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  1. NG+ is already in the game, it's called True Vault Hunter Mode.
  2. Not really necessary. I finished the campaign with level 40 and only did 2/3rd of all available quests. After the story is finish you can activate Mayhem mode. Mayhem III provides 900% more xp what make the last levels childs play.
  3. Like I said, this probably refers to the different upgrades you get by looting the vaults, which is happening automaticly during the story anyway. (I already finished the game on PC for review purposes)
  4. Should be pretty automatic since you loot all Vaults as part of the story.
  5. Can I safely switch over to Playthrough 2 without loosing progress on the collectibles? Since I still need XP for level 61 I could combine farming for the collectibles with farming for XP.
  6. Ahh, ok thank you for the clarification. There is still hope.
  7. I'm on the last mission of the claptrap dlc and just realised, that non of the story trophies so far for killing Knox, Steele and Ned counted. Someone else encountered this problem? I guess it's no point in finishing the DLC now and just start a new game and hope it works this time?
  8. Im only missing #60, #80 and #84 now. I read in previous posts, that #60 and #80 are automatic as part of the story, but what is with #84? Can't find any information about that, only that it is supposed to be a constructed one.
  9. I just unlocked the "Armor Breaker Distinction" Commendation. For this I had to "destroy each piece of armor on an elite, finishing off with the helmet". If I understand this correctly this should also cover the requirements of the Undress to kill trophy or not? Because the throphie didn't pop.
  10. Like poster above already said, I also get shot down way too fast. I even tried to use the flares to buy me more time but that didn't help much. Also when I got to the point of firing all my weapons I never hit enough targets. Tried this method and some of the other suggested ways so many times that I'm already really sick of this stupid trophy.
  11. You have to put a manual waypoint to where you want to drive, then you get a gps line on the ground.
  12. Are you sure it works this way? I'm spamming the sifa reset pedal for 20 minutes now, my hands get numb and nothing happens.
  13. Same for me today. Yesterday everything was fine, now my profile is just empty. Edit: Earning a trophy and updating the profile helped me as well. Let's just hope this doesn't happen again.
  14. Same problem for me. Yesterday everything was fine and now suddenly my psnprofiles profile is empty. Nothing has changed in my PSN settings.
  15. The artefact glitch also happens in version 1.02. I tested that.