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  1. It has been patched, but it's still doable. Only thing they patched is the cooldown reset, the rest is still working. So you can do 1 MVP per 45 minutes. Just meet with your boosting group once every 45 minutes and you're good to go. During Halloween event, the cooldown timer was 30 minutes for some people, so it's even better. If MVP trophy won't pop up after 3 times, just keep doing it until it will.
  2. Nah, I skipped it. I have way too big backlog to play, so I said pass. But Darktide will play definitely when it comes out. W40k is much better universe than this one.
  3. Yeah, but do I have to wait whole week to start next difficulty or it was just at the beginning of dlc, when they were adding difficulties with each week?
  4. So we have to wait each time, or right now it's all available and I don't have to wait a week after doing one difficulty?
  5. Hey there. I want to ask, if buying Season Pass grants me access to all 4 dlc packs or is it some other content?
  6. You need make a round move with right stick, going from 1 to 9 to charge it and hold it. Release it as specific text and that's all..
  7. All that is left for me is climax battles and legend difficulty. I'm more worried that I will have to replay those boring real estate mini game to unlock legend style (or at least normal styles). Is it necessary for legend diff to do it? I will never understand why they removed NG+ for Legend, when it was available in the rest of the series... I swear, SEGA sometimes is just going full retard mode.
  8. 1. Batting - worst mini game for me, doing that even with looking at Kiruy stop moving was a nightmare, couldn't get by it for a long time. But after couple of hours I was able to do so... 2. Disco - holy shit, this is the worst rhythm game I have ever played. Karaoke was good and bad, but disco? Whoever came up with that game should be immediately fired. Screen is too clogged, colours are blending with each other, timing on those squares is ridiculous. People who are telling you to "listen to the beat" clearly haven't played it, because beat here is completely off with what's going on screen. You just need to learn timings and have muscle memory for it and pray you don't eff up. 3. Real Estate/Hostess Club - it's not that they are easy, but they are grindy as hell. It takes really long time to complete them, even for just unlocking legend style. You go there, buy stuff, come back, play mini game, upgrade, do the same stuff for many many hours... Seriously, what's the point of this in a single player game? PS. I know many people don't like mahjong, but to be honest it wasn't that bad. Once you learn the patterns and how to pair them, it all comes to just playing, making those triplets and pairs, spam square after every round and that's it. Get rid off dragons and winds at the beginning (expect you have clear pair or three) and try to do as many triplets as possible. Many times you will fail, but sometimes it will work. Also, after every good game, quit and star over to not lose profit. Oh, and for catfights I have very easy solution, that will get you win in almost every round. Just wait till you have Beads of Good Fortune, Honcho Scarf and T-shirt with financial luck. During a match, always try to counter the strongest attack. If she have most stars on fist, you go with paper. The smashing button fights are rigged, it doesn't matter how fast you press it, you even go slow and if you have to win, you will win, if game decides otherwise, even turbo controller won't help you. With that strat I won like 6 or 7 tournaments straight. I lost after that just by changing to some weak characters.
  9. Are there good video guides about Y0 mahjong? The guide on psnprofiles is not that good to be honest, it's just some basic stuff and couple examples of hands, which doesn't help much. I would like to watch something with explanation, so maybe I will get the hand of it. Best part is, I've done mahjong in Kiwami, Y3, Y4 and Y5, but in Y0 I've forgotten everything and starting from scratch. I'm trying going for 3 (does three like 234 works too, or it's only 123 and 456 and so on?), I don't know what winds and dragons do and how form them up, I always discard them and I think that's a mistake because I haven't one a single game yet.
  10. Hey! Let me know if you're still interested in Vermintide

  11. Y0 is the longest and hardest plat, yes, but don't expect to breeze through other titles, because they are all 100 hours minimum games. Y3 is also very hard in terms of mini games. Kiwami 1 has ridiculously hard karaoke game, but there's a glitch that allows you to avoid it. Let's be honest, if not those damn mini games, those would be 20 hours platinums max. And it's everytime the same thing, like mahjong, batting, karaoke or those jap card games.
  12. I don't want to start new topic, so I will just ask here. I'm planning on starting Y0. I'm very familiar with whole Yakuza series, as I love it very much. I want to finally get 100% on Yakuza 0, so I've got few questions before I start. 1. What are the best things I can buy for CP that will ease up a little my mini-game progression? 2. Should I focus on something specific during completing minigames or other stuff (except missable trophies)? 3. Is karaoke/disco as much irritating as in Kiwami 1 (lag, not recognizing buttons, low scoring even when perfect run)? During my first run I'm planning to enjoy the story (like always) and try to do as much as possible. I will do the rest in Premium Adventure and leave Legend difficulty trophy as the last one. I will appreciate all the tips that aren't in the guide.
  13. You need to buy all buses and have them all at one time in the garage. You can't just buy & sell, because it won't count.
  14. From what I see, they still haven't fix trophies as platinum is on 0%. This is kinda ridiculous, taking how long this game is up and the team behind it are not some amateurs...
  15. So apart from 4 players, everything else is still manageable?