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  1. -Saw this trend in another forum and thought it was pretty funny... -The rules are in the title, just look at the person above you and make up anything you can think of about them -The joke doesn't have to be related to the person, make anything up
  2. in love with watamote

  3. The demon known as Leon killed him, but can we expect his Resurrection?
  4. watamote
  5. you should watch till the end
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r67Te_iPyE8
  7. if you can figure out who's at the bottom left hand side, you get a cookie
  8. (so wasn't too sure where to put this so i thought i might as well leave it here, if any admins have any issues please feel free to let me know) Anyways, i came back to this wonderful little community as iv'e noticed that there are a few youtubers here who would love to be able to use musical content designed for their channel. Luckily I happen to be an individual who produces electronic music on his spare time. So here's the basic portfolio of it..... Nyctos Musical Services Yes its free no, it's not limited to youtubers Bio: About a year ago i decided i wanted to be a part of the edm scene, so i began to experiment with the hardcore techno style known as "freeform" due to its more emotional vibes which later expanded to happy hardcore, DnB, trance and even a Few label releases. It has given me a great amount of exposure as the musical content has.. -Been Featured on Promo channels with as many as 82k subs -Been release multiple times on multiple labels -Been in collaboration with other artists -Been Featured on multiple (multiple thousand) gaming channels I will try to complete requests as they come, so if you have a request feel free to ask! Samples First Track: Nycto - Spirit Outro Track: Nycto - Neko Nyaa Nycto - Banshee Nycto - Nocturnal Nemesis Nycto - Farewell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIlyT2xvDRg Nycto - Violet Venom and here's a personal one of mine Shogun Taira - Entropy (Nycto Remix) Anyways i do hope you enjoy and if you have any requests or questions i'll be happy to help ^^ Hope this doesn't come off as too spammy but if you wanna support me as an artists you can follow me on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Little_Nycto Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NyctoMusic Soundcloud: https://www.soundcloud.com/leon-nycto-garza/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LittleNycto
  9. golden
  10. Thought the tokyo ghoul fans would be interested in this

  11. Has a cock as a bff
  12. Has broken the walls of the forums, stop him/her before he/she grows in power!
  13. A welcome newcomer ^^
  14. Ok i hope i'm putting this in the right area since the description basically said this was for user made material. Anyways as some of you already know, i'm trying to learn how to produce electronic music. I thought it might be entertaining to show you all how the whole situation is working out, so from time to time, when i make something i'm particularly fond of, i'll post it here. Feel free to give any suggestions on how i could improve as i am still learning. Now without further ado, here's one song i made a few days ago that i like. It's a happy Hardcore song. Nycto - Dancing Water Also i'm learning how to play the piano, so i may also post piano melodies because to me, next to violins, they sound absolutely beautiful. Heres the promoted version from my buddy Kobart1101
  15. some liquid Dnb Nycto - Gray Flower
  16. Shimamura - Flow In Da Sky https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnzek-QEc0o
  17. quite the kisuke fan
  18. Here's something new Nycto - Mecha Mayhem
  19. Banned for lewd pic
  20. Would you believe me if i told you yes? (yes) ever failed at dancing to your favorite jam?
  21. Nah just a little shadow named Leon Burst you there?
  22. Banned for being the captain who banned another guy because he killed another captain