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  1. With the DLC, it is now very easy to reach level 80, completely without grind. The DLC doesn't bring any new trophies, but to save the grind, it might be worth investing in it anyway.
  2. I can confirm this. After I earned a new edge with version 1.02 "Edge Warrior" popped for me.
  3. I tried it now with a different second account. With that it works. Strange.
  4. I used two different accounts. But when I restore the save on account 1 the character of account 2 is also restored. Don't know what I do wrong.
  5. This doesn’t work for me on PS5. When I copy the save back from the cloud, it also writes the character of the second player back to its former state. And I can’t make a separate cloud copy for the second account since this account has no PS Plus.
  6. You have to pick Daurama Daura, who is a starting character, for the Mother of all trophy. So this wouldn't make sense.
  7. Until now I only have problems with Hook, Line and Sinker. I already got a weak and a strong hook. But I guess I have to get them both on the same character?
  8. I played for the "Pop Goes Perfection" trophy manually with a second controller and Google. Means I played a perfect round with only correct answers and the trophy poped like it should and not the 30 wedges one.
  9. I don't think that thats it. The guy who has the 30 wedges trophy hasn't even got the trophy for 30 wins yet. So it is unlikely that he has 300 wedges.
  10. Someone got the 30 Wedges trophy. So there seems to be a way to get it. I have way over 100 wedges by now, but still no trophy.
  11. Yeah, that one didn't unlock for me as well even though I have more than enough wedges.
  12. I have the feeling that a lot of the trophies unlock totally random. I got the trophies for 30 correct answers in Sports, Art and Geography after questions that had nothing to do with these categories.
  13. Thank god there is no "Around the globe" trophy again. On the other hand, having 100 cars and winning an event with every one of them sounds also really tedious.
  14. Pretty stupid that they not even write something to you. Just flagging the ticket as solved with no context isn't really helpful.
  15. I could cry right now. My cotton trophy is stuck at 95%. In my first harvest season for cotton I just managed to make 38 bales, even though I bought up all AI fields that had cotton on it. So I played one year to the next harvest season in the hope I just have to sell the remaining 2 bales. But the tracker isn't moving. I didn't shut down the PS5 the entire time, like it's recommended in the first post. I think I will leave the game be until all these bugs are fixed.