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  1. Yea, damned westerners Yea, I checked UPnP and it was turned on. I wouldn't expect firewall to meddle with the PSN since everything worked well until this week and I didn't change anything.
  2. Yep, everything. Resetting router was the first thing I tried when trying to fix Vita. Interesting, both blog logging and store work for me. Hm... so you suggest ISP. Do you happen to have Sony contact info? I was searching for that to test but couldn't find anything apart from PS forums that are pretty useless. How long was it for you? It started on Monday for me so I'm giving it a week. I would like that, if I knew what I did ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. The only two things P4G has are Marie and Vita
  4. After first starting with Vita-tan it seems that it escalated quite a bit. It looks like my IP has been blacklisted or something like that as I can't perform any kind of sign in. I tried it on PC store (on log in page, The connection with Sony Entertainment Network has timed out appears), Vita doesn't work as mentioned above. Funny fact is that if I'm logged in (I used VPN to bypass the log in process) I can do everything normally, download games (on PS4, Vita still has the same error as above), process transactions, buy games... Anyone experienced something like this or has been IP banned? If so, can you tell me what you did to fix the problem? Should I contact Sony or my ISP first?
  5. 桃子と過ごす新しい時間 桃子のベストエンディングを見た 2nd girl And 2nd loli Both HidaRina and OguYui are now mine
  6. Yea, I meant burning them for seal.
  8. Of course, they are AAA, you know me On more serious note, yes, those are quality titles but we've known about them long before E3 announced them. Thus, as 'surprises', they didn't particularly work.
  9. Can you SR seal them?
  10. Nothing, it will be average or bad just like the recent two years.
  11. Of course, why would you doubt an AAA player like me? I played the original Doom too much, lol That's pretty much the only reason why I consider it, since it's Doom and DLCs are included
  12. You should keep the 'The Best' part as that's how players would find it. 'Playstation something The Best' are a special versions (they have 'The Best' on the cover) that are sometimes coming out in Japan after the release of the initial game. Usually come with all DLCs, additional content or something like that. It's the first time I see one of those getting separate list, though.
  13. Ah, I completely missed the game requirement, lol. Thaaaaat was pretty close, lol One month exactly Well, Mayo is used for trophy filter to prolong the trophy per day streak in case something happens.
  14. First good CoD ever?
  15. When are you going to start collecting Japanese games? Right click -> Copy Image -> Paste here You can't embed Imgur if it's an album, you need to paste images one by one.