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  1. Funny the best game of the lineup is on Vita. Says something, lol.
  2. That's what we'll be seeing from now on. Even if the game is on Vita-tan in Japan, we won't see it here.
  3. Also do count with VAT that comes with importing Vita So if someone suggests 100, it will be something like 120 :/ 3rd edit of one post And no, they are very correct. They are the proper ones
  4. Virtue's Last Reward
  5. As the link suggested yes, unfortunately... Not that we didn't expect it, but it still hurts. It's confirmed by one redditor that asked Atlus directly.
  6. You can never westernize Vita-tan because she's always Japanese Yes, of course. You can set the language of your system in settings. Just like you can set NA/EU Vita to Japanese However, from what I know, you can't change the correct layout of the buttons, so you will have to confirm (Vita system only) with .
  7. Well, 5 isn't that much for such a big series On the other hand... before Memory Defrag, SAO didn't have that much success (Progress Link was a disaster, End World was literally forgotten, Code Register was solid but not localized) on mobile so Bamco had to experiment. Now with both MemoDefu and Integral Factor and both localized, Bamco will probably care about them rather than creating new one.
  8. Remember internet rule #1 'If you ever think that you are the only one to do/be/have on the interwebz, there will be immediately be someone else' Well, Fire Emblem is utopia.
  9. VNs are usually one cour, especially low budget ones. Rinne or... Rinne ?
  10. As usual for me. Just one SSR per pull... Valentine Ruby here as well.
  11. Since when Switch wasn't Ninty? Oh boy, I would kill for Xenoblade. But that's never going to happen...
  12. Because the panchira were the cause of the explosion
  13. This seems to be way too convenient to believe it
  14. Hm... you may be onto something. We did get mainline MonHun as well. So, maybe rather than Ninty losing exclusivity, it's Ninty losing partnership with Capcom...
  15. So TGS is slowly ending.

    This year was for some reason incredibly weak... 

    Sony conference totally busted, very few actual new game announcement, it was almost ports and already announced games only.


    I haven't unfortunately been able to catch most announcements live but overall the boom over announcements hasn't been that big this year...

  16. Dude wat, seriously. When I heard about this, I was utterly shocked. Ninty and losing exclusive big as this? That's really surprising. Could some other 'weaker' big exclusive get the same treatment?
  17. Interesting, some sources say TWD, some Minecraft... what is actually the truth?
  18. Why Vita section? Afaik they don't release games for Vita.
  19. Added.
  20. NO WAY O.O No Hardin, good Atlus actually is true O.O Okay, now if the DLCs are included... I may import JP Vita and play western version
  21. Another God Eater? Whose brilliant idea is to make a fucking 16 episodes one cour anime...
  22. Wow, this is quite shocking. I never expected that Telltale to shut down due to bankrupt... Guess in the end, they did too many projects... maybe if they concentrated on their most successful ones, the outcome would be different...
  23. Added you are.
  24. Damned skippers