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  1. Hi man have you succeded with adhoc party and DW next? Is it possible?

  2. developing vita exclusive titles might just save it from certain death, but instead they make cross platform with the psp, which is very much prone to piracy.
  3. I agree with renatabls, just start your fragment request and you'll find your characters maxed out in no time. I don't remember farming for CP on this second installment, unlike the first which is also not really a grind since you get a decent amount at farming the turtles (which you have to do it anyway). but it you're that desperate for CP, just make sure you have gotten the CP growth fragment skill and go to academia 400AF to farm there, but I honestly don't think it is necessary
  4. Chthonic - TAKAO frankly speaking I haven't tune in to any other than Chthonic in a while
  5. Is fallout NV better than FO3 in terms of bugs and glitches ? I consider to pick up NV, just want to know what I might be running into
  6. I think on average you would need at least around 250 hrs of game time to platinum it, I did it on 300 hrs. no spoiler intended but the grind to this 2 trophy Know Your Enemy and Liberator of Souls could be a chore for some, and fun for others.
  7. After a bunch of FF games, my personal favorite is still FF VI
  8. Super monkey ball banana splitz, my daughter decides to play this title on my account and have trouble playing it, and so do I
  9. I'll try to dig around the japanese boards and will update if I come across any useful info on this matter.
  10. Metal gear solid V: The Phantom Pain, I'll be getting the ps4 because of this title
  11. I have success with god eater 2 and danball senki w (lag free), both are vita games that had adhoc only connection. there's an option that allow you to try auto search function for people that play similar games, but it depends on whether there are still people playing the game. easiest way would be hosting a room with a boosting friend. maybe this will help: -register your vita system with your ps3 -your ps3 should be connected at wired mode, so the vita can use the network port of your ps3 -go into the game you intended to play on vita, then go to the ingame adhoc lobby and create a game session (required), and then on the AHP just click on search for game, your AHP should automatically detect your game what I meant is I need another 3, I'm the 4th one
  12. Did you mean game is not detected in AHP ? It's a pity, anyway thanks for replying I guess I'll skip this title
  13. So I got this game borrowed from a friend, but before I start the game I would like to know whether I am able to platinum it as it involves some adhoc required for coalition mode (I heard it's difficult to solo it) So maybe any of you guys (3) need it as well ? Please let me know You have to have ahp on ps3, Im on region 3 (hongkong) btw, so we should have the same region ahp to start with. If you're interested or have the platinum and willing to help it'll be appreciated, leave a reply or add me on psn with a message dynasty warrior next so I know, thanks !
  14. Toukiden took me 304 hrs just to plat it, and another 220 hrs wasted just to have fun with it afterwards.
  15. My hardest would be スーパーロボット大戦OGサーガ 魔装機神III it's just too many details to pay attention to (or risk a 4+ playthrough) just to platinum it My easiest would be God Eater 2 This platinum, Killer is dead I don't really know how to put it, while I enjoy the challenge thrown at me, but I also hate it for the unnecessary grind. -Episode 1: The man who chose the moon, should really be re-named to Episode 1: The man who was killed a hundred times.