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    2. ShadowReplicant


      "Anime is made in Japan" - that's somewhat true. About 1/3 of the labor pool for Japanese animation is outside Japan. They're outsourcing the hell out of it to cheaper countries like South Korea or the Philippines.

    3. TigressLion


      Anime is a shortened rōmaji animēshon, which just refers to all kinds of Japanese Animations. That's why CGI'd movies like Appleseed count. That's why it can't be made in America, American's animation are called cartoons. Anime refers to the region the show is created, which is why Anime is notably Japanese. Your point about Korea is noted, but Korean 'Anime' isn't classified as Anime. Take "Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox", that movie is often misinterpreted...

    4. TigressLion


      As anime, it can outsourced but as long as it's produced and finalized in Japan, it's usually classified as anime.

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