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  1. I like the Midnight games. They have a very relaxing atmosphere. A shame that we will no longer have a Vita version.
  2. Ok, it’s time to admit it: my almost 9 year old PSN account with 200 platinums is also [email protected]_TheLastofUs troll alt from Portugal. Going back to topic: I love that the original TLOUR Outbreak theme is finally free for Europe. It has been free a few times for the US, but never for Europe. The music is beautiful. I just want to stand there staring at the screen, listening to those beautiful Gustavo Santaolalla’s melodies.
  3. Abby is a far more likeable and balanced character than Ellie is during the entire game and her story is also far more interesting and meaningful than Ellie’s. Yes, she lived great part of her life driven by the need of revenge and ended up committing an atrocious act as a consequence, but she realized that didn’t solve anything for her, so she spends her part of the story trying to redeem herself by helping Yara and Lev, while Ellie kills all her friends in cold blood. Also, just because someone has a different opinion or likes different things than you doesn’t mean they are a troll.
  4. I like the theme. I love the sound of the ocean. 😊
  5. It took me three years to go from 100 to 200 and from "Persona 4 Golden" to "Persona 5"! #200 Persona 5 Legendary Phantom Thief Earn all trophies.
  6. #200 Persona 5 Legendary Phantom Thief Earn all trophies. Three years ago, "Persona 4 Golden" was my 100th platinum and it totally deserved that spot. I bought Persona 5 almost a year ago, but didn't plat it right away, so now that I was looking for a game to be my 200th platinum, it felt the natural choice. Persona 5 is truly an excellent game and definitely in my top 10 PS4 games. Although I felt P4G's story was more mysterious and the confidants also had deeper stories, I really liked all the new gameplay mechanics and some of the puzzles that we have to solve, while exploring the Palaces. The anime scenes are also very beautiful. Above all, what I love the most in the Persona series is how deep, meaningful and inspiring the concept of Personas can be for our lives and how it shows us that the bonds with others can change you and make you stronger. Trophy-wise, nothing in this platinum is too hard, but it's still a daunting project, that demands a lot of work and time.
  7. #200 Persona 5

    An excellent game, that I am so happy to have as such an epic milestone! :)

  8. I still can’t believe that people are complaining about some PS5 games also coming to PS4. For me, this was the best gaming news I had these last few days. How selfish of these people being worried about these games not being as good on PS5, just because they have a PS4 version. Do you think that everyone lives in a rich country to be able to give 400 or 500€ for a brand new console?!

    Not that I am a super fan of Spider-Man or Horizon, but it was very nice to know that there are still some PS exclusives coming to PS4.

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    2. MohandGamer7


      With the power of PS5 SSD, game design will be fundamentally different which makes the ps4 unable to run such games. Now since HZD is coming to ps4, that means the level and map design won’t be that different from this generation in order to adapt the limitation of ps4. People want to see Next-Gen changes and upgrades other than 4K 60FPS things 

    3. Alderriz


      The other point I hear is that these games could've been designed with only PS5 in mind, but the PS4 is holding them back with some design choises. Personally, I don't know witch ones, since, as far as I know, Spider-Man and Horizon are seemless open worlds, not like they have many corridors or something. They're very cleverly designed.



      Do you think that everyone lives in a rich country to be able to give 400 or 500€ for a brand new console?!


      I agree with everything you said, except this point. People don't have be able to buy it on day one. It's cool that these early nextgen games will be available on the PS4, but at some point these people will have to spend the money on the new console to be able to play new games. 



      Also, somehow missed Mohand's comment about the same thing, oops.

    4. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      I'm whatever about it but most people are probably upset because Sony had been consistently saying they believe in generations  and took shots at Microsoft for their views on cross gen games then do this. I can't really fault people for being upset with a company for being hypocrites

  9. I don’t think so. From what I understood, the Collection will be an exclusive PS Plus benefit for PS5 users, whereas we, on PS4, will continue receiving two monthly IGC titles.
  10. My thought was exactly the opposite: this collection is probably a hint for upcoming PS4 IGC games, considering it includes some that were already given for free to PS Plus members.
  11. What I liked the most about this presentation was to know that I will be able to play most of these new games on my PS4. It was unexpected, but great news to know that Sony acknowledges all the people who aren’t going get a PS5 anytime soon.
  12. Getting the platinum doesn’t always mean I’ll be saying goodbye to the game. I always keep my favorite games installed. I love revisiting my favorite story modes from time to time and I also like to keep playing some MP/Co-op games to complete in-game challenges, doing prestige or just to have fun.
  13. Fall Guys at 85% = Time to move on

    This game was fun in the beginning, but now it was just becoming tiresome and annoying, so I am very happy that I reached a decent completion percentage, that makes me feel comfortable in moving on to more pleasant games. The fact that winning episodes is really hard for me, all the repetitive gameplay, the disconnections and people playing dirty (and I understand this is how this type of game works, but winning through sabotaging others is not how I like to play) makes Fall Guys a game that doesn’t have much longevity for me.

    1. DamagingRob


      Can confirm, @Wdjat Prinny Doods's mom plays real dirty. :P It's a lot more fun with a group of friends, in my opinion. Even if you don't know win, maybe you help your friend win. Playing solo... yeah, it's a pretty frustrating time. :/ People are getting more grabby in games, too. Sending you to your doom in Roll Out or Slime Climb. Can be pretty annoying. 

    2. Wdjat Prinny Doods
    3. Beyondthegrave07


      I'm the same way. I'll probably try and get to level 40 and be done with it. I get to the finals A LOT and I still don't have a single win.

  14. This is one of the reasons I am starting to hate this game. I am trying to grind some money for the trophy “Fall Guy Fashionista” and the game is basically unplayable for me right now. I keep getting disconnected, especially when I am waiting for the others to finish after I have already qualified.
  15. Awesome Ellie cosplay 😮:



    1. MidnightDragon


      Good, but doesn’t look mad enough.

    2. ihadalifeb4this


      She doesn't look mad enough



      but she would like to try