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  1. My desire to play this game ended up speaking louder than my wish to save money, so I bought it a few days ago, when it was discounted. I am going to be honest and say that most of my platinums were easier than just beating this game was. The last three worlds were purely sadistic. Relief is what I felt when I finally completed the last boss level and received the last story-related trophy. Don’t get me wrong, though. I really liked the game and the boss levels, in particular, were very fun. Anyway, now, I am going to play the extra levels and clean up the easier trophies. Beating the game was already a challenge, for me, like I said, but I have the feeling that all the levels can be learned to perfection with a lot of practice and dedication. I just don’t know if I am willing to do that, though. Nevertheless, I think I will go back to the game, in the future.
  2. #206 The Walking Dead: The Final Season The Final Season Completed The Walking Dead: The Final Season I finally had the chance to see how Clem's story ended. This game was decent, with some beautiful and intense moments. The conclusion of Clem and AJ's story was as happy as possible, considering their circumstances, and it did give me the closure that I needed. Joel and Ellie's story ended in such a sad way, that I am glad that Clem ended a little better (although I think this "happy" ending was a bit unrealistic, considering the events of the final episode, but whatever, it's fiction and I'm sure everyone wanted to see Clem alive at the end). Trophy-wise, the platinum was a little trickier than previous Telltale trophy lists, because there are some missable trophies. It is, therefore, advisable to follow a guide. A couple of missable trophies were a bit annoying, but nothing too bad. I honestly miss playing Telltale games, since they are so different from our "common" game and more focused on the narrative and choices. They are a nice change of pace. I do hope the company's revival brings us some new games.
  3. #206 The Walking Dead: The Final Season

    A satisfying conclusion to Clem’s story!

  4. I’m not asking for your favorite game. I am asking for that game that manages to include all the elements that you like in a game; the elements that make a game be worth a day one purchase for you. In my case, I choose Tomb Raider (2013). People who know me may find weird that I don’t say Uncharted. Uncharted and TLOU are, indeed my favorite series and I do think the Uncharted games are the better games compared to the TR trilogy, but, in terms of gameplay and story elements the 2013 TR managed to replicate more my exact type of game than most Uncharted games. I really like archeological type of adventures, that allow you to explore temples, ruins, traces of ancient civilizations and to solve small puzzles to find relics... Uncharted has a simpler formula, because it usually revolves more around solving the mystery surrounding the location of a treasure or lost city, while fighting some bad guys, that have the exact same objective as the protagonist. Tomb Raider is not only a great action adventure game, but also manages to include all the archeological stuff that I love. You’re stuck on an island, having to fight a dangerous cult and facing supernatural events. At the same time, you have to save your friends and solve the mystery that surrounds the island and those strange events. The open-world is great too, with relics to find and tombs to explore. I really love Tomb Raider. It’s a special game for me and I still replay it from time to time. I am looking forward to seeing your choices! Also, if you know other games with these kinds of elements that I like (action-adventure, with archeological aspects) feel free to recommend them to me! I appreciate that, as long as you don’t suggest me “Unearthed”! 😂
  5. 1 - Unity (amazing stealth game and playing in Paris was just awesome!) 2 - Chronicles (I love this trilogy more than I can explain) 3 - Ezio Trilogy (three excellent games and I can’t really choose between them) 4 - Liberation (I think Aveline was an excellent female protagonist) 5 - AC3 (a solid game) 6 - Black Flag (another very good game) 7 - Rogue (short, but enjoyable) 8 - Origins (not a classic AC, but I liked the Egyptian setting) 9 - Syndicate (this one was just meh, for me) 10 - Odyssey (I absolutely hated this game) I know that my list is a little different from everyone else’s, but that’s just who I am and I am always honest. You can’t really choose what you love.
  6. I would like to live in one of your countries, where new physical games are cheap or you can even rent them, because here in Portugal, physical games are very expensive and they only get cheaper on the few occasions that Sony lowers the prices themselves (like Black Friday or Days of Play). PS Store’s promotions are my best option to buy games and they happen much more often than sales on physical games. I would have much less games, without these digital sales, that always happen every two weeks. Just as a quick example, the physical version of Crash 4 is now 70€ on Portuguese stores, whereas the digital version of the same game is 35€, until Friday, on PS Store. I don’t think it’s hard to figure out what the best deal is, especially if you don’t have much money to buy games (because, yeah, I can understand that you can sell physical games and get some of your money back).
  7. My country - Portugal - and, in particular, the wonderful city of Lisbon. Portugal is old and full of history; it would be great seeing it portrayed in a game. That Lisbon section of Rogue was sweet, but too small. Most European cities are gorgeous. Being able to play in Paris was awesome; I really loved Unity. It’s a shame that Chronicles was just a trilogy. Apparently, it’s not very popular among players, but, personally, I really love those three games and I would love more Chronicles games, set in different places of the world. There are so many interesting cultures to be explored and that would look beautiful in the art style Chronicles uses.
  8. OMG! I still can’t believe it, but I actually did it! I just got the trophy! I met a fantastic team of randoms and we completed chapter two in less than two hours! They were very nice and calm players too. I had already completed chapter three, with some people that asked me to join them, so I got the trophy right away. Once again, persistence paid off. I am very happy to get this done; now, I only need the NG+ trophies for 100%.
  9. Ok, you convinced me! I’ll buy the game, when it gets a little cheaper. I appreciate everyone’s impressions!
  10. I’ve been wanting to play a fun and colorful game and that is also not too short or, at least, that offers some replayability. Sackboy and Crash 4 are some of the games I’m interested in. I haven’t played the PS4 Crash trilogy, but I did play a bit of the original games on the Vita. Although they were hard and a bit frustrating, they never stopped being fun and addictive, so I always felt the motivation to keep trying and to learn the levels, because getting to the end and seeing what comes next was so interesting. I know that Crash 4’s platinum is very hard, but getting the platinum is not that important for me. I do want to beat the game, enjoy it and have fun. So, my question is: is Crash 4 still fun and enjoyable, even though, from what I understand it’s harder than the other games in the series or is it just so hard after a while, that even if you don’t care about all the completionist stuff, it just stops being fun and it’s just stressful, annoying and frustrating? Thank you for your opinions! 👍
  11. Wow! I can’t believe I actually won something! Thank you so much! 🙏 My store is the Portuguese one, but if it’s hard for you to find a Portuguese PSN Card, I can just create an US account.
  12. Out of my 28 2020 platinums, these games were my favorites (in no particular order): World War Z A very fun and challenging co-op game, that I still play today, almost a year after getting the platinum; The Last of Us Part II Waiting for this game to come out was an emotional roller coaster: hype and anxiety, when it was announced and when Naughty Dog provided us trailers or little bits of information; desperation, due to all the delays; sadness and hurt, when the leaks exploded. Finally playing this game was an amazing experience, because my heart couldn’t handle any more anxiety and anticipation. A very sad and depressing story, but a phenomenal game. Ghost of Tsushima A beautiful hymn to Japan, animals, nature and spirituality. The addition of Legends, with all its mysticism, made the game even better! Persona 5 An excellent and inspiring game, that I chose to be my 200th platinum, just like P4G was my 100th. The Sexy Brutale A fantastic and charming game, that completely captivated me! I wish there were more games like this one! Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice A very emotional and touching experience, especially if you know what living with psychological problems is.
  13. Once again, I got way too many points! 😂 I’ll try to be proud of the few original answers that I managed to achieve! Thanks for all the hard work and congrats to all the (for now, unknown) winners!
  14. This is my first trophy of 2021: I do hope to have a sunny 2021, infused with power and opportunities to fulfill my dreams. 🙏 Once again, happy new year, everyone!
  15. 2020 stats: PS5: 0 PS4: 137 PS3: 71 PS Vita: 95 Multiplatform: 31 Total: 334 games