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  1. This is ridiculous if true... Once again we have to go to their forums and make a thread about it. EDIT: Okay, I've created topic here: If you can, please upvote it for more recognition and speak your mind if you can We were able to make changes in F1 2019, so maybe it's possible with GRID.
  2. Is it over already? Can we delete this game once and for all? There haven't been any update since a long time, so maybe they finally gave up with those single trophies
  3. Question to people who played this on PC. Is platinum hard here? Let the discussion begin 😈
  4. Finding people to do pvp trophies and massive grind in pvp modes. If they would put bots that we could grind with it would be super easy to do, but right now it's almost impossible to do those trophies.
  5. No, it doesn't affect trophies in any way. They would have to stop servers for this game.
  6. Classic thread Doesn't seem too hard in my opinion.
  7. So for veteran license we just have to drive 1 or 2 laps without any AI?
  8. Hey there, I just wanted to inform anyone, who has left this game some time ago (like me) and was waiting for proper patches and came back to get missing trophies. I came back to this game today and after one race I've got like 5 trophies: for laps and destroying vehicles. I'm just writing this for PSNProfiles staff to let them know that those trophies weren't working at the beggining of the game and they patched it. Right now, when you come back and finish one race, you get all glitched trophies that you met requirements for but didn't get them before the patch. That's why some people (including me) can have the same time of achieving on those trophies. It's normal here. Best regards to all of you
  9. So getting this trophy for reaching center of universe in Permadeath won't be that hard or at least time consuming?
  10. Yep, platinum it's not hard, you can get used to controlos like in every other game. But they made idiotic PVP trophies that are almost unobtainable right now due to PVP is almost dead in this game. Some time ago I was asking if it's possible to put bots into PVP matches so we could level up more easily but of course almost no response.That's why they will never see my money.
  11. Nice, did you do it in a single profile or were you making multiple ones when you run out of money?
  12. Could someone check if it;s possible in Sandbox mode to go constantly into the Barns or they have to be unlocked like in Normal mode, by repairing cars? I also have thought that you can start fresh Sandbox profile, go into the Barns that are on map, buy all cars, sell them and than go to auction house, buy all cars and sell them. When we run out of money just start new profile again and do the same thing over and over again. Is it possible? (Currently I have no access to my console).
  13. Trouble and seriously hard trophies starts with Babel Tower, the rest is just a walk in the park. Campaign is also not a problem, pretty straightforward. I wonder if last Babel Tower is still bugged in PS4 version and requires 2 controllers to finish.
  14. So far no trophies, so I think it's trophyless DLC
  15. Ultra Nightmare only on NG+. I've already had almost all the upgrades, but the story is not so long, so maybe it's better to play the safe way.