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  1. Excellent idea =) P4G is in my opinion best game on Vita and Persona 4 stands firmly as one of Atlus flagships =) You should first finish P4G and then move to Arena so you can have the better viewpoint of the story =) Because the story is the most important fact why we, Persona fans, were eagerly expecting P4A =) I do prefer Persona 3 a bit, though =D (Hence my avatar)
  2. It's not a character =D It's Izanagi =) Main character (Narukami Yu's) Persona =) And yes, Persona series is great. No, not only great, awesome.
  3. You don't need to worry about leaving it at 0%. About 75% of trophies are pretty easy with many storyline trophies. Even online trophies are pretty doable. The only things that decide the 0.41% Platinum are Score Mode and especially Atlus challenges =D
  4. It does get locked if you forget to save the World Tour Mode. But it's pretty useless location anyways as you don't need it for any trophy =D