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  1. Well, this is more like localization than actual remaster
  2. It's not a bug it's a feature a bug. You can ignore it. The trophies you select will be the ones that appear.
  3. Yea, well... that makes sense There's only one Shining Resonance... They are. But they aren't localized. Damn... I really need to finish Ark
  4. Never underestimate the power of Japanese National Team And Shinji.
  5. NANI?! If you skipped some of them, you can't say you watched endless eight! Nope, it's about Koneko.
  6. I should have believed Japan in the end :/ Oh well, I'm glad my prediction was wrong. I told you guys underestimated JFT
  8. No one trust Japan
  9. Tsch, everyone should aspire to do this Too early for that, lol. I may not forgive you if Ubi ends up 3rd
  10. Kirika-sama is mine! Oh, it does, oh it does. And the singing voices. Boy, the singing.
  11. Wow the Yakuza o.o Oho, Deponia on sale, I'll take it. And Cat Quest. Too bad it wasn't on Vita :/
  12. You see what you did, @jrdemr ?
  13. I almost got point for the draw, damn you Harry :/
  14. Nice Boat
  15. Of course. It's a parody. It by no means is not meant to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, the majority of watchers take it seriously and name it the savior of anime or something