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  1. #230 Stray (PS4) All Done Unlock all trophies. Recently, I took advantage of the discounts to upgrade my PS Plus subscription to Extra, because I intend to buy a PS5 this year and I want to try “Returnal” and “Deathloop”. Meanwhile, I started by playing this game “Stray”, that has been popular lately. I really enjoyed playing as this stealthy cat. Both the gameplay and the story were interesting, the soundtrack was great and the game, overall, was very atmospheric. The platinum was easy and only the speedrun gave me a little bit of trouble. I can definitely recommend this game.
  2. #230 Stray (PS4)

    A great game!

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. GT__Jedi


      I'm in the middle of this one.  How was the 2 hour run for you?

    3. Carol



      The speedrun wasn’t too bad, but you should upload a save to the cloud at least midway through the game. I messed up my run through the prison, so having a save was useful for me.

  3. Well, imagine how boring the world would be if we all liked the same things. 😂 I liked the LARP chapter, exactly because it was different and a nice change of pace.
  4. #229 Life is Strange: True Colors (PS4) Haven Maven Collect all Trophies in Life is Strange: True Colors™ In this new LiS game, we follow Alex, a girl, that after a rough past, has to deal with the unexpected death of her brother. Her mission in the game is to solve the mystery surrounding the boy’s death. Her power is to be able to connect with other people’s emotions and, once she understands why they are feeling that way, she can figure out the best way to help them feel better. Overall, this game wasn’t bad; the story was interesting enough, although nothing amazing. I think the highlight of the game was chapter 3, where you get to play LARP; I think this was a fun and original idea. Platinum-wise, this game was very easy, since you only have to help a few people with your power, find all collectibles and, of course, complete the story. In conclusion, I would say that “Life is Strange: True Colors” was a relaxing and pleasant way to spend a rainy weekend, but nothing more than that.
  5. #229 Life is Strange: True Colors (PS4)

    Not bad, but not great either.

  6. #228 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (PS4) Viking Legend Win Every Trophy Fortunately, I enjoyed this game much more than AC Odyssey. I think it had more meaningful content and it felt more like an AC game, although the campaign was definitely too long, so it got repetitive. AC Valhalla arrived at my life when I was facing lots of changes, so this predictability that is so part of what Ubisoft makes was something that I really needed, to deal with all the anxiety. And what I liked the most was actually the collectible grind. This game gave me 140 hours of pure joy and relaxation! I loved exploring all those little dots in the map and solving the little puzzles that would come up. I think the Animus Anomalies were especially well done; they were challenging, but fair and rewarding. In the end, I am glad I gave a chance to this game. I came with low expectations, because I didn’t like Odyssey, and I ended up having a very good time! I still have all the DLCs to do, so I hope to continue to enjoy it!
  7. #228 Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (PS4)

    I loved my time with this game. 😊

  8. No one here said that playing on the PS5 is the same as playing on the vanilla PS4. What we said is that, for now, the PS4 does all the basic things that we need and that we are satisfied with that, so no need to spend 800€, especially considering that lots of people here work or study and can only play in their free time. But I am sure both of you understood perfectly well what we meant. Like always, people like to use the Internet to play dumb and troll.
  9. Now that I have a steady job, I have been spending a lot of money on Apple products, because I love Apple, but I still don’t feel tempted to buy a PS5. Here, they are always sold in bundles, costing more 700€ and I don’t think the PS5 it’s worth that much money, especially considering that it barely has exclusives. Now, it will be even more expensive. Maybe by the end of 2023, it will start to make sense upgrading. For now, my PS4 works fine.
  10. #227 Horizon Forbidden West (PS4) All Trophies Obtained Obtained all Horizon Forbidden West trophies. Even though I wasn't a fan of the first game, I still wanted to play this sequel, because it's a PS Exclusive, which is easy to be excited about,and because I like open-world games, in general. I am happy to say that I liked this game much more than the original. The campaign is good and the open-world is much more interesting to explore. I loved the jungle and beach settings, I loved solving the puzzles from the relic ruins and the side-quests were also interesting and diverse, which made the grind to level 50 not painful at all. The platinum was easy, but also fun and satisfying. I enjoyed my time with "Horizon Forbidden West" and I think it was worth my money and energy.
  11. #227 Horizon Forbidden West (PS4)

    I am happy to say that I enjoyed this game much more than the original. :)

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    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      I liked the original a lot. I liked this a lot more. A great evolution on Zero Dawn, exactly what it needed to do, don't know why some were expecting it to be revolutionary. Congrats.

    3. Carol


      Thanks, everyone!

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  12. I will keep my normal PS Plus subscription. Nowadays, I barely have time to play the games I buy, so the extra tiers would just be a waste of money. I only have Plus to play online, actually.
  13. Who cares about “DLC traps” when you can infiltrate the Berghof? 😂
  14. I can’t wait to play this game! I am going to pre-order it this weekend. I am very excited about it and the trophies look fun to achieve, just like in SE4. I loved that I could work on most of the trophies while playing Survival. Hopefully, the same will happen with SE5. This makes the trophies much more pleasant. 😊
  15. So sad. I really liked the game. R.I.P.