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  1. Quick 2 questions:


    1. Is there some easy way for Sportsmanship and Showman trophies? Or you have to win race after race and do the interviews? After hitting one goal, I think it will be faster to restart whole career than just go with from one point to another? Are there some fast ways to skip repeating season after season? 


    2. I assume you need another person for League trophies? You have to win and join leagues, so 5 short tracks with another person and that's all? 


  2. 1 hour ago, Sega-Ryudo said:

    Does anybody know how this Trophy works? 1f61b.png

    Add someone to friends, make a time in a time trial, go to your main accout and beat it?
    I haven't played the game yet, but maybe there are some ghosts of your friends to beat or something like that.


  3. Platinum is not hard at all. You need to go slowly on each area and be aware of enemies locations. I really suggest getting Gorgon armor set as soon as possible, it will be pretty hard but it pays off later in the game. I'm on NG+ and still using it. Also don't forget to take a weapon from a first boss, weapon is names Judne iirc. You can take it by killing it in a special way, look up on YT. The real enemy is no map at all here. There were countless times when I was going in circles and couldn't figure out how to forward the story.


    All in all, I really enjoy this game. It has slow peace, and even when you die with a lot of scrap it's not that bad, you can get again pretty fast if you like. Also I live the broken factory sci fi vibe, it's so cool! I can't wait for The Surge 2! 


  4. On 21.03.2019 at 9:19 AM, NaseemJohn said:

    Which car is best for the nightmare car course? Also some tips would be appreciated as I’ve been having trouble with the nightmare ones. 

    Here are my videos I made for a trophy guide:




  5. Comments for trophies would be great, like it was before. It was called "Tips" if I recall? 

    Just add those back, let poeple upvote or downvote each comment and it will be nice.

    Best voted comments on the top, and comments with many downvotes will automatically hide.


    Guides are great, but not every game has it and not everyone wants to write whole guides.

    And when somebody knows how to get specific trophy in easy way than something like "Tips" would be best, just updated to current standards :) 


  6. Why topic with trophies has been deleted and why there isn't separate category for this game already? 


    I think trophies are demanding, obviously the hardest ones are with Rank-S for both characters. I wonder if you can use in-game cheats, like in previous Residents (unlimited ammo, powerful weapons at start and etc.). You can also do it on Standard mode so I can bet it will lower somehow your score but I hope not. 


  7. On 19.12.2018 at 9:58 PM, black__bunny said:

    I think I read on the forums here the plat for Dirt 4 is unobtainable atm as there are no daily events which is required for one of the trophies. Just in case you care about the plat.

    What about Dirt Rally? Platinum is obtainable right now without a problem? I asked this question like couple of times here and still no answers...


  8. So what's the situation with platinum right now. I know it's time consuming but how much? How many hours for one playthrough do we need and how many playthroughs? Are there some "easy ways" to speed it up? 


    I see there is only one dlc pack, but I saw many dlc on store and season pass. Is it worth it? Or I can play normally without buying it?


  9. 6 hours ago, DrakeHellsing said:

    It says in the post up top, and if you check the link with the tweet, it says Xbox and PS4 as well... so yeah, consoles get them too :)

    That means you will get them but you can play only on PC... Seriously anybody tought that those are coming to consoles and for free?

    If it did it would be a huge news on all sites. They will give codes for those game and you can download them on your PC through their launcher, that's all.