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  1. Alright, now I can definitely confirm that something is bugged here. I did a lot of baling on my own fields in the last hours. I made straw bales, normal grass bales and the grass bales wraped in foil. They get registered in my ingame statistics, but the percentage of the trophy stays at zero.
  2. Are you sure that it's supposed to work with contracts? Regardless of the contract type my counters never go up. Only when I do stuff on my own fields.
  3. For me this one poped after building 15 of the biggest beehives.
  4. That's strange. I just did some cultivating contracts and nothing of that was registered in my statistics and the trophy for 1 hectar didn't pop as well.
  5. Either at the shop as mentioned by @Sabaku08 or you build a workshop for 45.000 on your farm.
  6. Also works with greenhouses.
  7. This method is way easier when you play on normal difficulty. There you get 1.5 Million with every farm. Doing the trick shown in the video only once already gives you more than 10 million to finish the money trophy.
  8. I looked in the last save I have from my first run. There I have "Mercenary King's Crown" in my inventory. I believe this one is from Sebastian's companion quest where I had to defeat the undead mercenary king. I think I also got one from Gallean's Beast at the very end, but this I'm not sure about anymore.
  9. I got one or two legendary helmets automaticly as quest rewards during my first playthrough. So there shouldn't be a problem to complete a full legendary set by the time you reach the end of the game.
  10. There was a patch today who fixed the problem. I just beat Mortis in a normal fight, without tricks. The spell where it usually froze was cast without problems.
  11. Oh nice, thanks for the information. That removes my last worry for not getting everything in one run. Perfect. Edit: Now if only the trophy would pop. I did respec into Magic and learned two Tier IV spells, but nothing. Edit2: Well it worked the second time.
  12. "This might be overkill" seems to be missable. If you choose the wrong class, you are unable to learn the skills necessary to be able to learn higher rank spells. Unfortunatly I piked the combat class (Warlord/Dawnlord) and just realised that I never will be able to learn high rank spells. You can reset skill points but not your class as far as I can see. I had hoped to get everything in one run, but it seems I have to start a second one just for this trophy until I get the rank 4 spells. πŸ€”
  13. Can confirm, it works like a charm with this method.
  14. There was a new patch to 1.007. By any chance was the exploit patched back in? πŸ˜‚
  15. Fuck, I turned on my PS5 but didn't notice the popup that Kena was being updated. Now I have version 1.06 and I'm probably screwed. Damn it. 😫