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  1. Maybe it does, but who will check it out 🤣
  2. That would be so idiotic and misleading, as trophy description clearly states to just win an event, not events.
  3. New glitch: Dunno if it's still working when you read this, but even so, you have to be really lucky to spawn this event. I was hoping for like an 1 hour and not a single one. There were even groups of people that were waiting but nothing...
  4. So far I'm farming for legendaries and xp goes itself. I don't know how long I can do this but for now it's good. Anyway, is there some nice and easy way to mod 50 weapons? I know it's not the topic, but I think using some basic pipe pistol, mod it, scrap it, repeat, yes?
  5. So what's the good and fast way to gain xp? I want to get over with this game as soon as possible...
  6. Great, that's a big relief... So only leveling to 100 from grind trophies left for me.
  7. Field Medic and the rest of the coop trophies can be done with one friend? From what I read on other sites, people do it with just one friend, so that would be a relief.
  8. Monster Mash and couple of others. Can you do them solo? You still need to collect stuff or whatever the task is, but since we are alone we should automatically win. Does it count for trophie? I see many people got it already so I assume it's possible.
  9. This is just the beginning, there are many different weapons later. Maybe not that many, but be patient. I also have enough of all hunting rifles and pipe pistols...
  10. Hey there. Is there some fast way to do this? Because if we really need to destroy them (red font color when hit) than this will take forever... It's probably only possible on arenas and even there it takes forever to kill someone. Are they nuts with trophies like that? They are only making fun from themselves when putting such an idiotic and grindy achievements in the game...
  11. I like the fact that there aren't stupid trophies like "play with 3 player and some shit". Missions, some level grind, couple collectibles. I really like that list.
  12. Devs said on discord channel that they working on fix, so we just have to wait. I really hope that progress we made right now will count when patch comes out. I'm currently doing 1500 kills in arena, so it would really bust my nuts if we would have to do it again, but I hope it won't happen... Oh, and the last levels of carkour on nightmare difficulty are almost impossible with the physics in console version. Console version has older physics and because of that, car behaves in total randomness. For example it will turn itself, flip up, flip down, rotate oposite, and etc. You will understand what I mean when you will try them... I hope they will fix it too... I did it today, it took almost half a day of repeat one stage (Half Loops)... My god, RNG is just on another level here and has nothing to do with skill right now.
  13. Points increase your chance.
  14. I wrote on their twitter about the problem. Hope they will reply. There is also giant bug in campaign. If you finish 1st in the first race of tournament than in the rest of the races you will be placed at the end at the same position. So if you win 1st race than just finish rest of them on any position and it will show 1st at the summary.... For a game that was so long in early access those are pretty big bugs...
  15. Which ones and what to look out for?
  16. Don't forget about Pulse Rifle from Dreaming City that drops only from The Corrupted nightfall. You need to meet points treshhold (starting from 60k if I remember right) to even have a chance for it. RNG is killing a joy from playing this game. I'm only missing ghost and ship from Gambit and I'm done with this game for a long time...
  17. They will be adding stuff to Dreaming City + new strike is coming (The Corrupted), so I think a lot of stuff is still blocked/not in the game. If everything would be obtainable somebody would already have the trophy. Time will tell, but for now it's just a mystery.
  18. Yeah, but Gambit still requries a little bit of skill, especially when you have to kill 4 guardians while invading, that can be hard and take a while, even with Sleeper Simulant
  19. Lore tab will be the easiest one as you just have to find collectibles. I think part of them will be in raid area and those ones can be hard for some people without a team. Rest of them is probably still in search or maybe not even in the game, as there are even bounties for strikes that are not unlocked yet. There is still one seal hidden, so who know, maybe it will be something related to Iron Banner and not too hard. Will see.
  20. Anyone knows if playing 25% distance in Ranked gives more experience than 5 laps one? Or there is no difference?
  21. Go into 25% Ranked, crash yourself during quali and stay on the back during the race, don't fight for positions. If some morons will crash just overtake them. I made A rank like that in about 4 or 5 races.
  22. Since 2010 version I'm saying that F1 license should go to other studio... They released 8 games and still can't even get near F1CE from Liverpool studio.
  23. This trophy should pop up right after you've done the first couple o placement races and you got your skill. They will probably patch it and reset all the stats, like in 2017... I'm glad that I was able to do the rest of online trophies.
  24. Was somebody using Simulate option in Carrer? Does AI difficulty has anything to do with our final position or is it completely random? I want to simulate whole season but maybe somebody already tried that?
  25. Anyone was able to deplete whole battery? I'm driving on ERS 5 all the time and can't do it...