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  1. Can anyone help me? My profile got glitched after i changed my psn privacy about on who could see my games and trophies, after i put on friends only, my psnprofile is showing that i have 0 trophies saying my profile is private, so i changed back to anyone on my psn and it still showing 0 trophies!! Really annoying
  2. thank you guys for the reply
  3. Just wondering because i have only 1 dualshock 4
  4. Dude get over it, this is a trophy hunting website, if i can make my life easier on a already super hard game why would i stress myself even more?? Glitching is not cheating, i still have to go through hell to get this trophy, there a bunch of hard ass sections that require timing, skill and a lot of knowledge of the game. If at least in game cutscenes were skipable i probably would not mind, but seriusly people like you are annoying. Stop judging others just because you dont think in another way. That is being pathetic
  5. Yeah bro, thanks. I am practicing a lot before trying , i will practice the penthouse glitch more as well, it looks pretty consistent
  6. Section F revisit i practiced a lot of times and never had an issue, buuuttt, i hope i dont mess up, do you know what causes the failure?? Yeah that bunker one skips a lot of shit too, i will try
  7. but can you stay hiden all time? on that glitch you can
  8. I just did the ausmerzer second level and managed to get to work on penthouse garbage can, i will try to practice most of them , and see if i can do it easily
  9. Be the hunter or be a prey thats your choice, i tried to play clean and all it got me was a bunch of losses on last turns with people ramming me out the track, this game is full of ♥s and dirty scumbags, so i did my thing. Got 133 wints out the 322, majority were clean , but a lot of races i played dirty too, i got sick of being a fool and trying to clean race while every other guy screwed me, if at least the penalty system was fair this game would be much better to play online. Dont give a fk tbh
  10. Guys which glitches did you use or would you recommend trying to do on a mein leben run? I tried to do the ausmerzer one on second level right after the first stealth section on the game with the first 2 commanders and it is very hard and i could not pull it off. The penthouse one i could not do it as well
  11. Tbh learning manual is not easy and like i said it is 2 more buttons to be aware of pressing and in a middle of a dispute for 1s or 2st place you can get nervous and most likely you will screw things up, automatic makes you maybe half second slower on worst case scenarios, and it will only count on competitive lobbies, you dont need that shit on rank D C or B , people suck at most on these lobbies
  12. God Mein Leben is brutal, max payne 3 is a joke next to this, i am on my first run on IADI and i died at least 40 times already, just got it to the courthouse. So fat that elevator section and the oberkommand level gave me the most trouble, it is doable but i cant see myself completing this with at least 2 more full runs on this difficulty and training the hard sections. Also the ramdomness on this game is utterly BS, stealth can screw so many runs, so this will be really really hard for me
  13. I got a bunch of hard games and i rated this a 8, good for you, but i know tons of people that rated this even higher, just look at the voting thread on, anyways it is subjective
  14. i got 91 wins and the trophy in 5 days with automatic, for me and a bunch of people i played automatic was way easier, it is not that important tbh, you dont have to learn manual to win at this game, that is what i was trying to say, to me automatic was better
  15. Easiest way is to hit other cars out the track, its unfortunate but i would try to win the race , in case you cant just hit the last place cars, it wont matter anyways since they are not going to win it