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  1. Same boat. Let us know when it starts working again.
  2. Hey there. How hard is platinum achievable with default DualShock 3 controller? Too bad the game is not working with external bluetooth controller, as I'm using DualSense for every other game, but this one can't event start with anything other than original DS3. So I would like to know how hard platinum is with normal DS3 controller? Will I struggle or it is nothing complicated? I'm not a newbie when it comes to shooter games
  3. Great, than I only need extra controller to be able to do trophy with 2 controller. Too bad there's not way to fake some DS3 controller via Android phone.
  4. Are dlc for this game able to purchase on PS Store? I'm checking right now and game itself is not even showing. It was delisted some time ago, so I assume getting those dlc is impossible now?
  5. Hey there. I made platinum long time ago. This time I want to go back and do the dlc trophies. Ranger trophies would require one more play through, but what about rest of dlcs? Are they hard and long? Or just standard trophy set for couple of hours? Any tips?
  6. Hey there. I would like to do all dlc trophies and from what I'm seeing, there is Complete version upgrade. I have Motorstorm RC from PS Plus long time ago for PS3. But this upgrade is for Vita, can't find one for PS3, will it work with PS3 version? I think it's all combined, but I prefer to ask first.
  7. Thought so... Well, that's Codemasters for you. Hope EA will buy them out and eat the alive.
  8. Is it possible to start game via Share Play and give controller to someone who has a camera and do the trophies? Or is it mandatory to have a camera by myself to do it?
  9. Yeah, that's a bummer and whole Rockstar for you. They've stopped supporting PS3 version long time ago, the same will happen probably to PS4 version after releasing PS5 version.
  10. Hey there all. I'm wondering, because I want to go back and finish Heists trophies, because that's what I'm missing for my 100%. The only problem is that I have transfered my character to PS4, when GTA V for PS4 came out (there was short window for transfer). So right now, I would have to level up and gear up my fresh character if I would like to make those heist trophies on PS3, right? Or maybe there is some other easier way? I made them on PS4, but I doubt that would help anyhow. I would really appreciate some tips regarding the state of online in GTA V for PS3 and how hard would it be to do heist trophies now.
  11. Dunno why he's not pushing them to bring it back, he's clearly losing some more money. It's also perfect game for PS Plus. I hope it will come back soon enough, but on the other hand we've been hearing this from a long time.
  12. Just go quickly offline or into invite session and problem solved. Doubt there are tons of hackers/modders right now, as this game on PS3 is old as hell. My friend was playing not so long ago and there wasn't any problems. He meet some modded characters, but never had problem with his own character.
  13. Yeah, I remember they were P2P, but just wanted to be sure. Thanks for helping guys!
  14. Hey there all. I have a question regarding dlc trophies right now. I see there is one trophy that requires coop session. Is this a problem to do right now? Is online still working or its p2p based? Also, are there any problems playing it right now?
  15. That's a great news, hope it won't be patched back again. The problem is, you can't buy the game in Europe on PSStore, it was delisted due to the age restrictions, dunno when it will be back.
  16. Can be done with random matchmaking or invite only?
  17. Ok, so in short... I can buy dlc without a problem if I have funds in my wallet on psn, right? From what I see, dlc is straight single player, no online required?
  18. Wow, really? That will save me a lot of time as I had everything done when transfer option came alive.
  19. Yep, I used that glitch from video above and it worked fine. The only downside is that it's kinda wonky to move there. Also you have to keep an eye out on zombies, so they won't get up on the roof. Keep your multiplier high, wait for bigger groups and you should be fine. To be honest, this was the hardest challenge for me, even with a glitch. The rest is pretty easy.
  20. Wait wat?! They have made PS5 version with the old bugs from PS4?! That means they used some old build of the game, which is kinda ridiculous.
  21. Did it today 😁
  22. I know they are not difficult, but when you get game crash you're screwed... Mechanics like that are moronic as hell, especially in events that takes a week or month...
  23. Hey there. Is there any option to restart weekly and monthly challenges? Because I was doing weekly in New Zealand today, doing a top tier times and on last stage the game has frozen and I had to close app. After I came back I had DNF on that challenge and end of story. I was freaking frustrated, because once again I was proven that Code"masters" is still releasing broken games with dumb mechanics... I'm playing on PS5 by the way.
  24. I'm using G29 with Wheel Stand Pro, never had problems with it and I made platinum in Dirt Rally 1, GT Sport, PCars 1 & 2 and etc. I'm having tons of fun in DR2 right now. Before that I had DFGT and made platinum in GT5 (Vettel challenges) and GT6. So yeah, I know my wheel pretty good, so I hope it won't be that frustrating.
  25. Shouldn't this be easier with wheel instead controller?