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  1. They will be adding stuff to Dreaming City + new strike is coming (The Corrupted), so I think a lot of stuff is still blocked/not in the game. If everything would be obtainable somebody would already have the trophy. Time will tell, but for now it's just a mystery.
  2. Yeah, but Gambit still requries a little bit of skill, especially when you have to kill 4 guardians while invading, that can be hard and take a while, even with Sleeper Simulant
  3. Lore tab will be the easiest one as you just have to find collectibles. I think part of them will be in raid area and those ones can be hard for some people without a team. Rest of them is probably still in search or maybe not even in the game, as there are even bounties for strikes that are not unlocked yet. There is still one seal hidden, so who know, maybe it will be something related to Iron Banner and not too hard. Will see.
  4. Anyone knows if playing 25% distance in Ranked gives more experience than 5 laps one? Or there is no difference?
  5. Go into 25% Ranked, crash yourself during quali and stay on the back during the race, don't fight for positions. If some morons will crash just overtake them. I made A rank like that in about 4 or 5 races.
  6. Since 2010 version I'm saying that F1 license should go to other studio... They released 8 games and still can't even get near F1CE from Liverpool studio.
  7. This trophy should pop up right after you've done the first couple o placement races and you got your skill. They will probably patch it and reset all the stats, like in 2017... I'm glad that I was able to do the rest of online trophies.
  8. Was somebody using Simulate option in Carrer? Does AI difficulty has anything to do with our final position or is it completely random? I want to simulate whole season but maybe somebody already tried that?
  9. Anyone was able to deplete whole battery? I'm driving on ERS 5 all the time and can't do it...
  10. 25% and staying at back away from trouble is the way for safety ratings. I just went from C (50%) to B in just 2 races. Fail qualifying so you will be last and just wait for morons to eliminate themselves from race. Profit! Edit: Another race, a other almost last place and got 40% up towards A rating. You win by losing... Only in shitmasters game
  11. You mean the silver, gold rank or safety rank? The first one is probably determined from your position on finish and the second one from penalty system... From what I see, for safety ranking its the best to play 25% ranked and just stay at the back. Don't rush into the traffic, especially at start because there will be always someone who will hit and game will give you penalty points either way (sic!). Just drive to finish without cutting and hitting anyone. I can get about 15% up per race and when I was fighting for positions I lost my B rank and downgraded to C... My god, this literally the last F1 game from shitmasters for me... I got this one for free, but if I would paid for this garbage I would got depressed probably.
  12. My god online in this game sucks so much... Code"masters" can't even properly implement penalty system from 8 years... This license should go to a other studio long time ago...
  13. Anyone tried the "Simulation" option in the Carrer? Will it work with winning 41 races if I use it? And what stats are taken for consideration when using Simulation? Rep with team, R&D progress, our winning history, or is it completely random?
  14. Thank god for no multiplayer party trophies like in the first one... Straight solo trophies with no bullshit, that's what I like
  15. There aren't any XP specified trophies, so I assume you can go with keyboard cheat all the way since the beginning of the game
  16. Lol, is this really working?
  17. So how is with platinum, are there any glitches like in Dirt 4 or there aren't any bugs preventing us from getting plat?
  18. Is everything working now fine or what? I heard there are some problems with platinum, so how is it now?
  19. From what I heard you have to make around 4 or 5 barrel rolls in one time.
  20. Wait until it will drop down in price, many other better games there to play
  21. I'm only worried about those golden trophies. Seems like a lot of grind, like in other Codemasters games. Really hope it won't be that bad but it's getting really annoying that each game has some boring grindy trophies... Just why?!
  22. There should be double XP almost every month considering how slow and ridiculously amounts of grinds are required for 50 rank... I didn't hear anything about double XP weekend this time. They made it only one time since launch so prepare for long wait. This is why dice and EA are the worst companies out there. They just don't give a shit.
  23. Hello there! Are there any missable trophies in Y6? I played each part (only 0 and Kiwami missing) and there always was some missable trophy or two. How is it this time? Do we have to look out for something specific during our gameplay or we can finally play without worrying about missing anything?
  24. How do you make Legend trophy with reloading save? Never done that to be honest...
  25. How is the situation right now? Still broken? There are people who got this trophy recently, so how did they do it?