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  1. I've tried it with a new save now and it's still not working. (Other trophies work, I got the one for the seamoth and for repairing the reactor since then) Edit: Managed to get it after several new games with different strategies using the console.
  2. This throphy isn't working for me. I already have a base with two multipurpose rooms, a scanner room and some interior like fabricator, radio and lockers. The base has power via solar panel and two entrances. But still the trophy is not popping. Has anyone an idea what is wrong or experience with this bug and how to work around it?
  3. Hi Folks, I have a problem on the new Arosa line that wasn't covered during the tutorial. Sometimes out of nowhere there is a yellow signal beeping in the cabin, shortly followed by a red signal and an emergency break of the train. That happens completely independent from the actuall signals on the track. (I allways had green signals) So I have no idea, why this is happening. (I also didn't drive over speed limit) After the train is brought to a stop automaticly the red light in the cabin remains and I'm absolutly unable to get the train moving again. I almost certainly pressed every button in the cockpit several times, without a solution. Is someone here with enough knowledge to help me out?
  4. The PS5 version will be released in a week. But right now the PS4 version is heavily reduced for PS Plus members. So I want to know if there will be a free upgrade to the new version? I couldn't really find any information on that. If it has, I would buy the PS4 version now as long as it's discounted.
  5. Question is in the title basically. I was wondering if I should waste time playing the three main game routes in order to get all the main game trophies or can I swtich to a DLC because for them I have to drive services, do jobs and so anyway. Does this also count for the main game since they are not specifically tied to a certain route like it was in the predecessor?
  6. I miss the option "Play it on PS5 and have fun with it" in the poll.
  7. You can't transfer saves from the ps4 version to the ps5 version of the game. You can transfer your saves from the PS4 console to the PS5 console to use them to play the PS4 version in backwards compatibility. But the PS5 version is a different entity with it's own savefiles and own trophy list.
  8. I can confirm that it is like you said. I started playing the PS4 version on PS4. Then I switched to PS5. Here I first downloaded the PS4 version from my libary. With this installation I could continue playing the PS4 version with my saves from the cloud and the PS4 trophy list on the PS5. After I chose to upgrade the game into the PS5 version, I can switch between both versions. So I can chose wich list I want to play today. I hope I could explain it understandable.
  9. How do I get into these hidden paths? They are closed with a gate. I can't crash it or interact with it otherwise. Nevermind, I'm stupid. The DLC has to be loaded seperately and not as automatic patch.
  10. It crashes on a regular basis during transitions. I haven't seen a pattern in the crashes yet. Basically everytime the game goes into a loading screen there is a chance for it to crash. Overall the performance is pretty poor for a game that hasn't any kind of demanding visuals. It often stutters and in the capital (main plaza) it runs at really low speed (characters move almost in slow motion). That all is really sad, because the game is otherwise a lot of fun.
  11. Interesting how gamers always complain that the publishers are greedy bastards, but in turn they celebrate themself for the same behaviour.
  12. Everyone ranting about the 1000 miles trophy here. 😲 I did the 24.000 miles trophy in Grid without rubberbanding or stuff like that. So this should be a walk in the park.
  13. It will be released sometime today after 2K has made their official annoucement of the Mafia Trilogy.
  14. Where exactly is the difference? With Underground and Survival you also just played the same stuff again and again with some modifiers. Sure, Underground had the random layout thing going on, but that was not nearly as deep as in other games with random generated content. After some runs you had seen everything it has to offer.