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  1. Should I get the Disco Fever P4DAN or just the launch edition with the Vita cover. Are the Vita pouch and discs worth?

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    2. D-Tron


      I know. It's still freaking cool though.

      Also, do you have the Vita slim? Because the skin included with the game is only for the slim model. Also, the pouch stylish but not very good. Especially if you go physical with your Vita games. There's only enough room for the Vita and a set of in ear headphones at the very best.

    3. Zenpai


      I actually wondered if I should get it myself for the soundtrack alone (care for nothing else on that pack, really), but then I saw it was 30€ more expensive than the regular version... yeah, fuck it :-/

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      @BF: Yea, I know it's for the slim version, no, I have the original, I didn't plan to use it, just to have it =D They don't offer lone game so I would end up with useless cover anyway =D