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  1. Codemasters never cared about stuff like that. Glad I waited with buying this game. For idiotic trophies like that, no money from me.
  2. What are the requirements for S-Rank?
  3. If you can do hardest trophies in New Game+ with cheats than this platinum will be Rare or even Uncommon
  4. Oh, I've already got it than
  5. Comments for trophies would be great, like it was before. It was called "Tips" if I recall? Just add those back, let poeple upvote or downvote each comment and it will be nice. Best voted comments on the top, and comments with many downvotes will automatically hide. Guides are great, but not every game has it and not everyone wants to write whole guides. And when somebody knows how to get specific trophy in easy way than something like "Tips" would be best, just updated to current standards
  6. What you have in mind? You can send PM or put it spoiler on forums Im currently doing Frozen Wilds and after completing it on 100% I'm going with best loadout into New Game+.
  7. I know I'm asking stupid question... But the dlcs are free?
  8. Grind, grind, grind... Generic trophy list, like in almost all jap games. Nothing special.
  9. Why topic with trophies has been deleted and why there isn't separate category for this game already? I think trophies are demanding, obviously the hardest ones are with Rank-S for both characters. I wonder if you can use in-game cheats, like in previous Residents (unlimited ammo, powerful weapons at start and etc.). You can also do it on Standard mode so I can bet it will lower somehow your score but I hope not.
  10. What about Dirt Rally? Platinum is obtainable right now without a problem? I asked this question like couple of times here and still no answers...
  11. So what's the situation with platinum right now. I know it's time consuming but how much? How many hours for one playthrough do we need and how many playthroughs? Are there some "easy ways" to speed it up? I see there is only one dlc pack, but I saw many dlc on store and season pass. Is it worth it? Or I can play normally without buying it?
  12. That means you will get them but you can play only on PC... Seriously anybody tought that those are coming to consoles and for free? If it did it would be a huge news on all sites. They will give codes for those game and you can download them on your PC through their launcher, that's all.
  13. Can you use save backup? I assume you can, but I'm asking for clarification. And is this game harder than XCOM? I platted XCOM back on PS3. It wasn't that hard if you knew what you are doing. I wonder if this is as hard as that or easier?
  14. Online trophies are working without a problem?
  15. Is it really hard? What can you compare it too? And what are the rules in the challenge mode?
  16. What's the best and newest version of fast and easy XP?
  17. Maybe it does, but who will check it out 🤣
  18. That would be so idiotic and misleading, as trophy description clearly states to just win an event, not events.
  19. New glitch: Dunno if it's still working when you read this, but even so, you have to be really lucky to spawn this event. I was hoping for like an 1 hour and not a single one. There were even groups of people that were waiting but nothing...
  20. So far I'm farming for legendaries and xp goes itself. I don't know how long I can do this but for now it's good. Anyway, is there some nice and easy way to mod 50 weapons? I know it's not the topic, but I think using some basic pipe pistol, mod it, scrap it, repeat, yes?
  21. So what's the good and fast way to gain xp? I want to get over with this game as soon as possible...
  22. Great, that's a big relief... So only leveling to 100 from grind trophies left for me.
  23. Field Medic and the rest of the coop trophies can be done with one friend? From what I read on other sites, people do it with just one friend, so that would be a relief.
  24. Monster Mash and couple of others. Can you do them solo? You still need to collect stuff or whatever the task is, but since we are alone we should automatically win. Does it count for trophie? I see many people got it already so I assume it's possible.
  25. This is just the beginning, there are many different weapons later. Maybe not that many, but be patient. I also have enough of all hunting rifles and pipe pistols...