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  1. Bear it all!! :DD Heavy Rain conquered :DD

    1. -Dark Mark-

      -Dark Mark-

      I come bearing congratulations :D

    2. xzero4812


      youll have to "bear" with me this is new to me but: now that you have beaten the game with your "bear" hands, will it be hibernation time??

  2. You just touch my bear heart :SS If Im handsome then ur sexy :DD
  3. Nice avatar :3 Everyone loves simpsons grr :3
  4. Master of Cruels FOR MAKIN ME CRY :CCCC
  5. Rabbit hunts bear For making me cry with that sig too much feel yunaaaa TT
  6. Cash e__e Bear or Panda :333!!??
  7. ...your mean ?
  8. You know you play too much Persona 4 when you start talking with bear puns e__e
  9. Mad Land For welcoming me to madness :33
  10. dark,hnñpol,kkinmszn ..... hey...the dark part looks legit
  11. Beary shocking but correct
  12. Weird :DD I think e__e
  13. Heavy Rain Perfect Crime Clean Manfred's shop of evidence + Let Lauren, Hassan and Kramer die + Kill Madison and Jayden + Origami Killer free Im to lazy :ccc
  14. A man chooses, a slave obeys :DDD
  15. Have A Large Omelette, Girls Eat Now :DDD SCORE !!!