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  1. Well, something is wrong with my save file, because watchtowers and upgrades also were bugged for me. I assume this shit is also bugged. Probably I've done some cargos in coop, game counts it as done but it wasn't added to progress, just like with towers and upgrades. I will have to play on fresh save file... I will never buy a game from them on launch date ever again. Bugged as hell...
  2. It's missing Special Cargo on Drummond Island that also counts for the trophy. @Valkirye22 It is missable if you are hosting a session and someone will do mission with some unique cargo. If you play solo all the time it's ok, but you have to watch in coop.
  3. Does somebody have whole cargo list required for that trophy? I'm done with almost all from list on the "other" site and stuck at 80%.
  4. Game is buggy nightmare right now. If I would knew that I wouldn't be buying it on a launch date. For me, the Watchtowers and Upgrades trophies are bugged. I found them all, but still no trophies. So right now I don't know if I should start a new game or wait and pray they will fix it somehow.
  5. So do you have any solutions for trophies for upgrades and towers? I have them all visited and upgrades collected, so what should I do, despite starting the game from a scratch.
  6. Anyone remember where was the "LAZ 6 T195" engine upgrade on Taymyr? Stats says I have all upgrades, but when I go to the truck engine upgrades it says that I'm missing that one. I think it wasn't even hidden one, but somehow game didn't count that one for me. Could someone check it up?
  7. Hey there all. Do you also have problems with watchtowers and upgrades trophies? I discovered all towers and got no trophy for it and my friend got it before even discovering all of them. The same goes with upgrades. I've got all on Michigan and got the trophy and all of them on Taymyr but no trophy here. Anyone had same problem? I play mostly solo, but from time to time I join my friends as guest and they discover their stuff on the map, so I assume something must have bugged because of it. Here are my stats. As you can see, they are really off:
  8. Western Wind and What's a Mile are not missable as you can do them via Contests that are repeatable. There aren't any trophies that are missable.
  9. I thought that campaign on Hard will be the hardest trophy. But boy oh boy that Bahamut + Ifrit on Hard... I was playing it half yesterday and nothing. Today I did whole challenge in the first try. Magic? No. Elemental + Fire on your armor and Ifrit is healing you all the time and you can go all the way for Bahamut. Also weapons with Reprieve + Manawall just to be sure you don't get wiped by Flare.
  10. There's no hardcore mode, they said that they might add later to the game.
  11. I'm playing on SSD and loadings are not that annoying. It only took couple of seconds to load, but still, if you do that like 10 times in couple of minutes it can get frustrating. Can't even imagine on default HDD...
  12. Those are the same as on Xbox, right? So did anyone check how hard was it on Xbox or maybe even played? I think only difficulty related trophies will be hard to get, rest seems pretty easy.
  13. I think I will go this way: Battle Intel - I need to finish maxing up magic materias, so I will replay Garage on Chapter 16, that's the best way or so I heard. Finish couple of first chapters on Hard - finish them just to get manuscripts and get my weapons to Level 6. People were saying there's a big difference between Level 5 and 6. Colosseum and VR Missions - the worst part, which is Hell House fight. After that I just want to get accessory. Finish rest of chapters on Hard - self explanatory, just clean the rest of the stuff, as the hardest part is done. Anything to add or maybe change sometinh? I'm making a short brake from a FFVII, because I want to play Snowrunner with my friends. But after that I'm going back at full throttle. I wonder if they are planning to patch anything balance related on Hard difficulty.
  14. For me, turning down BGM and Speech to 0 was really helpful. I could only hear Tifa moaning 🤣 But honestly, I always started remembering pattern from the top, like top down left right. The easiest one is top left right down, because you basically push buttons that are next to each other. Worst pattern is when you have to jump from up to down and left to right, at least for me. Also, people are saying that this guy never falls off in Round 2. Well surprise surprise, he fall off at the end of Round 2 for me. It threw me off from the rhythm so much that I fall off too, but was still able to win. I think the key is to get button pattern in Round 2 that you like. After that it's just focusing on not screwing up.
  15. Ok, thanks everyone for specific good tips. So, at the very beginning I have to finish battle reports and from what I'm seeing is that maxing out materias will take most of the time. Where have you done it? Garage in Chapter 16 or somewhere else?