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  1. I'd love to delete some of the games my brother started on my account that I'll never play, such as Call of Duty. I'm just not into those games and now the trophy lists are on my account cos he couldn't be bothered to make his own.
  2. LittleBigPlanet. I got the PSP game on sale and liked it a lot so I decided to buy a PS3 to play the main game. In turn I fell in love with the PlayStation brand and trophies! I had no idea what that first ping was but I was soon hooked!
  3. You could still dupe while you were in a purchase screen or opening a box/chest. There was a patch today though and I stopped it downloading. I'm going to try it on my boyfriend's PS4 and see if it was completely patched out now. Edit: I've tried on the newest update and you can in fact still duplicate. Press SQUARE and TRIANGLE nearly at the same time. I put my finger in between the buttons to do it. You cannot duplicate an item while in the inventory screen, you MUST be at a shop or open storage. I personally found this glitch a bit easier to pull off once I figured it out.
  4. I've never played the game but I'm not sure the person that has a 9 hour plat time got it legitimately. I had to look at a trophy guide to get an idea of what some of these trophies are for but quite a few seem out of order or too close to each other. The game was beaten without earning any of the story-related "defeat ____" trophies along the way. The second earned trophy is The Usurpation of Fire, which is stated to be a rather lengthy ending to get. Presumably you'd get story related trophies along this ending route? The collectibles were earned a few minutes apart but that's not terribly unlikely. The oddest thing is the covenant trophies. There's 8 earned over a 2 second span. Sort by date and you'll see there's +0 or +1 second times between them. Judging from the trophy guide it seems you'd be unlikely to earn these all at the exact same time. I also feel like when trophies do pop consecutively there's usually at least +1 second between them, but I may be wrong. Personally I think some of their list is illegitimate but I don't own the game to know if these could possibly be earned like they were. Someone that has played it thoroughly may be able to debunk my theories.
  5. Get Fit With Mel B. I bought it purely because I'm obsessed with the Spice Girls and was pretty much buying anything the five girls put out at the time. I was probably the only person excited for the game, the manager of GameStop even knew that I wanted it and remembered when it came in, haha. Actually using it was fine, but the poor tracking of the Move controller made me stop using it. I got ahold of the European version to just get the platinum out of the way (no Move or camera required in this version) and spent hours listening to Mel B tell me how good I'm doing. While I'm glad to finally be done with it and don't scroll past the incomplete trophy list anymore, it was definitely boring as all hell. But according to the Platinum, my body is a temple... so there's that.
  6. I'd probably delete some I'll never finish for one reason or another and maybe some I just flat out enjoyed getting the platinum in and want to just do again.
  7. Does anyone know how to unlock this? I cured my child of petrifaction and nothing has happened since. Is there an event I'm supposed to trigger for it? Everything I'm finding online seems to just say he's full grown after curing him.
  8. Really sad, I've enjoyed a lot of Telltale Games' titles. Sad that this may not ever be completed. These episodic games aren't my favorite structure and seeing this happen I'm less of a fan, especially since this is the only company I bought episodic titles for to begin with. Here's hoping they end up finish off this game for those of you that bought it!
  9. The trophy list may take a while but it's definitely going to be really easy and straight forward. Most of the list is for completing all the puzzles, with a few odd ones thrown in that won't be too challenging, you just gotta know what you need to do. $8 really isn't too bad a deal, I've noticed a lot of cheaper titles at this seemingly random price. I imagine this gives them a more decent profit after the digital stores get their cut. I'm definitely grabbing it this weekend.
  10. The multiplayer was so terribly boring on Vita and it's making the platinum annoying to get. I can't even bring myself to play online multiplayer too long. I'm glad they were smart and just left it out altogether on this version. I may actually play it again, especially since I was playing this game at work and couldn't hear most of the dialogue, it'll be nice to play it on the TV where i can turn the volume up and enjoy it more. I hope the people who didn't want to adopt the Vita will enjoy it as well. I love playing as a female assassin!
  11. I've tried and tried on my first save file and then tried on a new save file, I cannot get this stupid cow cutscene. I literally have four female cows, one of each type, and three males, all but a brown one. I've tried going in and out at 6:01, 7:01, etc and I've bought new cows in winter before triggering the goddess head bump scene. I can't for the life of me figure out what I'm doing wrong here. None of the other cutscenes seem to be so picky. Anyone have any ideas what I could be doing? My cows are outside, I have 7 total, I've triggered the goddess bump scene MULTIPLE times. It's the last one I need for the plat!
  12. It's a point-and-click game, so if you're into them then it's fun. I'm not and got it purely for a quick platinum but can't say it's been a bad time playing anyways. You can get the plat in 2-3 hours by following a guide. However if you play without one you'll probably spend quite a bit of time with it as none of it is very straight-forward. Either way you end up playing it's not a bad game or trophy list for $5.99. It DEFINITELY caters to fans of the books though, so if you're a fan of those then you'll probably at the very least enjoy the nods to various classic book characters, such as the dummy. The story is literally about the monsters in the books escaping, so I'd definitely recommend it if you were a fan of the books.
  13. All the games I've played (Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Sam & Max, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead) are all relatively easy to get all trophies/platinum in. Saying most people play for the platinum isn't really fair though. Game of Thrones actually flows into the TV series, so a lot of people play that to fill the void between the previous season and the next. There is definitely some hate for their games though. Personally I despise their piss-poor graphics. Considering most of their games don't even involve moving a lot of the time their graphics could easily be high quality and better detailed. And you must not have heard of how awful Jurassic Park was. That game was just terrible and most people did not like it. I bought it on sale extremely cheap, I think like $2 honestly, for some easy trophies. Thankfully I avoided the many freezing issues it has. Overall people just enjoy the story though, despite the graphics and little gameplay. The model of putting out new games every few months also builds some anticipation. If you're playing for the trophies alone you're looking at a platinum that will take around a year to complete if you start from launch. If you don't enjoy the story you'll get bored incredibly easily, making the platinum a less-than-enjoyable one. They aren't the best games though in terms of quality, so I don't see how you miss out on the hate that is certainly there. Those saying that there is no hate because they're great are a bit deluded, every game has people that hate it for one reason or another.
  14. Yes, sorry, hahaha. I'm trying to get to 100 plats so having a reason to play these in particular will be fun!
  15. Platinum #82 MiNi NiNJAS Platinum
  16. I really don't like the annual releases. Annual release to me are games that don't add much to a game and reuse old mechanics. It works for sports titles which really don't need a ton of new features to make them enjoyable to the gamers that like them, it's more or less just an updated roster with new trophies/achievements. My ex got Madden and WWE every year and neither really went overboard on redesigning them or adding new features. Doing this with a game like this just feels like they're rushing. The reason I gave up on the series after IV was because it was just getting to be too much. I play too many games to focus so much time on them and trying to get caught up to understand everything (I skipped the first because it was boring and there weren't any trophies to keep me playing). You'd think since you need to have played the previous games to understand what's going on that more time is put into them. I really doubt they spend years working on them since they get released so often. I love the idea of the series and I've thoroughly enjoyed previous entries but I stopped after Black Flag. The games are terribly repetitive and there really doesn't feel like there's anything new in them. The biggest thing I've seen added is the pirate ships, which was frustrating to learn. I still despise getting into fights while sailing. If the missions didn't seem like the same thing with different targets I'd probably be more into it. I am intrigued by the new game since it has a female assassin but I doubt I'll buy it anytime soon since I skipped Unity and Rogue.
  17. I love the Atelier games and have played all of the PS3 games. I had Totori and Meruru stolen from me along with the original Rorona (which I've since gotten a free replacement of). I have Totori Plus, Rorona Plus, Rorona, Ayesha and Escha & Logy. I'm closest to plat in Escha & Logy. Maybe I'll have to work on some of these, it''s been a while. I've played through most of the others just enjoying the story and not really focusing too much on trophies. It can be pretty tough to get everything JUST right to complete the game!
  18. MiNi NiNJAS is my current game. I've had it for five years and haven't even beaten it let alone got the Platinum. I'm working on it now and really enjoying it. It's a fun and enjoyable platinum, not mention pretty easy. I don't know why I didn't finish this years ago!
  19. They released the trophies and announced the shutdown shortly after. You had less than a year to get them really. They weren't difficult by any means, they mostly just made you login daily. I made sure to get 100% as soon as I could so as to avoid being unable to complete it. Wish I had done the same for FreeRealms but I didn't know that was being shutdown. So yeah, they won't be achievable anymore, you'll have to settle for it being incomplete unfortunately.
  20. Minecraft: PS3 Edition I thoroughly enjoy playing Minecraft and I had a few friends over that wanted to try it. Three days of 10-12 hours sessions and we were able to get to The End and platinum it. We had such a blast trying to get to the End Portal and it just made it that much more satisfying to go in. This is my second Minecraft platinum, the first being the PS4 Edition.
  21. Most Nintendo DS and Wii games are going offline due to this too. It's a shame because I loved playing online on some of them, some are just flat out useless without internet. But that's what Nintendo gets for exclusively using those servers for their games. Like seriously, Pokemon DS games going offline? That's just dumb. I only have a few games on here so I'm gonna check if there's online trophies for them. Might have to work on them right away.
  22. Yikes, I have only played ONE 60 minute trial (Phineas and Ferb) and was gonna buy it sometime, hopefully these problems are a more rare occurrence. Good luck fixing it!
  23. I don't think there are too many games that are literally satanic. A lot of times people will claim something is satanic or has satanism roots (like Harry Potter) when it really doesn't. Demons, zombies, dark magic... none of it is really satanic. Keep in mind that a lot of stuff does have pagan influence, but pagan does not equal satanic. Wicca is a pagan religion and it's basically magick and the love of the earth, which is far from satanic. From what I've read satanism isn't even that awful. Personally, I don't think you should let your religion deter you away from things. You believe what you believe regardless of what's in a video game, film or book. I don't think any game will change your religious views nor does it make you a bad Christian to play such a game. But to be specific about Catherine it's mostly just a twisted nightmare with monster versions of emotions and characters. It's by no means easy (they literally lowered the difficulty via patch in Japan because it was too hard, and Japanese gamers tend to be better at games) and the plat will have you pulling your hair out. So worry less about it being satanic and more about pulling all your hair out and screaming your vocal chords raw. The only games I've played that may be offensive to your religion are South Park for its depiction of Jesus (though there's stuff in there far more offensive than that) and Ugly Americans; Apocalypsaggedon (there are devil characters).
  24. If you buy a game that goes off the store you can still download it. Like TMNT: Turtles in Time Reshelled. It's no longer available, but since I paid for it I still have the rights to download it. But this is on sale, so I don't see how it's unavailable.
  25. The Last Of Us: Left Behind DLC Brick Master Win the brick throwing contest Not very hard really, just gotta make sure you run around and find bricks quickly. Riley's not very fast so it's not all that difficult to knock out the windows first. Was a pretty fun thing to do though.