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  1. I was almost sure it will work, but wanted to be 100% sure I think the price is not even changing when you buy and sell, you just go with 0 income and 0 loss. Sandbox mode will be probably perfect for this, but right now I'm plying Normal mode and doing story missions.
  2. Hey. Did anyone tried to just buy car from a shop and than immediately sell it from garage, without doing anything with it? I think it should work, because you are selling car whatsoever. Anyone tried this?
  3. I think this is the most broken F1 game so far. There were like one bugged trophy, but now it's 4 or even 5 if we count unfair Pure Gold.
  4. I see the most rare trophy is for special missions. I assume you can do them only in the career mode, not sandbox? That's why it's taking people some time to do it?
  5. Any other way?
  6. Does solo boosting is still working?
  7. So what's the newest way to boost it solo? Finding someone now is probably impossible and if there is a way for solo I'm all for that.
  8. We're missing classic thread in any game forums! How are the trophies? Are they hard and grindy or pretty easy without involing hundreds of hours?
  9. There's a topic on their forums: Only way them to see it is via their forums, but I wouldn't count on fixing 50 level. Our topic about Skill Rating is the most popular with more than 100 posts and they just barely replying to it. Codemasters was never fixing their games like they should, but when it comes to taking our money, they are first in line.
  10. Wonder if retiring in 100% is any different than in a 3 lap race. There's also distance driven. If you check it out, let us know.
  11. Yeah, but can you level up in Unranked here? What's the quickest way to earn XP? I always thought that longer the race the better. I've been playing Ranked 25% for now, but is there a better way to earn XP?
  12. Are they for real... This is ridiculous... Probably my last F1 game from this studio full of morons.
  13. So it's when you hit gold 50 or there's a other 50 levels?! Either way, Shitmasters made probably the worst F1 trophies so far.
  14. Umm, someone got this trophy. I messaged him, but no response (of course...). Jesus, I hope it's not for the gold 50, because that's 150 not 50...
  15. Jesus Christ, that sucks...