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  1. Yes it works, I did the same thing.
  2. Oof the Framerate sucks. I tried to play the DLC Levels but it constantly drop frames. What a garbage PS5 Version ._.
  3. I really like the Series X Dashboard + all the sweet QoL Features like snapping Achievement Tracker and Party Overlay in the corner, Rare Achievement Sound (it's sooo good and satisfying), Xbox GamePass, Backwards Compatibility with the FPS Boost and X360 Games look awesome on the Series X! Bonus Point: You just can't hear this Console at's insane! Official 1440p and VRR Support is also a huge advantage vs the PS5 for me. But I really hate that the Series X downloads are really slow compared to the PS5! The Download speed vary between 200-500MBit/s and I get constant 900-950 MBit/s on the PS5. My Soundsetup has a very little but sometimes noticeable delay on the Series X if its set to Dolby Digital 5.1. You can't use USB Microphones and there is no Mic Sensitivity Feature which suuuucks so badly. Microsoft showed and announced some really cool games on the E3 and with Games like Halo Infinite Multiplayer + Forza Horizon 5 I will spend a really good amount of time on the Series X. If someone skipped the Xbox One Generation, you will have a extremly good time playing all these games enhanced on the Series X, but I already played them on the One and One X and thats why I don't use the Series X that often without new games atm. The Series X will be mostly for the Exclusives and some indie games which get a day one gamepass release. For everything else I will prefer the PS5...also because most of my friends play on Playstation primary. I really wish Sony would have a good Multiplayer + Racing IP (GT just sucks and looks like a joke if you played forza). The Sony Exclusives are great and really really high quality so far but they are mostly 10-20h experiences.
  4. Hey, - They don't really Auto-Pop. You would always need to get XP, finish a quest and stuff like that to trigger the trophies. Playing with a new Character would require to do every trophy progress from start because they are bound with the ingame achievements and every new character starts with 0 achievements. - Yes, you can always switch back and forth. - Yup they are Licensed as PS4/PS5 Expansions on your MogStation. You would only need to buy the PC Licence of the Expansions again.
  5. Okay...and why can other games keep updating DLC Trophy Packs with new Trophies over months/years? Example: Killing Floor 2 DLC Packs - Only 1 Trophy with DLC Pack 2 in 2018 and now we are in 2021 and they keep adding new Trophies to it
  6. Today is the release of the next Content Patch and we got a new Trophy Pack! I'm glad that they add new Trophies but only 1 Trophy for the MSQ is really unnecessary If they really gonna do that for every new Content Patch, we'll have a lot of them after the release of Endwalker 🙃
  7. This is 100% true, because it's the same if you play and do the requirements for a PS4 Trophy on PC. I almost done everything on PC and switched back to PS4 to get the Trophies.
  8. just craft anything on any class to get the level trophies. you can even craft on a level 1 char and the trophies will pop if you have another crafter at 80. and for the normal class/jobs you just need to kill a mob. yeah I also skipped shadowbringers on playstation and played it on pc. You'll just get the ShB Story Trophies on PS5 if you complete any available quest in the game (basegame or any expansion). Yup it's not worth buying the ShB Expansion for PS at this point, also just gonna wait for Endwalker and buy it directly for PC and PS. Huh? What exactly do you mean? Why should you get PS4 Trophies for playing a PS5 Version? If you complete the requirements for the ps4 trophies on the ps5 version, you will need to install the ps4 version and complete the objectives one more time and you'll get the platinum on the ps4 version, yes.
  9. Ohh...thanks for the information!
  10. So you dont need to complete it with every class?
  11. bozja cluster farm doesnt count to the FATE Stats...or did they change anything recently?
  12. If you're really from Austria it will be at 17:00.
  13. This is a subscription based Game, you`ll also need it on PS5! Only the trial version would work unlimited until you activate a licence of ffxiv on your ffxiv account.
  14. Always queue for PVP Daily roulette directly after the Daily Reset!
  15. Boring List for a boring game.