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  1. Entry 2 I would bring the Queen’s Ruby, from “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy”. Not only is a bracelet, that I always found pretty, it would also help me to find some valuable items in my environment (hopefully, at least).
  2. I would bring Ellie’s backpack, from “The Last of Us”, simply because I love this game so much and it would be something nice to have.
  3. This means it’s safe to delete the game, right?
  4. #172 Dishonored Platinum Blades and Dark Corners You have mastered the City of Dunwall and unlocked all Trophies This game was part of the IGC some time ago and I always saw it receiving so much praise, that I knew I had to play it, especially because I love stealth. "Dishonored" is, indeed, a truly awesome game and a must-play, if you are a stealth fan! Going through all the game without ever killing or alerting anyone is a fantastic sensation and a proof that a game can be pacific, without having to be a walking simulator! Although a lot of saving and trial and error are, naturally, necessary, the stealth isn't that hard, but it's very rewarding! Using the powers - especially Blink - is also a lot of fun! Unfortunately, a chaotic playthrough is also mandatory for the platinum. I didn't enjoy this playthrough as much as my stealth one, because I don't think this is how the game is supposed to be played. I don't like having to kill a lot of people and causing so much chaos and misfortune, when I can just go through the levels undetected. But, yeah, I chose to be a trophy hunter, so I can't complain. I hear that one of this game's DLCs is very hard, but the platinum was pretty straightforward and the lack of annoying collectibles was also a plus! I'm glad I went back to my PS3 to play this game and I'm looking forward to playing the PS4 Dishonored games in the future! It seems to be a very good series!
  5. #172 Dishonored 

    A truly great game!

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    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    3. BG_painter


      Esqueci de perguntar antes, vc vai jogar os dlcs? Os dlcs do Daud são muito legais. Eu gostei do arco do personagem dele, quase dei spoiler lol. E o "Blink" é muito massa, ele para o tempo enquanto vc segura L2 acho... E Parabéns :)

    4. Carol


      Obrigada! Provavelmente, fica-me mais barato comprar a versão da PS4 já com os DLCs incluídos do que comprá-los em separado para a PS3, pelo que se jogar será um dia na PS4!

  6. This is a just for fun thread, where you can list your number of platinums earned per year, since you started trophy hunting! If you want, you can also add which was your most common and rarest platinums each year. Here's my list: 2012 - 6 (Most Common: Resistance:Burning Skies [40,87%]; Rarest: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception [11,05%]) 2013 - 12 (Most Common: Sly Cooper and Thievius Raccoonus [52,60%]; Rarest: Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD [4,62%]) 2014 - 26 (Most Common: The Walking Dead [66,69%]; Rarest: The Last of Us [4,62%]) 2015 - 29 (Most Common: Infamous Second Son [29,39%]; Rarest: LittleBigPlanet 3 [1,95%]) 2016 - 18 (Most Common: Hitman GO: Definitive Edition [70,30%]; Rarest: Zombi [3,54%]) 2017 - 28 (Most Common: My Name is Mayo [97,87%]; Rarest: Persona 4 Golden [6,06%]) 2018 - 26 (Most Common: The World of Nubla [94,41%]; Rarest: Dead by Daylight [1,49%]) 2019 - 26 so far (Most Common: Iron Snout [96,67%]; Rarest: Watch Dogs [5,20%])
  7. #171 and 100%: Days Gone One Percenter Go above and BEYOND, unlocking every trophy in Days Gone Possibly, people, who haven't played this game yet, are curious about it, just like I was, so I'm going to divide my post in the positive and not so good aspects of "Days Gone". What I liked in "Days Gone": - I really enjoyed the first part of the game, as it was a very grounded, beautiful, interesting and sometimes, even emotional experience. Seeing Deacon's memories with his wife and driving south, while listening to "Soldier's Eyes", by Jack Savoretti, were moments filled with emotion, that I greatly enjoyed; - The weather effects are, possibly, the best I've seen in any game. They are great; even impressive! The snow, in particular, is gorgeous and I'm not even a fan of snow levels in games; - Driving your bike in that vast, varied open-world, seeing what the nature has for you in each place you visit, is very relaxing and enjoyable! - Fighting the hordes is very exciting, tense and challenging! - The challenges were, for me, the best part of the game and the reason why I'm proud of this 100%. They are incredibly fun and addictive! Unless you're very skilled, getting gold in the majority of them isn't that easy. I had a blast working on the gold scores and I particularly enjoyed the horde challenges! What I thought wasn't that good in "Days Gone": - I think the game is too long and too easy for its own good. By the second half, it starts to drag a lot and it starts to be obvious whether Deacon's wife is alive or dead, so I just started to feel a little bored and not as interested in the story; - This game has, unfortunately, very lame boss fights; - The gameplay is very average and the weapon wheel is shockingly unresponsive. This is especially bad when you have lots of enemies following and you want to select one item and end up with another one instead. For example, you want to select an attractor and you end up with a rock... Very annoying! - Although fighting the hordes is the best part of the game, gameplay-wise, you barely do that during the campaign. You will spend most of your time saving people, clearing camps and doing errands, which, for me, was kinda disappointing and frustrating. - This isn't just a problem of "Days Gone", but more a recent trend. Why add a New Game Plus, with trophies, to an open-world game like this, when it's incredibly easy to become fully upgraded in the post-game? My survival II playthrough was basically an overpowered Deacon, with an overpowered bike rushing through the game, while skipping all cutscenes. I really don't see a point of this. Conclusion: I think the critics were right about "Days Gone". While it's far from being a bad game, there aren't that many things that this game does in a truly great way, so I think a 7/10 is fair for what ended up being quite an average experience, overall.
  8. #171 and 100% Days Gone 

    The main game was ok; the challenges were awesome!

  9. Great work! Congratulations! It’s definitely a useful list, now that PS Now prices have gone down and there will be more people subscribing. My suggestion is to add the estimated time and difficulty of each trophy list. Thank you for your work and effort!
  10. This is very disappointing and frustrating news, for me. They were silent for years, because they didn’t want to screw up, like they did with U4, that got multiple delays. Then, they finally announce the release date, in a way that was clearly to make hype and enthusiasm grow between the fans. A month goes by and the game gets a considerable delay. Are you kidding me?
  11. I also agree that the lack of feedback is a major problem of this site. Many of us have been asking for improved/customizable milestones for years. That I know of, we never got an official answer saying if it’s possible or if it’s being considered. It’s better to say a straight “No”, than to keep people waiting for things that might never happen. This is especially bad, considering that lots of us are premium members, so we paid and supported the site. Not all of us are here for free. Paying or not, it’s the members that keep the site alive. Don’t we deserve some consideration?
  12. Claim to Fame: Dead by Daylight (1.50%) Walk of Shame: My Name is Mayo (97.87%)
  13. Cleaner milestones section.
  14. 50th - Bioshock Infinite 100th - Persona 4 Golden 150th - Far Cry 3: Classic Edition
  15. 1 - Maintaining a steady quota of trophies (to keep my profile alive and to remain motivated) 2 - Completion Percentage (I worked very hard to have my overall completion at 80%, so I don’t want to lose my progress) 3 - Rarity or quality of trophies (I try to keep my profile decent) 4 - Thematic collecting/Game Sets (it’s nice to have certain series fully completed) 5 - Amount of games played/completed (again a matter of completion, but also of diversity) 6 - Leaderboard ranking (I check this once in a while just for fun) 7 - Amount of trophies earned (not important, as long as I keep it steady)