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  1. So you suggest to quit while I have 0% and make a synch?
  2. Hey there all. I've got weird problem with that game. I bought an used copy of the game, with region code BLES01661#. I played that game long time ago and I wanted to finish dlc. But when I started the game, it created separate trophy list, which was kinda weird for me as PS3 version has only ony stack? I had the exact same game before, with the same region code, which is BLES01661#. What could be the problem that game created another list? Fortunetly I have offline synch, so I was able to remove my account from console and also remove those trophies. EDIT: It seems there's other problem. Game is removing my old list and putting fresh one instead. This is ridiculous, I've never ever had a problem like that before. If I play only the dlc, and synch trophies, will it remove them from server too? Did anyone had similar problem with that game?
  3. I've heard that only us version is bugged? Anyone tried european one, digital version?
  4. No, besides the online is slow as hell and there are some problems with connecting with friends, it's working fine.
  5. Of course there is...
  6. Hey there. I've got few question regarding Complete Edition on PS3 (disc version). Is everything from Complete Editon working fine on PS3, trophies mostly? Are there any differences between CE and standard edition? Because the CE on disc is much cheaper with all dlcs than buying it from the store, especially when they are closing the store soon. Also, if somebody could clarify, does all dlcs come on the disc (ranger mode + all dlc) or are they on the code and downloaded via psstore? And does the save file from standard edition is the same as in complete edition? Thanks in advance for info.
  7. Thanks for answering. I assume, that many things has changed. Maybe some tips were to start and what to do? Or just got with the story missions?
  8. I have finished my playing on update 8. Is there a lot of playing to get 100%? Can I do most of them solo or at least with randoms?
  9. Same boat. Let us know when it starts working again.
  10. Great, than I only need extra controller to be able to do trophy with 2 controller. Too bad there's not way to fake some DS3 controller via Android phone.
  11. Hey there. How hard is platinum achievable with default DualShock 3 controller? Too bad the game is not working with external bluetooth controller, as I'm using DualSense for every other game, but this one can't event start with anything other than original DS3. So I would like to know how hard platinum is with normal DS3 controller? Will I struggle or it is nothing complicated? I'm not a newbie when it comes to shooter games
  12. Hey there. I would like to do all dlc trophies and from what I'm seeing, there is Complete version upgrade. I have Motorstorm RC from PS Plus long time ago for PS3. But this upgrade is for Vita, can't find one for PS3, will it work with PS3 version? I think it's all combined, but I prefer to ask first.
  13. Hey there. I made platinum long time ago. This time I want to go back and do the dlc trophies. Ranger trophies would require one more play through, but what about rest of dlcs? Are they hard and long? Or just standard trophy set for couple of hours? Any tips?
  14. Thought so... Well, that's Codemasters for you. Hope EA will buy them out and eat the alive.
  15. Are dlc for this game able to purchase on PS Store? I'm checking right now and game itself is not even showing. It was delisted some time ago, so I assume getting those dlc is impossible now?