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  1. TLOU is and, probably, will always be my all-time favorite game, but, honestly, I don’t agree with this possible remake. TLOU is already beautiful even on PS3 and we even have a remastered PS4 version, playable on PS5. TLOU is easily accessible to everyone; remakes should be reserved to really old games, that are hard to find and play nowadays and there are many great games that need and deserve a remake. In my case, there isn’t a year that goes by without me thinking about some old games that I used to play, when I was younger. I don’t have access to these games anymore and I would love a newer version. An example of this is the brilliant Exhumed/Powerslave; my god, how I miss this game! Fortunately, there are some rumors of a remake and I do hope they are true.
  2. My family subscribed to Netflix for the first time, because my mother wants to watch “The Crown”.


    Obviously, I am taking advantage of this to watch what I like: Horror!


     I started with “The Haunting of Hill House”, something I was interested in for a while. It starts slowly, but then each episode grows in intensity and, in the end, it turned out to be one of the scariest things I’ve ever watched in my entire life. And I loved it... it was incredible!


    Bly Manor will, probably, be next, but I think I am going with something lighter tonight, because Hill House really feeds on your sanity... 😅


    Any horror fans around here? :)

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Mayellie


      Haunting of Hill House was quite good, but I preferred Bly Manor. Initially it's quite slow, then gets great midway. Can also vouch for Dark. :) 

    3. Glowbugg


      If Troll Hunter is still on there I'd recommend it, I love it 👍

    4. Cobbsquatch


      It surprises me people enjoyed both of The Haunting Of shows, I honestly, found em both really boring, apart from Hill House at the end of ep 8 onwards (the pay wasnt worth the nearly 8 full eps of boredom though) and 1 episode of Bly Manor (episode 8).


      But different strokes n folks n all that jazz.

  3. March: 16/03/2021 Life is Strange 2 - 10€ 23/03/2021 The Suicide of Rachel Foster - 10€ Total: 75€
  4. Like I already said, I already own both of these games, but I am not complaining, since I have lots of games to keep me busy and I am currently working on Hitman 2, which is a joy to play. About these games: Days Gone isn’t a bad game, but it isn’t that great either; the best part is fighting the hordes, but you barely do that during the campaign. I had a blast with the challenges, though, and I recommend everyone to give them a try. Working on the challenges was, probably, my gaming moment of 2019. I like co-op games, so I bought ZA4 a year ago. Honestly, it isn’t that good; it’s too dull and easy. I think they just want to sell you the DLCs. Also, you can count with two easy platinums! 👍
  5. I hope this is not true, because I already have both. April is my birthday month; couldn’t Sony give me something that I don’t have? 😢
  6. Considering there are no more sales, I am not going to buy anything at full price. What’s incomplete will stay incomplete.
  7. “The Last of Us Part II” is one of the best games ever made and it deserves all the 10/10 reviews and awards that it has been receiving. But you most likely haven’t played it and like most of the haters, you are just judging a game based on personal prejudices, so how would you know? P.S.: Sorry for being off-topic, but I am tired of unbased hatred towards a great game that came out almost a year ago.
  8. So it is true. This is so sad, especially in the Vita case. I can barely find physical Vita games in my country, so digital games were always my solution. 😭 A last big sale for PS3 and Vita would be great, but, yeah, it’s not going to happen. Sony stopped caring about these consoles a long time ago.
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  10. I just finished all the main missions from the trial and I loved the game! It’s so much fun! London is also a lovely city! I didn’t think this game would be that good, due to some reviews/opinions I read, but it is awesome! Maybe that’s why Ubisoft gave us the chance to try the game! I will definitely buy it in the future!
  11. #210 The Suicide of Rachel Foster Platinum Get all the trophies I like horror walking simulators, so I was interested in this game since it came out. You play as Nicole, a woman, with a disturbing family background, who comes to inspect her family hotel, so that she can sell it and finally find peace and let go of her painful memories. Unfortunately, it's exactly the opposite that ends up happening: Nicole gets stuck at the hotel, due to a major blizzard, and with the guidance of Irving, a FEMA agent, helping her over the phone, she has to explore the old building and confront her memories. In terms of horror walking simulators, I have to say that I liked "The Park" more: I think it was more well-done, more interesting and the story gets a really creepy turn towards the end. It's recommended that you play "The Suicide of Rachel Foster" with headphones. The sounds that old hotel makes can make your exploration quite scary, which is exactly what you're looking for in these types of games. Unfortunately, I felt my immersion was constantly being destroyed by the dialogue between Nicole and Irving, that, in my opinion, happens way too often. Just like in "The Park", you can expect a twist, that makes this story even darker than it already is. The conclusion to Nicole's story can also be quite disheartening. In general, I can't say that this game is that good, but it's still fairly interesting, if you enjoy these types of games. The platinum is also very simple and we have a very detailed guide here on PSNP, that you can use to make the road to the platinum more straightforward.
  12. #210 The Suicide of Rachel Foster

    A dark and disturbing story.

  13. If anyone is interested in trying “Watch Dogs: Legion”, there’s going to be a free trial this weekend. Obviously, getting the platinum won’t be possible, because you won’t have access to the game’s full content.
  14. #209 Life is Strange 2 All Roads Traveled Unlock all Life is Strange 2 trophies. I knew that people had mixed feelings about this game and maybe that's why I waited so long to play it. I recently found it on sale for just 10€, so I bought it on a whim, because, for this price, I wouldn't lose much, even if I didn't like it. I tend to agree with people that say that this game isn't that good. It isn't terrible, but it's just...boring. I actually liked the first two episodes; I thought they were good and interesting enough, but then things start getting tedious in episode 3 and the game never really recovers from this. It's like you're watching a boring documentary about two boys of Mexican origin, trying to survive together and going back to Mexico, after losing their father. Daniel's power is also nothing amazing and I thought it was quite forgettable and maybe underused. There's nothing wrong in a game approaching matters that are important to today's society, but a game is a game; it should be engaging and have some action and emotion, not feel like you're reading a newspaper. Spider-Man: Miles Morales, for example, is such a fantastic game and it also manages to make a statement and to support important subjects. One thing that I thought was really well done was how each episode was introduced with a summary of the story up to that point. This was made with drawings, telling the story of the brothers as if they were wolves, meeting other animals during their journey. I actually think it would be a much more creative way to tell this story if the characters were actually animals and not people. I also liked the ending that I got, which was "parting ways". I didn't think Sean deserved to be in prison, because I always tried to make the most righteous decisions. It was satisfying to see that both boys were as happy and stable as possible, considering their circumstances and even if they aren't together and that Daniel was using his power to help people.
  15. #209 Life is Strange 2

    Overall, I think this game’s story could be better, but, at least, I liked the ending that I got.

    1. ihadalifeb4this



    2. zizimonster


      What do you think of Before the Storm? I didn't enjoy it. The first instalment is still a masterpiece in terms of storytelling, imo. :D

    3. Carol



      BtS is my favourite LiS game, because it was so dramatic and emotionally intense. :D