looks great