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  1. I did solo just few moments ago, Fleet Battles vs AI, Nadiri on Normal Difficulty with A-Wing. During the match, you need to focus on killing only Named AI (chose targeting for Enemy Squadron). Try hitting only TIE Fighters and Bombers, skip Interceptors, because they give you a small amount of damage. The most important part is to postpone the match as long as possible. When your side is attacking, just destroy your ship until you will have to defend. During defending focus on killing only Named AI. When you will go into attacking again, chase them for a short time and kill couple more and go into destroying your ship again. Also observe how much health have your capital ships and enemy. If enemy capital ships have a lot health and your not, keep attacking a little bit longer. Good luck! My video:
  2. I'm trying right now and it's like maybe one match per hour... There are no crossplay settings as it's always on, maybe they changed it in patch. Game is pretty dead, I will endure it somehow to grind 1000 kills.
  3. Can drift kills be done in private match? It's almost impossible to do them in normal matches.
  4. Ok, I started playing today and went with story on Ace. I'm on second mission, but played just an hour or two. After I beat story once to learn all moves, I will go with Dogfights and grind 1000 kills. Do you have some tips? I saw that remapping buttons can somehow help, but didn't test it yet. Also are there some OP builds for ships?
  5. Is there an auto pop for trophies here or everything has to be redone?
  6. Is 100% overall hard? Or just people don't like the gameplay here? Can I use QUENTIN cheat code in 2 player mode, so I can deal with it by playing myself? I mean, I put the cheat code for player 1 or 2 and just do it?
  7. Is it possible to boost this now with 3 people? How many are needed to start server? I assume servers are pretty dead?
  8. I have done all American and couple of European tracks, including Nordschlefe. Right now, the hardest one is definitely Nordschleife, it took me 2 days of retrying it. I have done it with TCS: 1 and ASM on (car is very stable but still can spin if you overdo the acceleration). In American tracks, Laguna Seca was the hardest one too, it took me good 3-4 hours with no assists to do it. I still have to do LeMans, but I doubt it will be as hard as Nordschleife, will see. The easiest ones? Definitely ovals and rally ones, you have big margin for mistakes here, also Interlagos, Nurburgring, Blue Moon, BB, Dragon Trail.
  9. I see there is a trophy for joining a public camp. Is this online related or can be done solo?
  10. Hey there all. This game is on a big discount and I'm wondering if its worth a try? I see płat is ultra rare but I don't see any hard trophies, why is that? I saw there are many XP glitches and duplicate methods so I assume you can cut some grinding time, right? Also, are there online trophies that will make platinum unobtainable when they will turn severs off?
  11. Is there a way to grind kills with friends or something like that?
  12. Hey there. I wonder why platinum is so rare in this game? Is it because of Ace difficulty or maybe grindy online, especially killing 1000 other players ships. How does it look in 2022? Would you say it could be harder or easier to do? I know multiplayer is probably going dead, but are there some ways to boost online right now? Cheers and thanks for info!
  13. I also think new menu will show up with those 3 cars. There were more than 3 cars that won LeMans and still no trophies. Also, if they wanted us to buy, they would state that in trophy description, like with Safety Car or Electric. Here it says acquire, so who knows what they had in mind.
  14. Right now nobody knows which ones are correct. 917k also won LeMans so it fits the description of the trophy. The theory that we will have to win them in endurance races is also highly possible, because trophy description says "acquire" not "buy", which can be understood in booth ways.
  15. Why this is so rare? Is it bugged or is it so hard to beat? I like the FTL-like vibes.