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  1. I know they are not difficult, but when you get game crash you're screwed... Mechanics like that are moronic as hell, especially in events that takes a week or month...
  2. Hey there. Is there any option to restart weekly and monthly challenges? Because I was doing weekly in New Zealand today, doing a top tier times and on last stage the game has frozen and I had to close app. After I came back I had DNF on that challenge and end of story. I was freaking frustrated, because once again I was proven that Code"masters" is still releasing broken games with dumb mechanics... I'm playing on PS5 by the way.
  3. I'm using G29 with Wheel Stand Pro, never had problems with it and I made platinum in Dirt Rally 1, GT Sport, PCars 1 & 2 and etc. I'm having tons of fun in DR2 right now. Before that I had DFGT and made platinum in GT5 (Vettel challenges) and GT6. So yeah, I know my wheel pretty good, so I hope it won't be that frustrating.
  4. Shouldn't this be easier with wheel instead controller?
  5. For anyone attempting this car chase on legend, please use this video: It helped me a lot and the number on enemies you have to kill first are a blessing. The only problem I had was with a truck driver at the end. You have to take cover pretty soon to not take enough damage. After that you need to spam him with bullets and shooting ideal center point.
  6. Playing on PS5, except some minor bugs, wonky AI and crashes from time to time, everything seems fine. Graphics and 60fps are doing the job and game looks much better than on base consoles. If you have PS5 than go for it. Patch 1.04 fixed a lot of problems and 1.05 is coming in a few days, so I assume it will be also much better.
  7. Faster method with painting:
  8. Oh, didn't know that. Do you know what level approximately we need to unlock legendary components?
  9. Does anyone have some good tips for this trophy? We need some legendary blueprints for stuff to do this? Also it would be nice to know some good epic and legendary components farming methods. I checked some videos on YouTube, but most of them are really tedious.
  10. @Sicho Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Hohoho, that's a great news! Sooner this online will be dead the better.
  12. If they will support save transfer than yes, your trophies will probably auto-pop. But if they won't do that, than we will have to play from the beginning.
  13. New money farming method. Much easier, no save summing and you won't level up your street cred.
  14. Doesn't getting that Street Creed trophy that early look suspicious?
  15. Good thing is, that this trophy is not missable from what it seems. The only problem could be getting the money, as there aren't any good income sources after finishing everything in the game. The only way to earn money, after you did everything else, would be looting enemies and selling stuff but that will take forever to do. Only tip for now is to save money and don't spent it on silly stuff.