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  1. Not sure if there actually is someone that wanted the game and still did not buy it but Play-Asia is offering P4 Golden as a daily deal for a fair price.

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    2. Lucas


      Lol, wut. It's actually pretty nice that you get another version, would Sony decide to make it part of the IGC (which they won't :(). I'd link you the link for buying P4G because I thought it was pretty cheap on there but it's actually more expensive than the P5 pre-order: 7580 yen :blink:!


    3. Nihiris-


      Yeah it's really the definitive "If you wanted it, you have it already" game lol

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      @Lucas JP Amazon is expensive overall (despite claims stating otherwise =D). And yea, Japanese P4G is a pain to get for cheap =D

      Probably better to just go to Japan for it :awesome: