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  1. Added and Emblemed you are!
  2. Hina-chan so much best girl. #flatness
  4. Gee, you got the better one :/
  5. No Rivers in the Desert, pleb
  6. @Wdog-999 >I do miss being able to just have a list of threads with new posts. Just create a custom filter and you can have this @Wdog-999 >This is easy. Plutia. She may be adorable in her human form, but in her HDD form, he is a sadist who tortures her friends. I'm not gonna argue over whether or not she went as far as some people have suggested she has, but she does do shit to people that leaves them traumatized and doesn't feel bad about it except for the one time that she accidentally scarred a child who saw her actions. Say what you will about the other main CPUs, but that's some low shit right there. Also, can you imagine the freakout that some people would have over it? That would be worth it alone. You're so dead now! 😡 It's not gay if it's trap
  7. And people are saying Japanese games are easy xDD My first Limited Run finally arrived =D
  8. Then there can be no doubt that Sen III is the best Sen game. Not only best girl Tita appears, her best waifu appears as well.
  9. Because no Renne
  10. Uuum... Let's just say you are the first one once it's localized
  11. End of Days Completed Chapter 12. Sasuga Square localization team, always fun seeing 'translations'... But damn, this was over the top... Seriously, who thought changing each line was a good idea?
  12. Time to fix this wrongdoing I will never forgive you Nah, just joking Good job on making the guide so quickly
  13. Not a bad sale. I may pick up something.
  14. Screw PC, play them on Vita! You shouldn't have started with the last game but... excellent. Liking the game is the first step towards... despair Gee, more updates :/
  15. Yea, it would be much better to enjoy the wet waifus alone