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  1. Nice man keep going, 180 took me almost 30h as well, i am almost done with this game
  2. Ohh hell yeah man, he is pushing me a lot on Trackmania , i am going through a hell and thank god it is almost over
  3. Dope thread bro, i have no doubts you will make it. You got the triple P for this: patience, passion and persistance . Skill is something naturally comes with those. I am retiring after trackmania because it is just too much stress for me, i want to play only drive club level from now on haha, 6 out 10 it is my limit after this lol, i said the same after flat out but omg these insane racers really get you out of your head of anger and bitterness
  4. Guys any tips for those wall ride jumps on 178? I fkin hate this track so much, i cant get them right most of time and i pretty much wasted 5h already with no improvements. Really getting discouraged at this point, this is ridiculous, i hate this track
  5. Max Payne was harder for me than Wolfenstein!!! Those glitches and freezes were annoying, and on Wolf you dont have to rush and you have some awesome skips and strategies that works wonders, i think they are both 8 out 10 plats tbh
  6. The title of this topic it is comic and so damn hilarious at this point lol. This game is a hell to plat, those valley tracks with ground terrains omg, i didnt even reached black series yet and i am raging on a lot of tracks already
  7. It wont pop. You need the spetnaz old level 3 helmet. On taego you can find on the other boxes that are dropped together with the one that has the pink helmet, it is ramdom and sometimes it is not there. Thats how i got the trophy
  8. Hey man, i used every single one except the first section F since you can kill everyone from the top without getting a single hit at all, the venus one is really easy once you master it, do think it is worth it because you can stealth kill the 3 guys you have on sight and the other 2 will be with their backs at you without being alerted. The reason why i did this glitch is because the guy from the left can be on the wrong place and you cant aim at him and the chances are ramdom and it is 99 % death if he moves to the far left since you just cant aim on him. Again, it is all personal, but i trained every single glitch for hours and i never failed them after i learned
  9. That really sucks , even more considering this game is super boring after you get all the trophies and only need these 400 - 500 kills, i cant stand playing this anymore. I only need 130 kills for 1000, i am crossing my fingers for this to pop at the right time otherwise i will take ages because i am hating this game already. Plats like this make me wanna take a break from trophy hunting tbh. Dont mind grinding, but i didnt know this was so fkin boring like wtf
  10. nothing yet, still waiting lol
  11. I think the maps are way too big and it takes way too long to get some good action and these trophies suck ass
  12. Hey man, thanks for the reply, i figured. The new blackpink helmet it is glitched and it is not registering as looted and equiped from the survival data from the game. I had to play squad modes on TAEGO map and pray for the drops to have the old spetnaz helmet, did 8 out 10 , it is been annoying because not always the helmet is on the packs. Thank god nothing glitched yet, i think it is fixed for people who started on the modern day seasons like 12, 13, i dont know, it is a shame to see people with 5.000 kills without the trophy, i cant imagine myself doint that, i am at 500 and already bored as fuck off this game, wanna finish asap
  13. Hey man, yeah the blackpink helmet it is glitched, it doesnt count towards the trophy, so big waste of time, shame on the devs again for this. The spetnaz level 3 i found on the new TAEGO map selecting from the squad one mode, is there any other modes i can find that helmet? i can only find from the plane package on that map, it takes 30 min per match,but i have 6 out 10 done, hopefully it will pop right
  14. Just Cause 4, hate that garbage boring game with a passion
  15. something is wrong !! I dont know what it is, i think on squad ones mode on the new map it drops multiple boxes and it has a different level 3 helmet, i will try to keep doing until it unlocks