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  1. Do you need both of them? I also scraped one of them at the beginning.
  2. That's sad, but anyway, I'm planning on having a great fun
  3. Release date for PS4 is 22 September. They announced it yesterday.
  4. I haven't been going too deep into the game as I didn't want to spoil anything for myself, but by looking on wiki, there are some capital ships: Question is, are the playable or just NPC ships we fly by? I love their art style, so the change to fighters won't bother me so much. I really hope for more various options, like trading, fighting, etc. Because in the first one mission were pretty straight forward.
  5. I'm so glad I've passed on this garbage. I seriously feel sorry for everybody who have to deal wtih this boring, unfinished pile of shat.
  6. Game is finally here, 22 September is realease date! I loved first one and this one seems to be improved on almost every level. Trophy list also doesn't look bad. Couple of grindy ones here and there, but with that great gameplay value it will be a blast.
  7. Hey there. From what I see, there aren't any online trophies? That's a great news! Game seems to be next Shift game, so maybe this will be a good fun.
  8. Damn, was hoping for some new list.
  9. Check them in offline mode, you can make screenshots or just tell us if its the same as the PS3 version.
  10. Can't find any new trophy list. Wonder if they will just copy the old one.
  11. This game will be dead in a week or two. In couple of months nobody will even remember that such a garbage came out. Even if boosting with 10 people will be possible it still gonna be a massive grind. This game is just not worth it.
  12. @barrymcg Thanks for answering. Well, I'm not touching this garbage of a game. If they would remove multiplayer and focus more on single than maybe it would be worth something at least.
  13. Maybe online is not running yet? Probably some patch to start it up or its still unfinished 😂
  14. Just like in the title. How many hours are we looking at? Because at the first glance those trophies looks ridiculously long... People are already playing so maybe we can get some more info on this. Cheers.
  15. Question to people who are already playing or will be playing soom. How bad is the online mode and how many hours of grind are we looking at here?