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  1. Yes it works, i just cut corners like mad crazy and it dropped my SR. It takes some races. The skill gap is really high, managed to get 4 wins on 2 days.
  2. Does anybody know the best and fastest current method to drop those so i can always play with low rank players?? I dont want to hit other people , but it seems that quitting races are not working...
  3. Nao mano, vsf esse lixo ai, larguei mao mesmo, fui ajudar um amigo e nao da, e muita raiva mesmo. So tem noob fdp nesse jogo freiando tarde em cima de voce e te mandando pra fora de proposito, ai voce tem que esperar 15 min de novo pra correr, slc , to suave
  4. yeah, but like i said, those lobbies the skill gap is much higuer and at this point , 4 years after release it is really tough to win, not impossible, but i just dont feel like stressing over this. I did this thread cuz i was really angry yesterday, i hate unfair bs on games, i dont understand why people do this shit
  5. Yeah man, you are totally correct. What pisses me off is that majority of times, these scumbags dont even get a decent penalty. Many times that i got kicked out of the track i saw 2 seconds penalty and sometimes none, while i lost 8 seconds to 10 most of the time. This game are not supposed to be played online, since it is way more rewarding to play dirty than clean since you can play dirty and lose 4 seconds max of penalty while your opponent loses the entire race, and after that you have to wait 15 minutes before trying again , for experience the same bullshit again. And on my case that i am not super good and play with a pad, even trying to raise my SR, i will get lobbies with crazy good players that will outspeed me easily, so i stand no chance, unless i decide to put crazy amount of hours on this BS. No, thanks. The vettel challenges took me 2 weaks, 6 hours every day, but at least i was failing due my lack of skill necessary to complete it and it felt fair so despite bitching about how hard it was and wanting to kill the devs i just could not quit because it felt fair somehow because i knew it was my own fault, but this bullshit here?? Jesus, what a mess.. They really should ban these drivers forever, they are the cancer of this community and racing games in general. Even campers on FPS dont come near this shit, because you can easily kill them once you know where they are, but on this once they fuck you up you are wasted, you are done, there is no comeback
  6. Thanks a lot man, I just dont have the patience for this one, since it doesnt depend on me only. GT5 and 6 were only skill based, this crap here is just not, the game does punish dirty drivers really poorly so at the end of all it does not pay the stress. If at least they eliminated the dirty asshows on their first dirty try this would be way better to play,even though some accidents are not intentional, or if they made all cars like ghosts, maybe the second option would be way more fair, but they decided to put 12 drivers on narrow ass tracks with everyone trying to get 1st on the first lap, you just dont have enough space even laping 2st or 3st, i dont know, maybe i just suck, the thing is i dont want to get a wheel, neither learn manual transmission . I am happy with GT5 and 6 plat, maybe 7 will come back to the roots and we all going to forget this crap even existed Yeah bro, i feel you. At least on F1 2020 i didnt have to win 91 races on public lobbys with garbage ass drivers trying to fuck me on my first turn, it is literally unplayable, i felt like punching those dudes seriusly
  7. Hey man, thanks for all the tips, but i am done with this, thank god i didnt put this garbage on my account , so that would screw my ratio, but i am from brazil and you are absolutely right, those fuckers are dirty as hell, but i had americans, colombians, chilenos, every one just screw me lol. Its too much effort for me, not worth it. Like i said i did GT5 and took me months, but at least was very fun and fair, since it was my skill related, this is a lot of luck also, and its very unfair, so i will pass this shit Yeah but the problem will be skill on those lobbies, it is hard as fuck anyways, the lower lobbies are not hard to get podium and wins , but are almost impossible to finish the race due the ramming these awful drivers do, and the higher SR lobbies are really really hard for me to keep it up with a pad . Jesus, i love GT games but this experience was terrible, congrats to anyone who did these trophies
  8. It does not anymore, i have been with C and B players since i got B sportmanship and once i downgraded it to D i got the D skill players but of course they have E SR , so they throw you out of the track. The B and C lobbys the players are really really good, so skill wise is way harder, but it turns out is the same shit because on the lower lobbies this is unplayable due this ramming bs. I am done with this game lol
  9. I am sorry , but i have to vent. This online mode is pure garbage, i cant even complete a single race without some dirty garbage loser ramming me out of the track every single time. I raced 15 times and got pole position 3 times, 3 times got second place on the grid and the other ones were 4th, only 2 races were fair and of course i placed 2th , but i wasnt mad at all because it was my fault and the guy was better. Other than that it was just a frustrating experience and i rather doing GT5 all over again than this shit. Also the penalty system is a pure joke and unfair as fk. Really, what a frustrating experience is . I hate those dirty loser drivers
  10. So for all you recent players, is it possible to get wins and poles with automatic transmission and using controller? I cant get used to manual and i dont want to expend money on a wheel, i think i just suck but even the D and E lobbys are full of really good players and the poles seem impossible, no matter how hard i try i always stay 2 s slower
  11. if wasnt for these glitched trophies, would be the platinum doable or is still hard as fuck like the other game? the other one had 0, 30 % rarity
  12. oh ok, didnt know that, my bad
  13. I am sorry , but whoever wrote this guide, you should not have put this as a 5, boss rush mode, some bosses on hyper and challenge 36 are brutal. Not saying it is impossible, but i can see majority of players struggling a lot on those. This is at least a 7 out 10 platinum
  14. Anyone doing Mighty n 9 currently?? I cant see how this is a 5 out 10 platinum like the guide was saying
  15. I am actually enjoying this tbh, did you managed to get the platinum? I am pretty sure it will be harder for me than a 5 out 10, but being a beginner at games like this, so far it doesnt sound that bad, of course it will be get uglier on hyper, challenge 36 and boss rush, but i think it should be doable, at least i hope hehe