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  1. I already know as we made couple of setups... You have to make separate playtroughs for 2, 3 and 4 players... That's sad, really... R* made it ridiculous. At least elite challenges can be done once but mastermind need to be done 3 times. At least it counts only in setups and finale and if you close the game right after you die (your whole party needs to do it too!) than you can restart it and don't lose progress. It's working since previous heists so it won't be patched. They are too much focused on money right now.
  2. Anybody knows if those mastermind trophies for 2, 3 and 4 players stack when we do 4?
  3. Yeah, just no... I think I won't even touch it. Those elite and mastermind trophies are just ridiculous. Considering that making whole Heist is like 4 or 5 hours of playing? One fuck up and you need to restart all over... They've gone mad with this. And Obliteration Gun? Facility is minimum 1.2mln, cannon 900k and worst part is 750k per shoot? What is this? Another EA? Actually this is way worst... They literally taking your money for each shoot. Who would have thought that R* will become as the most greedy ones? I heard from a long time that GTA Online became milking cow and now I know why. No wonder they support it so much, they are just flowing in money from it...
  4. But it sucks for xp. More afkers less xp. The best thing you can have for a big XP score is equal teams and go with draw scoring almost to the end. You can net even 20k XP for one game.
  5. Using Germany as ping and no trouble with finding people. Afkers are much more trouble than matchmaking.
  6. Maybe in your region, I have no trouble with finding people in HvV, a lot of people playing. Loading into main menu takes longer than finding group. Best mode for xp if you are playing it correctly.
  7. They do it for credits not XP. This shitty game gives almost the same amount of credits to everybody, no matter how good you are. And XP is best in this mode when you are playing normally. 15k for like couple of minutes of playing.
  8. You leveled up or did some challenge. EA is to greedy to give such an amount for a match.
  9. It's not description problem, it's the game problem. Every kill during you are marked should count, but now it's only marked VS marked, which is really bad and boring to do.
  10. Huracan will probably own like in NFS 2015.
  11. What are your thoughts? Easy not easy? Share your thoughts!
  12. Well, I played couple of hours on B or C rank and it wasn't that bad. Especially on Blue Moon, didn't meet any rammer so far. I'm shocked myself
  13. Oh, didn't know that, thank you!
  14. What is the fastest way to lower your SR? When I was on E I could easily make a pole and w most of the times win. But since I'm on B, I'm matched with some maniacs, not even top 5... It's impossible to do those trophies with higher rank if you have social life and not spending every minute with this game... I don't want hit people, I'm not that kind of player. I see that cutting corners will lower your SR big time, so I'm driving last to not disturb anybody and make around 1 minute penalty (more disqualify you). After the race I'm almost every time red. Fantastic job PD... You're making player to drive bad on purpose...
  15. Yeah, we know it's sport only... That sucks big time. The worst part it that this is so random based. Of course good times helps, but even when you have fantastic time you can be placed outside top 10 and with mediocre you can get pole. That's just ridiculous... I don't how it will go with time. I think it will be harder because casuals will just leave this game behind and only maniacs will stay... I really hope that at some point PD will release some dlc where it will be possible solo. I tried to contact with them somehow, but Twitter and Facebook are only for marketing, they are not using it to contact with people. On PD website there is Contact but it's redirecting to Sony Japan... They clearly don't want to hear people out...