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  1. #224 Hades (PS4) God of Blood Earn all other Trophies "Hades" is a truly epic game, that deserves all the praise that it gets. It's a great game, with beautiful environments and characters, a fantastic soundtrack, amazing voice acting and a simple, but lovely story. I appreciate that this game is a roguelite, because I am not a very skilled person, so I never get far in roguelikes. I am thankful to Supergiant Games for creating a great game, accessible to everyone and to all skill levels. If you prefer an easier experience, you can activate God Mode, that pretty much removes all difficulty, when you already have a lot of damage resistance, but if you want to make the game harder, you can also do that. Trophy-wise, if you have God Mode activated, there's nothing particularly hard about this platinum. You just have to play the game a lot. It took me a month, playing pretty much every day, to unlock this platinum. This made the game a bit less enjoyable for me, because you get to a point where you already saw everything, in terms of gameplay, but you still need to keep playing. This continuous gameplay loop started to make me feel somewhat numb, but this is a problem that only trophy hunters will have. In conclusion, "Hades" is a fantastic game, that I absolutely recommend, although, as a trophy hunter, I would have preferred a shorter experience.
  2. #224 Hades (PS4)

    A great game, although the platinum took so long that it made the game a little less enjoyable.

  3. Husky to Dog 911: My owner has been gone for 10 seconds… Dog 911: Have you tried eating the couch?
  4. I had the opportunity to say that I was saving some money to buy a PS5, but I think I am going to give up on this idea for now.

    I am not rich, I don’t live in a rich country, so I don’t think that buying a PS5 now or in 2022 is the wisest thing to do.


    I have no interest in the digital PS5, because, even though most of my games are digital, I like to buy a physical game once in a while, so I don’t want to be limited. I would need, at least, 600€ for a standard PS5 and that’s a lot.


    In 2022, pretty much all major games, including exclusives, are coming to the PS4. 

    I loved Miles Morales and Sackboy on my base PS4; these games on my PS4 didn’t give me any reasons to complain. I am sure that HFW and the new GoW will be same; of course they will look better and have a better performance on the PS5, but, at their core, they are probably PS4 games more than true PS5 games. I was never picky about technical stuff in games, anyway.
    Everyone has the right to invest in their hobby, but, in my opinion, the PS5 is truly a luxury item, at the present moment. That so many people are looking for one is definitely a psychological phenomenon.


    The end of 2023 will probably be the best moment to buy a PS5. By then, the PS4 will no longer have new exclusives and I am sure the PS5 will be better by then, than it is now and also, hopefully, cheaper.

    Of course that I would love to try the Dualsense, Astro’s Playroom, Ratchet and Clank… and it’s kind of a pain having PS Plus games that I can’t play, but these things aren’t worth 600€ and they will be waiting for me, anyway, a couple of years from now.


    And before people ask or wonder if I would actually be able to buy a PS5 right now: yes, I could already have one, if I had the money for it, actually. Here, standard PS5s are being sold in bundles, costing 600€-650€ (sometimes even more, because stores take advantage of the PS5 being such a wanted item to sell insurance and/or extended warranty as part of the bundles). Not everyone here has this much money to give for a game console and this is not the type of deal that scalpers are interested in as well. Some of these bundles last for a few hours, before they get sold out, so if you’re following alerts, you can actually quite easily buy a PS5.


    Anyway, there’s plenty of other interesting things where I can spend my money on, instead of spending months trying to gather 600€, so I think that waiting is the best choice in my personal case. :)

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    2. Cravinovv


      I'm with you on the wait. Most of the PS5's offers seem a little lackluster for the price. I certainly want to get Cyberpunk on the PS5, as well as Demon's Souls and the new Horizon when it comes out, but I'm patient. Still have a massive PS4 backlog as it is.

    3. MikeCheck--


      I agree. The only reason I obtained a PS5 was for the VR upgrade it presented, and of course for the eventual PSVR2. Do what is best for you and your finances :)

    4. MidnightDragon


      And since most PS5 games

      are still coming to PS4…

  5. September: 04/09/2021 Movers in Paradise DLC (Moving Out) - 7,5€ 24/09/2021 Hades (PS4) - 30€ Total: 198,62€
  6. I bought this one today. I hope it’s as good and addictive as people say. It’s bad to have expectations in life, but with this game it’s difficult not to have them, considering what people say about it. :D




  7. I am saving some money to buy a PS5 in a few months, so I sure hope it isn’t disappointing. I have never been disappointed with a PS console. The Vita had a sad and disappointing life, but it wasn’t its fault, because the device itself was amazing and it still gave me lots of hours of joy. About being disappointed with the PS5, you’re not the only one, though. I have a friend, who was also a trophy hunter. He was so excited to get a PS5 and he even sold his PS4 Pro to be able to buy one. Some days ago, he sent me a message like this: “Hi Carol! I sold my PS5 and bought the XBox Series X. The library of games is amazing for a cheap price. Here’s my ID, if you ever come to XBox. Love u.” I don’t like console wars and I actually love when a game allows me to play with people on other platforms, but the exclusives and the trophies make me stay on PlayStation. I have an almost 7-year-old vanilla PS4 and, even though it does all the basic things, I know that technology evolves a lot, so I think I will definitely benefit from an upgrade. I also would like to play a couple of games from the PS Plus collection and all these PS Plus titles that PS5 has been receiving, because it’s kind of a pain to have them in my library, but not be able to play them. But, to be honest, if you are on PlayStation more because of the exclusives, like me, I think the PS5 will only be truly needed in 2023. I played Miles Morales and Sackboy on my PS4 and I had a very pleasant experience with both. I am dying to try the Dualsense, though.
  8. When you buy the Aftermath upgrade, you get all the levels that were released until now:
  9. There are no new trophies, but I am definitely going to buy the upgrade at some point. It's such a great co-op game; the co-op levels are so good! I had the opportunity to play the Marseille levels, in a private lobby, with someone who owned it, and it was pretty good too, so I know I can trust that these other DLC levels won't disappoint either.
  10. #223 LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (PS4) World's Finest Collect all of the Trophies I felt in the mood to play a LEGO game and I am not exactly a fan of Batman, but as far as I know, this is the only PS4 Lego game available on PS Now and, since I don't exactly trust my Internet to stream PS3 games, I had no choice but to go with this one. These Lego games always follow the same formula, but they always feel very creative and this one was no exception. It's a game with a lot of content, from the campaign missions, that, as usual, you have to play twice to collect everything, to the hub world and planets, where you can find lots of side-missions, VR missions, more things to collect and races to complete. From a gamer perspective, I appreciated all the content and diversity that this game offers, but, from a trophy hunter perspective, this was a bit of a nightmare, especially because my PS Now subscription ends tomorrow, so I played this under some pressure to finish it in time. In the end, it took me 36 hours to platinum this game. It was a fun game, with an easy, but time-consuming platinum, like it's usual in Lego games.
  11. #223 LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (PS4)

    A fun game, with an exhausting platinum.

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    2. Cleggworth


      @AK-1138 I still have nightmares about Lego Marvel Superheroes 2. Took me 40-50 hours to finish that bastard

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. MidnightDragon
  12. I love Uncharted and I am not even slightly interested in this collection or excited about it. They only remaster things that don't need to be remastered. What I would love, but I know that will never happen, is Uncharted 3's multiplayer/co-op remastered... how I miss those times playing U3's MP for hours on end... I wish I could go back in time; nostalgia is terrible... 😭
  13. #222 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Ultimate Fall Guy Acquire all other trophies I like online games, so I started this game, when it was given on PS Plus, thinking it was going to be a fun experience. Unfortunately, the fun didn't last long and this turned out to be one of the most annoying and frustrating gaming experiences of my life. I played this game solo and there are just so many things I don't like about this game: too hard to win or even to reach the final round, my internet and this game didn't go well together, so I suffered disconnections often, but, above all, what I don't like is the nature of this game, too competitive and based on the philosophy "Play dirty and sabotage others to win". When it comes to online games, I am, mostly, a co-op player, so games that are too competitive or too based on griefing others are definitely not my type. It was my fault for starting it, but I definitely learned to stay away from these kinds of games. I actually deleted the game, when I reached a completion percentage that satisfied me, because I knew I would never get "Infallible" and the 20 wins trophy would be hard too. However, some months ago, the Infallible private lobby glitch appeared and it was too irresistible. So I downloaded the game again, found a nice discord group that helped me and got my trophy hunter revenge towards these devs that clearly wanted to troll us with "Infallible". However, I still had the 20 wins trophy left and it was a pain. I could play entire afternoons, hours on end, without getting a single win, which was incredibly frustrating. I was aware of the Hex-a-4041 time out boosting method, but people do this on the Australian servers and I kept getting kicked, because my internet connection wasn't good/stable enough, which was, once again, disappointing. Yesterday, I read that this event was available again, so I decided to give it another try, and to my great surprise, some Internet God might have blessed me, because, even though I had the bad connection symbol there all the time, the game, somehow, let me play on the Australian servers and, after a few hours, I was able to achieve the 11 wins that I needed and, to my great relief, I finally got the platinum. In conclusion, I only recommend this game, if you have a competent group of friends to play with, so that you can win or, at least, reach the final round often. I think this is the only way to have fun with this game. Playing solo, this was a horrible, tortuous experience and only my trophy hunter spirit, alongside with these glitches/boosting methods, didn't let me give up.
  14. I really liked GoW 2018 and this one looks pretty awesome too. I will, probably, replay GoW 2018, before this one comes out. I think it’s definitely a game that deserves to be replayed.
  15. #222 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

    The torture is finally over.

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    2. Leanthil


      Wow! Congrats! I'm jealous, because I feel that I'll never get those 13 more wins and 15 more first places :/

    3. Carol


      Thanks! Yes, it was a pain.

    4. ihadalifeb4this