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  1. I guess some people really need to BRAG right lol, what a useless thread
  2. Thanks a lot man, will check it out for sure. Any issues i will post here, thanks a lot guys, cheers
  3. Does this guide cover accurate all the trophies or there are some issues here and there?? Since there isnt video guides and this game seems really confunsing i wonder that, i read lot of ppl complaining that they could not get some trophies using the guides prom and xboxachievements, so i wonder if the guide here works for all trophies
  4. Thanks a lot man, was having issues with this trophy as well, got it really easy using your tip, cheers!!
  5. Hey guys, i am thinking about starting this game and i have this odd feeling that i could not be able to get it done, even it is a less than 1 % ultra rare plat, i hate not being able to plat any game, so i was going to ask how much harder is this platinum compared to max payne 3? I did it max payne with 6 attempts, i know it is a complete different genre of games, but the platinum seems to demand the same kind of requirements....Which one is harder for you? Congrats on anyone who managed to do this, this looks insane.
  6. This game is really really annoying, like these quests feel so stupid because whenever you are doing some stupid shit happens, like the camera start doing some weird shit or the touch pad doesnt work properly and most of them if you die you die, you cant backtrack and i just hate it, it is not even that hard, but urghhh this game is really really boring, like i regreted bad to started it being a completionist, it is draining my soul out
  7. I will avoid this like a plague if it isnt way easier than Turbo lol
  8. The Gran Tour Alpha Romeo event and some of the AMG academy it is also pretty tough
  9. Great progress my man, i knew you would make it, soon you will join the club, boooom
  10. Dont wanna sound like a ♥, but threads like this make me cringe. If this is a 9, then SMB, CRASH 4, DOWNWELL are what? a 12049858585 out 10???? Dude , just because it is really really hard for you doesnt mean it is indeed Hard, maybe there is a option called, MAYBE I SUCK AT THIS GAME??? you people should think about that before saying these stuff lol, you clearly dont know what a true 9 is. I made a thread similar like this on MIGHTY N 9 because the guy said it is a 5, it is clearly not, just compare the rarity of the plats and requirements, MIGHTY N 9 it is a least an 7, to me is a 8, it shits on this game right here easily
  11. Is there any other videos besides Blue Angels one?? I cant for life get that gold medal, i got the platinum on the old assetto and it had that pit stop glitch on the Spa tracks and it made really doable, this is by far my least favored track and i struggle a lot on it. I cant find any other setups online and my best time was 2 24 766, i cant shave these last mils. If anyone can give me some tips , that would be really helpful
  12. I am opening this thread so we can update each other when a DLC SALE for this horrible game comes so we can get this 100 %
  13. Hey guys, i did a commentary guide of the 17 sections on the game, and i showed all strats that i used on my Mein Leben run. I believe i can help a lot of you struggling on this horrible trophy I Will leave the first video here, the rest of the videos it is on my channel. There is a couple of spots that i did some mistakes but you can fix it with practice or a different method. Good luck guys
  14. I am sorry , but i have to vent. This online mode is pure garbage, i cant even complete a single race without some dirty garbage loser ramming me out of the track every single time. I raced 15 times and got pole position 3 times, 3 times got second place on the grid and the other ones were 4th, only 2 races were fair and of course i placed 2th , but i wasnt mad at all because it was my fault and the guy was better. Other than that it was just a frustrating experience and i rather doing GT5 all over again than this shit. Also the penalty system is a pure joke and unfair as fk. Really, what a frustrating experience is . I hate those dirty loser drivers
  15. You can do it, like i said to my friend if you can win 1 you can win 91, make sure you stay tunned every week so when you get an easy track you farm lots of wins, i managed to win 91 in 5 days like that
  16. Get used bro, it sucks but thats how it is, people suck on that game
  17. It is easy if they did Asseto Corsa, Vettel on GT5 or Flat out dlc, there are wayy harder stuff on racing games , it depends on the player
  18. Exactly, thats what i am talking about haha, i dont know i cant look at GT series and not have a great challenge, GT6 was also disappointing to me, but that just me
  19. 1 hour on one event? thats nothing bro, some events on Asseto Corsa took me 10h , try Asseto and you will see a tough racing game and it can get much worse ( flat out dlc dirty rally 2.0 and vettel on GT5)
  20. Can anyone tell me from 1 to 10 how hard this game is?? Possible with a pad? The first game was almost impossible with a pad, very low rarity..
  21. Any patches for ps5 version?? Is the Disc version still required to get plat???
  22. Yeah man,i was super pissed when i made this THREAD hahaha, i was trying to get wins on my alt and i just could not because of that. Luckily i had a awesome luck and got a great car and track for next reset and manage to get 91 wins in 5 days, but tbh they did a terrible job punishing the dirty racers and the penalty system absolutely SUCKS!! Like wtf is that?
  23. Big tip , to get more of these players more often the later you play on the night like to 2 am -6am you will get a looot of players like that. I got most of my wins during that time, not sure how it is now, but last year was
  24. Hell nah, i love challenging trophies, GT series should be always hard, like the old school days, not this bs
  25. As soon as i press the left stick more than 1 sec forward he keeps walking non stop and nothing stops him