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  1. PP = Spy girls doing cute spy things JitsuKyou = Glorious protagonist being glorious
  2. I would say definitely a great decision.
  3. OH MY GOD YES Only games Platted in Japanese counted
  4. Gamers 06 Jesus Christ, this episode was a goddamn torture... I'm starting to be pretty annoyed by the cast... hopefully the next episode actually moves things forward and not just... 'Oh, sorry, misunderstanding, tehe~' Also, Amano... you freaking dumbass, how could you choose that option in the game?!
  5. Yes
  6. At the moment, probably not. Since getting Plus for something else than PS4 is only worth the cloud save storage. And paying just for that... especially with the fact that it's going to get a raise... I would say no, buying a dedicated USB flash disk where you start backing up saves is better.
  8. Of course it's because of this =D Because it's the closest thing to dudebro shooter SAO can produce =D
  9. Screw it! Now I lose Platinum on Vita leaderboard Damned PS4.
  10. Nope, Chinese does not have them Obviously, I'm well-versed in those
  11. It's not missable. The events stay in your log until you clear them.
  12. More SAO guides for me
  13. At least now more Kirito and Sinon's ass
  14. First impression: Oh, GGO? Watching trailer: Jesus, this looks SO BAD... At the end of the trailer: Oh, so it WAS Freedom Wars... just in a different way. Well, it's SAO, so I'll need to play it but if the first trailer shows Kirito-kun only for like 2 seconds and it's filled with random characters... :/
  15. Lol, nice