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  1. Thnks Elyther for the correction! Couldn't have explained it better.
  2. To everyone trying to get these two trophies or starting to play the game, please read this During months people had problems trying to connect and getting these two trophies. After a lot of testing and Steam not giving us a straight answer, a solution has finally been found. These are the things everyone should be aware of: 1. PS3-PS3 does not work: The only way to connect is by doing PS3-PC. (CORRECTION!:You can connect PS3 to PS3. Look to Elyther post below for an explanation) 2. PS3 Retail Code: USE IT ON YOUR MAIN STEAM ACCOUNT LINKED TO YOUR PS3 ACCOUNT. This is the most important thing. The reason for this is that if you don't, Steam won't recognise you have the game, so every time you try to connect, you won't be able. This will leave you no choice but to buy the game again on PC and link it to your main account. To those that bought the digital version on PS3 I'm not so sure how it works (haven't done any testing). If your retail copy doesn't come with the code to download the game on PC, then you will have to buy the game again on PC. 3. Family Sharing: If you have the game on PC, you can create a secondary account and use family sharing to connect to your main account on PS3. This way you can get both trophies by yourself in case you don't have anyone to connect to. Hope this solves the issue to a lot of people. Huge thanks to users second_god, Elyther, Cyphernova139.