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  1. It's just hotfix, quest is still bugged. Bigger patch will come later and will fix the quest.
  2. Yes, I'm on discord and they are working on a fix. They're starting testing the patch today, but dunno when they will release it to public. Right now it's impossible to do all missions on Seaside, which makes platinum unobtainable.
  3. I'm wondering how did you do that "Take Off" mission, when it's bugged right now for everyone, which makes platinum unobtainable. Did you play without patch? Edit: I've downgraded the game to version 2.01, but quest is still bugged there. So it's impossible to do platinum as long as you don't have help directly from devs with bypassing that mission somehow. I must say @KingGampeyour platinum looks very suspicious.
  4. Do you have some tips about quick busstop leveling? I'm doing short routes, but this game is boring as hell...
  5. It's related to challenges in game, because trophies are based on them. Either give players option to reset them manually, just for the sake of trophy or fix it.
  6. Still no platinum? Is this so long or so boring? Or both...
  7. Yep, still nothing. I seriously wish I've never launch this piece of shit game...
  8. I dunno if there is a bug, but I already done like 5 or 6 normal jobs and didn't get any crates... Of course I've got all abilities bought. I've done all barns and now all is left for me is doing jobs... To bad that there is no crate for renovating and selling a car. There's actually no good xp method, except the crates but getting them is kinda tedious. It would be nice if we could somehow duplicate them... I did all story jobs and I'm at 33 level, so it's still a lot to do. They kinda made it too much grind in my opinion.
  9. Just let us know if they are boostable .
  10. Is the game worth playing? I had a lot of fun in SFA, but I see they kinda overdid with nightmare trophy. Is it really that hard or it's just grinding your ship and repeat a level couple of times?
  11. So basically, to get all trophies with buying and selling, you just have to buy, save backup, sell, download save and do it again?
  12. Did anyone had problem with "Car Flipper" trophy? Where you have to renovate and sell one car? I bought two from barn already, renovate them (but I left windows without 100%), sold them and no trophies. Is it because I didn't had 100% on all parts, including body and windows? Edit: OK, I've got it, it was interior, I completely forgot about it.
  13. Nope, chest aren't the fastest way to level up. I mean, they are very good, but it's RNG and you have to be lucky to get card with XP. You can get them for story repairs and from searching the barns (you need to have map to a barn) and with the luck skill Still, like I said, it's all RNG with opening crates, so you can be very lucky or very unlucky. Best way to quickly level up is to buy all diagnostics tools and always use them on any car you get for repairs. Even if you have to repair brakes or clutch, always use all diagnostic tools on engine and also manually scan all suspension and engine parts (where you hold X for scanning parts in car). That way you will be leveling much faster than normally. I have almost 20 level and I'm not even on 10 story car repair. You get 1 point for each scanned part, so while using diagnostic tools, you can easily get around 50-80 or even more points in no time (depends on the car and engine). But I suggest to just play normally. Game is really good and leveling up fast has no real benefits, other than faster unscrewing or repairing parts. Even with normal play you will get everything pretty fast, so just play and have fun.
  14. So everything is working fine. Thanks for the info!
  15. So, you can still quit game when you die and progress won't reset? Because I heard they patched it and after second disconnect, everything resets, is that true?