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  1. This is 100% true, because it's the same if you play and do the requirements for a PS4 Trophy on PC. I almost done everything on PC and switched back to PS4 to get the Trophies.
  2. just craft anything on any class to get the level trophies. you can even craft on a level 1 char and the trophies will pop if you have another crafter at 80. and for the normal class/jobs you just need to kill a mob. yeah I also skipped shadowbringers on playstation and played it on pc. You'll just get the ShB Story Trophies on PS5 if you complete any available quest in the game (basegame or any expansion). Yup it's not worth buying the ShB Expansion for PS at this point, also just gonna wait for Endwalker and buy it directly for PC and PS. Huh? What exactly do you mean? Why should you get PS4 Trophies for playing a PS5 Version? If you complete the requirements for the ps4 trophies on the ps5 version, you will need to install the ps4 version and complete the objectives one more time and you'll get the platinum on the ps4 version, yes.
  3. Ohh...thanks for the information!
  4. So you dont need to complete it with every class?
  5. bozja cluster farm doesnt count to the FATE Stats...or did they change anything recently?
  6. If you're really from Austria it will be at 17:00.
  7. This is a subscription based Game, you`ll also need it on PS5! Only the trial version would work unlimited until you activate a licence of ffxiv on your ffxiv account.
  8. Always queue for PVP Daily roulette directly after the Daily Reset!
  9. Boring List for a boring game.
  10. It‘s now on the April 8th Patchnotes: Playstation: „Addressed a reported issue that was causing the “Tales from the Eridian Slab” and “Master of All You Survey” trophies to sometimes not unlock on PlayStation 5. Players that have completed these requirements should have the trophy awarded next time they play Borderlands 3 after updating“
  11. hahaha yeah I was pretty pissed while writing that tweet as you can see 😅 it’s been a long time without answers and the actual fix but hey! It’s finally happening. Another Gearbox Employee confirmed the fix for next week 🥳
  12. Graeme Timmins is the Lead Level Designer/Creative Director for BL3
  13. Wow I can't believe it...fckn finally!
  14. That's how we did it. None of us had 4 Controllers, but you can just borrow a third ps5 controller from a friend and do this trophy with remote play🙃
  15. As @wolker4 already said, it's only for 2 players online. Even the 2 player online co-op mode isn't that stable and contains little delays and can lag/drop fps if someone is placing track parts like factories...would be a mess with 4 people I guess.