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  1. I've found the following article while browsing the web. Think it says it's possible to convert video to PS4 playable format , not entirely sure what the PS4 H264 file extension would be but seems it is possible. One can probably use a other program than winxdvd to convert to the proper format.
  2. How does one set up a remote racer , cause i only have my own racer. ?
  3. Thanks for helping me complete the online ones. Now i just need to get some good times on them tracks , and i've got it 100%
  4. I need some people to actually have these DLC to complete the 2 online thropies :/
  5. well, not so sure about that , cause the extra thropies have been on Playstation for almost a month now. (not exactly sure about the exact time frame. but atleast 2-3 weeks). But yeah i would also welcome the extra stuff. Just as long as it comes with a way to ban cheaters. cause i really not liking the laptimes for some tracks. (them times we have all seen, like 0.00.016 or times that are like half the actual possible times).