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  1. I believe you can change the difficulty interchangeably, so it doesn't matter whether you go from Easy to Hard or Hard to Medium. I personally did it from Easy to Medium, then Hard.
  2. I'm just surprised nobody's ever tried that method and told everyone about it. (Or have some of them did and just not said anything for the two years since this game came out?) LOL.
  3. Make sure to save after getting the third orb and just before putting all three in the monolith. Put all three in the monolith, walk back to camp, watch the credits, and get the first difficulty trophy after seeing your overall statistics at the end of the credits. Then, load up the same save, go to Options, and change the difficulty to the next one needed. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. Whoever wrote the trophy guide can change the playthroughs needed to just one... It still took me three playthroughs because of the game's glitchiness (e.g., gas tanks not registering after picking them up and survivors getting killed while riding in the truck). By the way, the kids and the counselor, although it's only one trophy, counts as two survivors in the completion of the game. Also, all FOUR kids must be saved in order for them to register in the completion log.