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  1. Niiiiiiiiiiice. Now onto Kiseki
  2. Awwwww, Higu! Sasuga, Shana-tan!
  3. On US store? Never =D
  4. Welp, you are not watching Shinmai for serious business =D One is watching it for those borderline H moments =D
  5. Score Match points are higher.
  6. Well, this would be nice, if they didn't follow with paid DLCs...
  7. I seriously need to save the quote for this... Shared list that was originally in Japanese => after re-scanning trophies are in English on the surface but source-wise they are in Japanese. It cannot be fixed.
  8. Depends on the structure. If the game title is in kanji, you will need to search for it on Google as search engine here does not work with more than one kanji. If the whole title is in hiragana/katakana you can search for it.
  9. >not playing Technical noob
  10. You must play this game again because this is a statement I can't agree with =D
  11. It's always pleasant to hear it from a loli
  12. It finally looks better than what was showcased on E3 but I'm still doubtful. This is still not the MonHun we've been looking for
  13. Time for my first LRG purchase
  14. Yea, it wasn't directly directed on you, it was a global statement
  15. Sasuga stealth release It's actually out on my store btw.