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  1. July: 30/07/2021 Far Cry New Dawn Deluxe Edition - 11€ Gris - 6,79€ Total: 156,12€
  2. Yes, it is. It’s fun, colorful and, in general, not too hard. There are lots of kids playing this game.
  3. Today, I saw a PS5, for the first time, in real life. They exist and they are huge! The PS5 definitely seems powerful!

    I saw it in a second-hand shop and they were asking 780€ for an used console.

     I kept looking at it like if it was a relic. 😂

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    2. PooPooBlast


      I'm convinced they do not exist. And meanwhile Sony is releasing a slight redesign of the digital slim version that's about 300g lighter.... go figure

    3. Baranov_925


      I saw PS5 too. But then, my ex woke me up because I shat my bed.

    4. Baranov_925


      But seriously, I saw PS5 too at my friend's house but didn't care to playing it then.

  4. I played this game on my vanilla PS4. I absolutely loved it and I didn’t have any problems with it. I am sorry that you had a bad experience.
  5. What a shame. I was going to try this during the afternoon. I need about 12 wins to get the platinum. 😟
  6. #217 Aragami Legend Obtain all achievements. "Aragami" is a very enjoyable and satisfying stealth game. Trophy-wise, this is also an accessible platinum, involving two playthroughs, because you need to achieve three different medals: one for not killing any enemies, another one for killing all the enemies in each mission and the final one for not causing any alerts. My first playthrough, where I combined no-kills and no alerts, was definitely more enjoyable, because it's much more satisfying and tense sneaking to your objective, without killing anyone. The second playthrough was a bit more annoying, especially because the game only confirms that you succeeded in killing everyone when you finish each mission. In general, I had a good time with this game and I am looking forward to playing the sequel. If you're a stealth fan, like me, you are probably going to enjoy "Aragami".
  7. Definitely stealth. All the games that I love have a stealth element, even if a mild one. A game without a stealth option just can never fully satisfy me. Sneaking through an area and accomplishing objectives, without being detected and without killing any enemies is an amazing feeling that no other genre can replicate.
  8. #217 Aragami

    A very interesting stealth game!

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    2. zizimonster




      I have yet to play it. I bought the complete edition a few weeks ago. I look forward to playing and platting it. :D

    3. ihadalifeb4this



    4. Carol


      Thanks, everyone!

  9. I just got the trophy on my first time playing on this map. I escaped through the hatch (I was the last survivor left, the killer closed the hatch, but I had a key). I liked the new map, but I was too stressed out about surviving and getting the trophy to fully enjoy it. 😂
  10. I thought I no longer had to worry about the 100% in this game. Anyway, it’s a popular game, so it’s not that surprising that they want to milk it. I don’t mind the expansion or going back into the game, especially because the open-world is so gorgeous, almost in a magical way. However, I will definitely wait for a sale to upgrade my vanilla GoT. The best news for me is the free update they will add to Legends, with a new mode! In terms of gameplay, I actually liked Legends more than the main game. I hope it’s still a co-op mode, not competitive.
  11. June: 05/06/2021 12 months PS Plus Subscription - 45€ 16/06/2021 Coffee Talk - 5,59€ Nex Machina - 5€ Aragami: Shadow Edition - 3,74€ Games Sold (07/06/2021) - 28€ June Total: 59,33 - 28 = 31,33€ Total: 138,33€
  12. #216 Coffee Talk Coffee and Chill Get All trophy This game was very enjoyable and it left me full of positive vibes. You play as barista, who is the owner and sole employee of a coffee shop, located in Seattle, in a fantasy version of the real world, where you can find several fantasy races, like elves, orcs and mermaids.Your role is to listen to your clients' problems and serve them drinks, that, hopefully, will make them feel better. Even though the stories that will hear are nothing out of the ordinary, the atmosphere, the music, the brewing the drink minigame and the characters themselves make this game interesting, so I never felt bored. The story is also quite short, so it didn't overtay its welcome and I appreciated that. Trophy-wise, this platinum was easy and fun. I found a very good walkthrough, that guided me straight to the platinum, while still allowing me to enjoy the game. If you like a feel-good, chill out game, then I can recommend "Coffee Talk".
  13. #216 Coffee Talk

    A very enjoyable game!

  14. I have been using my PS3 slim to watch Netflix and, fortunately, I have been able to sign in to my PSN account without any problems. This problem worries me and I hope that my PS3 won’t get affected. I love my PS3 and there are still games that I want to play on it. It’s a console that causes me massive nostalgia, especially due to my times playing Uncharted 3’s MP. Nostalgia is a terrible feeling… 😢
  15. I am definitely interested in this game, considering people say it’s so good (and it seems to be), but I need to know the price before deciding if I am going to buy it on release date or wait for a sale.