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  1. Sounds like a proper time to survive through SAO grinds
  2. Oya, oya, what do you know. I'll add it to wishlist. Maybe I'll give it a try sometimes.
  3. Of course I wouldn't But she would be featured if she were there. If Fuuka got featured, Marie would too.
  4. Too early for that. We will probably know closely after despatch. Bon Appetit may get its own list and I think at least one more game got one.
  5. HOLY LORD O.O B-B-But changing Miyukkyun is impossible. But Mamiko... damn... So yea, pretty much no chance of proper voices being brought Well, not that Vita version would come so JP version was the only choice. Easily, there will be only wrong voice track.
  6. This guy knows And 1-2 aren't even what Sen is all about
  7. Half-half, sometimes they get a new list, sometimes shared.
  8. MARIE-CHAN! MARIE-CHAN! MARIE-CHAN! And if it's not Marie Rose, I'll kill the photographer
  10. Incest is wincest Well... to be frank. The whole ALO arc is very weak so... doesn't really pick up :/ What isn't legal in Japan
  11. We are giving out VNs? I'm in. Give them all to me
  12. Just Japan choosing this date =D
  13. Ah, my bad, then only I suck
  14. Hmm... another release for me?
  15. Ouch... not enough Loveca for 2 pulls :rip: Well, afaik no one else got a title from eggs here
  16. Nice one, SE. Remove it from Steam to release a remake That's a lot of RE there, though.
  17. And quality of HanaKana
  18. Not new plat, but some actual anime watching progress with Koe no Katachi and Kimi no Na wa. I'll probably replace Caligula with End Sleep, though. Themes are horror, ecchi (it's eroge )
  19. A1 is doing redemptions. P5 with 3 cours, SAO with 4 cours. Good one, A1, good one.
  20. Manga doesn't have Yuzu-chan Ao-chan I gave a read to the few chapters that weren't adapted and it looks like the open ending in movie wasn't that much different from the manga one It's Shinkai, maximum Shinkai. Just not in terms of Kotonoha no Niwa godly animation, though.
  21. Duuuuude o.o The hell this luck, you now have infinitely more luck with eggs than anyone else here, lol.
  22. Exist Archive or bust
  23. Finally got around to watching the two big guns. Koe no Katachi and Kimi no Na wa Both were interestingly similar, Koe no Katachi caught me immediately in the first half and the second half was weaker, while Kimi no Na wa started slowly and started picking up pace in the second half. I won't say I didn't expect more from them because I guess I did. In the end, Koe no Katachi was KyoAni to the K while Kimi no Na wa painfully reminded me that it's Shinkai and he will not change. Even though until the actual end, it wasn't really Shinkai-like. It's really hard to compare them because both had Ao-chan in awesome roles And cute Ao-chan is a must. Kimi no Na wa had HanaKana and Koe no Katachi had incredible Saorin All in all, I have to say that Koe no Katachi probably wins for me. That one scene with Saorin really moved me to tears while Kimi no Na wa played more on Zero Escape note But... I guess if I want to be strict, I have to say I really expected more. Koe no Katachi was closer to the ideal I was envisioning but... no, both movies won't attack the peak that Kotonoha no Niwa and Kara no Kyokai are. They are still masterpieces and a must, that's for sure.
  24. Shit, that's some high amount of Green Tickets.